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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 213 - Paul addresses the stiff-necked emperor; obstinate response.

1. Says Paul : “My friend, ask yourself what an emperor is without country, people or power! I say unto you: fool! Did anyone ever become an emperor through his own grace rather than that of God? Who gives man power to rule, and the people the will to obey? Behold, God, the only and eternal Lord of all power and authority does it. If God made you an emperor however, why do you brandish your imperial honour as if you had elevated yourself to emperor?

2. Were it that easy to become emperor without God’s power and authority then there would be large numbers of emperors upon Earth; this however would be abomination over and over before God. Wherefore He installs just one emperor over many nations, whom he provides with authority, power and much prestige, but only to enable him to rule for the duration of life!

3. After physical life, the emperor’s reign is over and the man who was emperor upon Earth becomes equal to his lowly subjects. But he can in God’s kingdom once again become something: through humility and much love – for God the Lord above all, and afterwards for all brothers and sisters. But stubbornly clinging to what one had been upon Earth brings not life but true death! Hence I say unto you: consider well what you intend doing for behold, the portal of the Lord’s special grace and mercyis not perpetually open just as upon Earth it is not always day or summer. Over here, none can say in advance: behold, spring will be here soon and after that the summer of grace, this is hidden in the Lord! It is there if He desires it. He alone shuts or opens wherever He will.

4. The gate is presently open before your eyes; seize and use it. Before it shuts again! Do you think it is every day that the Lord come physically down to Earth form His highest heavens, teaching, healing and pardoning His beings, to make children out of them? Not so, and He alone knows why He does or does not. He is perpetual love and mercy itself indeed, but does not hand out his grace always and equally to all!

5. Behold, I once was the greatest and most raging persecutor, and he yet showed me the highest grace, building me up to a universal apostle, whilst engaging His other-apostles mainly for the Jews, although much better and nobler people He did not honour with special grace. He withheld it from the wise, revealing His kingdom and his especial grace unto babes!

6. From this it again transpires that the Lord does as He pleases out of profoundest wisdom. He who feels most safe often is surrounded with a thousand dangers, yet the timorous He often protects to the extent that no harm would come their way, should the Earth itself be torn to shreds. Hence the Lord does as He pleases and is in no need of man’s counsel. It the reform is unpardonable foolishness to not accept the gifts of grace from His hand when given freely.

7. Let go of your emperor therefore and take the Lord’s grace and you shall live or otherwise die in your insanity! ’

8. Says the stubborn: “You certainly speak like a minister, but what difference between a minister and an emperor! Introduce me the Lord Himself, and I shall hear Him with grace, granting Him an especially lengthy audience!”

9. Says Paul : “Ah, this takes the cake, what abundance of graces from you! You would actually grant the Lord an audience if I bring Him before you! Silly fool, this surpasses everything! The very thought makes me, Paul, tremble whilst you think and demand it; this cannot possibly be your own doing but Satan’s. Pull yourself together and let go of your immense stupidity. I exhort you to become a human before God!”

10. Says the stubborn one : “A regent speaks in his accustomed manner and an apostle in his! But by audience I don’t mean something as heinous as he thinks, meaning it is not so out of place to have the Lord asked over! Upon Earth one also has a clergyman sent for to come with Christ the Lord when one is too sick to come to him. Hence don’t make so much fuss, as if heaven and Earth had already come crashing down!

11. Consider that there is always a sky-high gap between an emperor and an ordinary human. Man’s nature takes shape according to his life sphere. If therefore I speak to you here in line with my exalted soul-nature, it is not going to be as far-fetched as if an ordinary human dared to speak so!

12. I was once an emperor and no God can take that away from me without removing my memory. In my recollections therefore I remain an emperor also before God. But I have known for a long time as well as he does, my raving friend, that I have no further commanding to do over here; nor do I need anything upon me. I shall take up the good and true by myself and act accordingly. In other respects I shall remain as I am – good or bad, making no difference; understood, raving patron?”

13. Says Paul : “Very well indeed, but would add for as long as your self is measure of all things, the Lord’s Self shall take up no residence in your heart. You were right concerning outer lifer-conditions, but inner life circumstances are of an entirely different nature! This being alien to you, it is incumbent upon you to have them imposed on you, or you shall find no green pasture in the world of spirits, a resident of which you have now been for over two hundred years. If I reveal now the full truth to you, as commanded me by the Lord, why do you treat me like an enemy?”

14. Says the hard- hearted: “I don’t treat you as an enemy, but simply don’t like you! Wherefore I would rather listen to someone else, so as to properly know what to do! ’

Main Page From Hell to Heaven RBLUM-213 Chapter