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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 207 - The regents’ spirits concerns. Their interpretation of the fiery horseman and his prophesy of the end of the world, and Christ’s return. The regents request earthy help, but Paul promises spiritual

1. Paul straightens out and says to the occupants of the crypt: “You asked us to urgently follow you here; what will you have us do; what kind of deeds do you think us capable of, and what compelled you to come to us? Speak, that we may help you in accordance with need and sincerity of mind!

2. Says the former spokesman: “I am a Roman-German, and am by name and title the first, named Rudolf. (N. B. In the spirit world this title is not used lightly by people of high worldly ranking, nor normally even the name). Recently in the middle of the air I saw a great stirring, and a fiery horseman moved over to me, saying: ’This your dwelling shall be reduced to rubble with not a stone remaining atop another! Earth shall be cleansed through fire and blood! Great woe shall resound from the mouths of the great, and fire and pestilence shall stretch out millions of poor! The end of the world shall come!’ Such were the fiery horseman’s dreadful words, and when he had finished, we all yelled for fright, after which the fiery horseman said to us: ‘Before that however, God’s call shall go out to even the most depraved. The Lord shall Himself come to the world of spirits, revealing Himself to all who are captives to their night. Those who turn to Him He shall preserve, but shall be preceded by His servants Peter, Paul and John, proclaiming light proceeding to the captives in the name of the almighty God. Those taking up the name into their hearts shall themselves receive a new name, and the Lord shall rise up their ramshackle fortresses and ruined castles.

3. The Lord shall likewise come to Earth, and that firstly through the word of the Wiseman’s heart and mouth, who He shall awaken, and then awaken more of His ilk. Once the Earth has been purified, He shall also come in his most holy Person to all who love Him and are of pure and compassionate heart!’ Whereupon the fiery horseman left us like a stroke of lightning, and we lost sight of him.

4. But now rumour has reached us that people making out to be messengers of God, are working miracles at the ‘Spinner Woman at the Cross’ in our old residential city of Vienna, substantiating the truth of their mission to the blind. We at once hastened out of our most noble palace in formation, to meet up with such messengers if possible.

5. We princes therefore place our petition at your feet: that you would re-erect our ancient forts and castles and secure them against enemy conquest for all time. May you also secure this most royal palace, that it may never be ruined again! This is our errand in its entirety, for which we approached you and led you here. For should any harm come to this most royal palace, it could put the Habsburg-Lothian dynast’s continuity into jeopardy.

6. In the terrestrial year 1848 just one stone in our lofty palace was loosened, and behold how the dynasty had to contend to uphold its ancient standing! It has now re-stabilized itself with the commendable mandate of ruling and leading its subjects beneficially, rewarding the good and punishing ruthlessly the malicious, by measure of their transgressions, most assuredly by the will of God, as He does and desires this Himself. It would therefore be an incalculable calamity for all subject peoples if the dynasty were threatened to small degree, and even came to lose its ancient throne!”

7. Says Paul: “Friends, the fiery horseman’s prophesy is indeed correct, but not fulfilled yet. Your request and concerns however are vain and foolish! Of what use to you the ancient forts and castles upon Earth, thousands of which have been reduced to rubble over time! The fiery horseman indeed spoke of the re-erecting of your forts and castles, but by that are to be understood not your ancient terrestrial forts and castles but your power, faith and hope through your power of love. For Jesus, God the Lord! That is the fortress and castle. It is these which the Lord has for lengthy times tried to raise up and enliven within you who, as a consequence of your own will, are languishing in deepest spiritual night over here. If you desire it, then I tell you in the name of the Lord, who also is here but whom you don’t recognize and never have done yet; the Lord shall do so if you ask Him!

8. He shall also maintain the earthly dynasty for as long as He deems it good and for as long as it acts in a way not causing the nations too much misery. But should the nations begin to loudly lament in their hearts, then the Lord will know how to put an end to the dynasty because, before God, neither dynasty nor throne are of consequence, and these are not there for the sake of the throne, nor the latter for the dynasty, but the dynasty of a would-be wise shepherd of God’s children! If it either cannot or will not protect this divine flock against diverse troubles, and not give to God what is due to God, then it can be employed no more. The Lord shall then know how to put an end to a pompous dynasty!”

Main Page From Hell to Heaven RBLUM-207 Chapter