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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 212 - Paul’s awakening words to the dynasts. The apostle exposes their atrocities as rulers, promising the Lord’s grace

1. Paul arises, addressing the nobilities as follows! ”My beloved friends and brethren in God Jesus, the Lord!”

2. Here he is at once interrupted by Theresia’s father, who reproaches him scornfully: “Since when have we herded swine together that the common Jew boy has the audacity to address me as brother! Does he not know who we are? Hence proper etiquette, the canine churl, or he shall be shown what is an emperor!”

3. Paul ignores it however and continues: “It is written: those entrusted with little shall be accountable for little; but those entrusted with much shall have much accountability. You all however belong to those whom God the Lord entrusted with much. Hence you shall have much to account before God. For I, Paul, say unto you, filled still with the old, rusty, stiff-necked aristocracy, that Judgment Day has arrived for you all, and the most severe accountability shall be demanded of you if not letting go of your stubbornness. The God Jesus, our Lord and Father, although being the profoundest love, gentleness and patience, will not put up with jesting where His children’s welfare is concerned. And this Jesus, who wrested us all from Satan’s power through His death on the cross stands here before you, although still patiently as a lamb, notwithstanding His gentleness and patience not being unlimited. Beware lest He should ever begin to argue with you, for you shall have not one retort in a thousand, all of you being immense sinners before Him!

4. Consider the numbers you had executed – not seldom in the most horrible manner, on account of your outsize arrogance! With what vehemence you always persecuted enlightened spirits; how you availed yourselves of ruthless barbarity against your protestant brethren - what nameless misery you not seldom brought to millions of families! How you raged against Jesus’ doctrine during the thirty-years religious war, and how many other injustices cling to your conscience! How you always strove to intensify your glitter at the expense of the lives and blood of millions, who are as much children of God as you! How many thousands languished in your prisons on account of lethargy of the judges who enjoyed your protection! Such and thousands of other crude sins as here to your consciences. Streams of unjustly shed blood cry to God for revenge against you. If the Lord intended to judge strictly in accordance with righteousness, He would have to leave you in the fire of hell to thoroughly expiate your every injustice and cruelty.

5. But He has decided to mete out grace for right to all, taking no pleasure in the torment of sinners. He regards you as very sick and wants to help you, and hence has come himself to you as Saviour; what prevents you blind ones from following his call? What do you gain here? Only what your despotic imagination creates. Notwithstanding this, you will not follow the example of your truly exalted brethren who, knowing that all earthly honour is barest nothing before God, have at once joined up with the Lord regardless of not having fully recognized Him yet!

6. Behold a Rudolf, who had been a regent after God’s heart, or Theresia, or the upright Joseph, or the genuine Leopold; the affable Franz and more of their brothers and sisters. They too, like David once, committed diverse things not in accordance with God’s love. But God the Lord considered the burdens they had to carry, remitting their guilt as with David, and has now already taken them up into His kingdom. For they who are with Him also are in His kingdom. The Lord wants to be gracious to you as well; why will you not accept His immense grace? Is it not better to follow the Lord’s call of grace than readying oneself for hell on account of unbending stubbornness!”

7. All but one are shaken by these words and begin to turn things over. Only one says : “I remain an emperor everlastingly, even before God!”

Main Page From Hell to Heaven RBLUM-212 Chapter