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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 211 - Maria Theresia and some dynasts agree with the progenitor Rudolf. They ask the Lord to lead them out of the crypt. Favourable witness to Rudolf

1. Says the dynast Rudolf: “None are lacking in this Hoechstadl palace, for sure, excepting some life-freedom and zest for life. But for myself no thanks, such utopia. I hope that among you that follow me there are some clever people among the fools. I personally would rather be a shepherd than a dumb inhabitant of such foolish Hoechstadl Palace! What about you three last, noble Lothringers, and you my daughter Theresia: will you also stay here to a not so likely eventuating Judgment Day?”

2. Says Theresia: “Dear great great uncle, I and my sons shall follow! We too are fed up with this porcupine life. Let there be some variegation, before we turn into statues!” Says Joseph : “I fully concur – the opportunity must be exploited. Whoever misses out casts away crown and sceptre, and no time-span shall return it to him! ! Let me not be the last to grasp this favourable moment!” Says Leopold: That’s the way I see it; change has finally to come, for this perching about won’t do. Nothing but sinner upon Earth, and shirt and coat-less stick over here, - odd and boring! Hence let’s join the exit boldly!”

3. Adds Franz: “We too shall do so, regardless of derision. On Earth I fared badly, my youth consisting of war, persecution, anger, fear and fury, and old age of worries, sickness and rough physical death in conclusion. Here in the spirit world – in this most noble Elysium, one is consumed with deadly boredom, hence out of this hole- the sooner the better!”

4. Says Rudolf to Me: “Friend, those of us wanting to leave with you are ready. A further few relatives will join us and so, if it please you, we can be on our way.”

5. Say I: “Presently, My worthy friend! You always were a well-pleasing man to Me and never made yourself guilty of any injustice. You had great love for God, Jesus the Lord, wherefore you were anointed as leader of nations, and with that, procured from God’s power an inheritance befitting your descendant so that, presently, after several hundred years, your descendants, at least on the maternal side, have set upon the divinely conferred throne, leading the nations well or unfavourably – depending upon the nation’s doings.

6. Since you were always a dear man to me, ruling the peoples well, you shall now also revive the reward for which you have waited for so long. Such long wait may seem like injustice on the part of God the Lord, but it is not so. A ruler, regardless of righteousness, cannot in the world let his worldly standing diminish right into the dust of humbleness, and has like a god to all but let himself be worshipped, otherwise he would be no actual ruler. The kingdom of God nonetheless can be gained only by those who have humbled themselves to the last fibre of their being.

7. He whose position in the world was insignificant also finds it easy to descend to the depth of humility, but not so he who held the highest pinnacle of human dignity and greatness in the world. He who lives by the sea needs only a few steps down to the sea’s advantages, whereas he upon the highest mountain peak shall take substantially longer to beach.

8. The rulers spiritually find themselves at such altitude, and it takes them longer to get down to the sea than those residing there. Behold, David was a king fully after God’s heart, for he was good and just. Yet in the world of spirits he had to wait several hundred years before achieving full salvation. And you must do likewise to achieve fullest justification through divine justice, grace and wisdom.

9. That which I now said unto you applies to all who bore the crown over My nations upon Earth. Those among you who want to conform may do so quickly and follow Me! Let him who will not remain! Unfortunately there are some who do not intend complying for a long time yet. But before leaving this place, I will cause an awakening call to come over this sleep of the blind through my man of arms, Paul! Their will, like their spirit, is free; wherefore not even I Myself can determine and say: these, or this number, for those whom, I caused to bear much I must also show much forbearance, for they are very tired and sleepy under their enormous weight.

10. Wherefore, Paul, rise up and awaken those who will let themselves be awakened!”

Main Page From Hell to Heaven RBLUM-211 Chapter