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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 209 - An ancient dynast and the Lord. The dynast begs for a truly divine miraculous sign

1. Whereupon one of those spiritually still dead dynasts steps before Me, saying : “You heard what yonder Paul and the old R. spoke about you. The thing sounds all but impossible, but I shall not let it offend me. I will not regard yonder man as a liar, as he looks too honest for that. He could however easily be over biased towards you and hence idolise you with his intense love.

2. Hence I shall neither praise nor rebuke this man but probe the thing, it being written; Prove all things and retain what is good. Hence tell us yourself what we are to regards You as! Can God the Infinite actually be seen and spoken to by His beings?”

3. Say I : “Friend, you are asking Me for deeds rather than words. If I act like an ordinary human – impotently, then you will of course say: one does not have to be God to do that! If however I do something extraordinary in front of you then you will take Me for a magician or scientist and say: this is quite normal for someone with the right kind of knowledge and technique. Hence bringing about seeming wonders does not yet make a God by far! Were I however to perform a deed of which only God can be capable, then this would not benefit but substantially harm you, for you would be judged a second time, and that quite easily to everlasting death. For, saithe the Lord, no shackled person can enter My kingdom. Hence believe Paul’s words and live! More, not even I can tell you about Myself, since you are not ripe for this.”

4. Says the dynast: “Well said, but I don’t see why a real miracle testifying of your true Deity should harm or even be lethal for me! Is not everything I behold a wonder of God’s almighty and wisdom, myself included, as the most telling one, yet none of this robs me of life. It should not trouble God if one more is added to the countless wonders. I am not bothered by how God reveals Himself to His beings, nor by whatever extra ordinary deed. I shall remain unbound in my spirit and think and act as now, when I am not yet persuaded of your Deity

5. I shall therefore remain the same I am and was, regardless of what you choose to do. If you are God, I shall not regard you as bad but simply as an over-excited person, which does not I hope offend you.

6. Hence work me something miraculous! Create me a world before my eyes and I shall behave as heretofore, because to me, no miracle is either big or small; God is and remains God, whether He creates a fly or an elephant or appears to His beings in the light garb of a sun or that of a beggar. What impression did Christ Himself make upon the Jews with all His miracles? Behold, hardly any, excepting upon a few assumedly blind fishermen and their relatives. All the others took Him for a magician or doctor and anything but God. And yet He truly was God!”

Main Page From Hell to Heaven RBLUM-209 Chapter