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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 208 - Continued counselling of the dynasts. Parable of the lazy shepherds. The dynasties exist only for the people. Counselling humility, and referral to the Lord

1. Continues Paul: “I Paul, a true servant of the Lord Jesus, say unto you and all: Before God, all thrones and dynasties are abominations; but if the dynasties abide in the Lord’s will, acting according to principals derived from the ‘Word of God’ and His love and mercy, then the dynasty is above throne and well-pleasing to God. The Lord’s grace and power are then with such dynasty; let any authority attacking it beware; verily, such shall be ground to dust and ashes! Take note, you ancient dynasts, sensually carnal even in your spirits: no dynasty is anything in itself, and no throne has any worth or permanency, be it that he who sits upon it does so from God’s grace in actuality.

2. A dynasty left upon the throne for a lengthy period, like the Habsburg one must be on general terms well-pleasing to the Lord, or it would like other dynasties not have been upon the throne long since. You yourselves have however remained in your night and blindness, because in your hearts you have held the dynasty to be something supremely exalted upon Earth as well as in the spirit world, and something the Lord should omnipotently maintain. Be advised, this is lunacy of your inward parts! The Lord is indeed the only power and authority of every dynasty and throne, but not for their own sakes but the nations which alone are of regard to Him!

3. In respect of every dynasty, God the Lord does what a house and ground owner with many pastures and herbs would do. If some sheep in the flock are bad, then he gives them all necessary care to make them better. If however the shepherd gets lazy and remiss, then he will get into trouble with the owner of the flocks. Should he not improve, the owner shall remove him from the flock and not entrust another one to him. Notwithstanding that the Lord may remove a hundred bad shepherds from His service, He will not remove one sheep for deteriorating but keep and care for it, but terminate the shepherd’s services.

4. Look at the Earth; the nations are still the same, but where are the dynasties that ruled them? They became bad shepherds and hence forfeited their employment! Hence remove everything foolish and vain from your hearts in God’s presence! Take off your dynasts’ arrogance like a coat, and put on a new one of humility and true cognition, so that you would thereby be taken up among the lambs of God, who are the true children of God!

5. You heard the words which the fiery horseman said unto you. There also it was said that shortly after the messengers you went out to meet, the Lord himself would come to rise up your ruined forts and crumbling castles. But I, Paul, say yet much more to you than yonder prophet on horseback.

6. Behold the Lord, who was to come after us is here with us. It is the One by my heart’s side. Go unto this One and present your hearts’ petition to Him! He alone is in possession of the primordial fountains of living waters. Drinking this, you shall not be athirst eternally. Step up before Him, since He is actually present here personally. He alone can and will help you! He ourselves are not endued with the power to help, but are imbued with ability to prepare our blind brethren for God’s help.”

7. Says the first dynast R. thereto : “Initially you spoke well, making things clear to us! But that This One here at your heart –side should be Christ the Lord and hence God from eternity is silly of you! If upon Earth a ruler wears no emblem and hence his house’s coat of arms and other regalia, moving around like the common stable boy, then it is his own fault

8. if he is pelted with mud! If however even a worldly ruler has to show who he is through outward glitter, how much more ought this to be the case with the eternal ruler over all rulers! Besides, it is written that God dwells within inaccessible light!”

9. Says Paul : “Indeed is the latter the case – but not for everybody! Look there – the very light within which the Lord is now located is quite inaccessible to the likes of you, because the light of humility and self-abasement is the most hidden for beings of your ilk. I, Paul, say unto you: had the Lord come to you shining like a sun, you would have acknowledged Him immediately; but to you He is inaccessible in this garb wherefore it shall in future be hard for you to get near Him! Now you know everything; do as you will – I have spoken.”

Main Page From Hell to Heaven RBLUM-208 Chapter