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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 153 - Important life hints Satan, progenitor of matter and all human souls God’s salvation plan

1. Say I: “Dear friend, your heart is a good one, as you have proper empathy for your brethren – an attribute sadly lacking in many of your earthly companions in faith. Your cognition however is still feeble.

2. Do you think that I perhaps no longer care about mankind upon Earth, or that your heart is imbued with more love than Mine, or that I am no longer able to work out what could benefit those people now living on Earth? Behold, your heart certainly is good, but like someone blind, caressing an eagle thinking it a gentle pigeon! Do you know actually where most people of the Earth originally come from and how they must be led, in order to be developed into true, free human spirits through all kinds of salvation processes? Behold, this you have never known and comprehended; yet you would gently reprehend me, as if it were my fault that matters stand so badly and miserably with mankind. This is most conceited of your heart’s wisdom!

3. Did you never upon Earth watch how all kinds of metal and glass were prepared? If you ever saw iron glow in a smelting furnace, seeing it poured into a pan, hissing and raging, what would you have felt at the thought that such matter could have some dumb capacity to feel? What pain must it be imbued with if its primary shape is completely destroyed through the fire’s omnipotence and forced into a new one! And when seeing the solid, shiny and useful metal afterwards, will you again feel so wistful? Behold, you then feel joyful, praising man’s intellect that is capable through the power of fire to bring forth such useful metals and such marvellously gleaming glass crockery!

4. And thus it is also with man’s education. When he is sick or lame, blind, deaf, dumb and occasionally leprous – then a wise physician will do everything to make the sick whole again. But if the sickness requires strong and painful means of healing then will it be wise and loving to withhold such means from the sick, which alone can help him, out of a misplaced sense of empathy?

5. If you have ears then hear: “Satan originally was created as a human spirit. But when he should have, through a Commandment, recognized and accepted his freedom, he became indignant; and through scorning the Commandment and therewith God Himself, he fell from grace. But since, like Adam, he was to become a progenitor of future men for eternity, he also carried like a grain of seed, within him immense multitudes of future humans, so to say wrenching them away from Me, his creator. The result was the material creation of all the worlds, which in itself is an essential judgment. He himself can indeed for a long time still remain what he is; but those countless human germs shall be taken from him, along the hard way of matter of course. These germs go forth out of his aggregate nature: partly from his hair, partly from his head, his neck, his tongue, his teeth, his breast, his inward parts, skin, hands and feet. And behold, mankind, in order to reach the true stage of perfection, has to be treated and led according to which of fallen Satan’s part it had originally proceeded from.

6. Once this is known, can anyone rightfully confront me and say: Lord why do You not help the miserable ones, letting them languish and perish? Behold, I permit none to perish, not even Satan and the virtual devils. But I cannot leave them the way they desire it in their blindness – opposed to My order; upon which depends the maintaining of all things. Quite the contrary; I have to take care in every appropriate way, that they may eventually attain to their goal, set them by my order from eternity.

7. Do you think however that within these graves there rest, under judgment, captive multitudes of poor proletarians who are forced to sin on account of their poverty? Oh, there you are greatly mistaken! Behold, these below are all beings of ancestral pedigree – the privileged class who were educated in many diverse fields. But having used everything they knew and possessed for furthering their naughtiness, stubborn irreconcilability and belligerence, enmity, alienation, rancorousness, hostility, sensuality, envy, meanness, they therewith excessively materialized their soul and now are stuck in the graves of that judgment which they have prepared for themselves!

8. Over there behind the gravestone you shall find an opening; go and look inside and tell me what you see! After which we shall continue to clarify this thing.”

Main Page From Hell to Heaven RBLUM-153 Chapter