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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 210 - Miracles and their effects. The dynast perceives the Lord’s wisdom. He confesses Christ, with reservations. The dynasts conferring

1. Say I: “Friend, I alone know what effect a miracle would have upon you hence none shall be shown you. The entire Creation is indeed a great, miraculous work of divine might and wisdom, which mankind can see on a daily basis. But it is on account of the inhabitants of Earth and all other cosmic bodies being capable of seeing such wonders – the most compelling testimony of God, that they also have to die among these wonders in their flesh – which latter is an equal wonder.

2. Every miracle is a judgement trace of coercion from the soul. Such ‘removal’ however is what you call dying, or death of body or matter.

3. Everything not of the spirit must die out of the soul. For as long as any exterior pressure holds any ever so small part of the soul captive, the free divine spirit cannot fully spread out within it, to free the soul from all judgement.

4. To fully convince a soul, the Deity can of course work miracles, but such miracles then fetter the soul to where it cannot even remember free movement, which surely is the only life-condition before God. For which reason the soul must then be placed in a state bereft of all externalities, enabling the spirit within it to spread, giving the soul eternal duration before God. For nothing that is not itself ‘of God’ can maintain itself before God.

5. Do you now comprehend why I withhold miracles from you? Had God not placed the spirit into a soul capable of sensibility, same could not endure for one moment as a free being, it would share the fate of a droplet of water upon a hot plate. Wherefore animals must move about stupid and nearly bereft of all cognition, because their survival would be impossible; can you understand that?”

6. Says the dynast: “Yes friend, it seems that I ought to but don’t do so, because it takes more to understand such things than carrying a crown and sceptre for a few years upon Earth. I by the way now see why You actually are the first among your small crowd, since you are the wisest among them by far, familiar with the nature of spirits and, matter from its foundation, and best grasp their interconnection. But whether for that reason alone you are Christ the Lord Himself is another matter.

7. Do you not know that a proper Christian must be on guard against assuming that every wise person who can perhaps also on occasion work a sign must be Christ? Is it not written: in that time many false prophets shall arise and give signs, saying: ‘Christ is here, or there’, but believe them not! For the Son of Man shall come as lightning travelling from Morning to Evening. The coming of the Lord shall also be likened unto a thief in the night!’ Which could be catastrophic, for a thief secretly entering a house at night is up to no good!

8. And so my friend, you must forgive us if we hesitate accepting you as Christ. We have by the way no qualms about the supreme wisdom of your spirit, and what you said about miracles is bound to be right, as also about the matter of the external world. But it would be hazardous to accept you as Christ just because you can explain it to us. Peter, Paul, John, James, that possibly yes; but Christ? Friend, this is out of reach for jokes! ’

9. Say I: “I am not demanding that, as it is enough that you confess Christ as God and Lord of all worlds and heavens. But you must all take counsel among yourselves whether in your hearts you recognize Christ as God, Lord and Father, and whether everyone within this tomb wants to for Christ the Lord’s sake! All the others you see here did so and shall find bliss. Do likewise and you too shall find it!”

10. Says the dynast: “Good, we shall do so at once! If it works out, then well and good, and if not fully then it shall do it partially!”

11. Following which the dynast turns to one and sundry from the family tomb inmates, saying: “You all heard what this friend here said. I opine that being in our state, unable to gain, or even less, lose anything, we should accept the offer in good faith. Discuss it therefore and let me know the result. We shall then either leave this place for good or alternatively and sadly remain at the not too pleasant spot.

12. I am a staunch Christian and my motto always was: Christ or all is lost I also now believe: “We must strive to win Christ for all that life holds dear; for should He, according to some, be only a myth, then we are the most joyless being. Who is then God and how, and when and where! If however Christ is God and a Lord of heaven and all the Earth, then we have in Him a visible, eternal Father full of love, goodness and mercy Who does not disown His children easily as a merely almighty, most righteous One, in Whom the highest wisdom has to reign indeed but without father love or mercy.

13. I, the foremost of Habsburg, opine: “he who is himself full of pride and arrogance also desires a most proud, arrogant and inaccessible God a proud man’s sin which also at times crept over my own soul. But this wisest friend made it clear to me wherein the inaccessibility of the light within God consists: namely, in the meekness and incomprehensibly profound condescension of God, which is abomination to the proud; hence I say: Mea culpa, mea maxima culpa! I was once actually so as emperor, although constantly aware that only the proud and arrogant could imagine God like that. But now this awareness is all pervasive and I challenge all you my good terrestrial children to instead follow this good friend. He testifies to being the Christ Himself; let us leave it at that. Everything is possible, although we shall go into this at length. What do you say my dear friend and earthly children: what are you going to do?”

14. Says One: “We all know that you Rudolf of Habsburg are the by that name and honour, but your Hoeschstadlings palace is at a different location and not here. Here you are only a resident and should not be the spokesman! Many like it here, and they too are Christians. Hence we shall stay until the trumpet summons us on Judgment Day, when the good Lord God be gracious and merciful unto us! By conscience we were indeed righteous and strict towards everyone who sinned against us, but we often exercised grace for right as well. Wherefore may the dear Lord God show us grace and mercy on Judgment Day, until which time we intend to hearken here in peace!”

15. Says the dynast Rudolf: “In that case, why did you accompany us when we went to meet this company?” Say some of the leading former incumbents of the throne: “This we did only for salutation, and in trepidation of the fiery horseman’s prophecy. Seeing that there is nothing to it however, we remain here in our Hoechstandling’s palace, comprehend?! We stay!”

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