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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 5 - Attempts at walking within empty space. Self-dialogue about nothingness and continuing life. Cursing God - the bringer of sorrow.

1. Here our man tries to walk normally. Finding no ground under his feet however, his feet seem to him to swing only like pendulums, effecting no movement. Wherefore he ponders a different way forward, saying:

2. “I have to start swimming through this lightless air with hands and feet, as it were! To move ahead with legs, a firm foundation is needed, in the absence of which one has to either swim or fly! But wings are needed for flying and we naked two-leggeds don’t have them. One can but utilise one’s remaining powers in the most practical manner; hence let’s swim.”

3. Here he commences swimming motions with arms and legs but feels no air rush from movement. Not letting this discourage him however, he nevertheless finds that the strain matches the uselessness, and sensing not the least resistance from this black air he abandons his efforts, saying:

4. “Why do I donkey and fool bother? I am within plain nothingness; why pursue it?! I too will enter upon the repose of nothingness, and become nothing! That indeed is the way to full annihilation! If I could only tell whether I have actually been shot! – Then I would have to be totally dead of course, which surely is not the case with me?! Nor do I feel any trace of a breakdown!

5. “Or should there seriously be a life of the soul after death? For I am certainly all here still, with skin, hair, and even my clothing! Does the soul therefore also have its legs, hair and clothes? If so then that coat also must have its soul? Surely not! This would make all of infinity laugh aloud! Ha ha ha! The immortality of a coat would then be even more than the miraculous power of Christ’s raiment at Trieste! And yet, if I am now a soul, then the coat has journeyed with me here!?

6. “No and a thousand times, no! I am not a soul, I am Robert Blum, the parliamentarian from Frankfurt! I have found out here in Vienna what Austria is after. I know that all this state’s striving is after re-introducing the old fundamentalism: I fought it like a giant. But since the enemies’ cannons prevailed over my worthy intentions, I had to take my leave in spite of my righteous cause, and even had myself shot in the end! A nice reward for a heart devoted to the Fatherland! Oh, you life accursed!

7. “If there really is a God, how can it please Him that men cruelly kill one another for the sake of throne, or diversity of persuasion? Since this always goes on upon Earth, it surely cannot proceed from God, who cannot logically and physically be anything other than the purest love. There cannot therefore be a God. – Or if there is a God, then he is only a Fate worth cursing, regarding creatures as toys of his caprice. Hence curse the being that created men for their doom!

8. “But quieten down, because if I want to find my total annihilation in this nothingness, through this constant self-dialogue I only awaken myself from annihilation through revived life forces. Hence complete quiet, to hasten the destruction!”

Main Page From Hell to Heaven RBLUM-5 Chapter