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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 120 - Dress in the beyond. The Lord speaks His blessings. Blum and his friends are directed to put the dining room in order. Their amazing experiences.

1. They all move over to Robert, who takes them over to the big golden wardrobe, opening it and handing out the now clothing to all of them, which they put on at once. This gives them all a better appearance and makes them cheerful.

2. But there is in the kingdom of spirits a substantial difference between those who, from innermost cognition, awakened purely through love for Me, turn to Me of themselves and those who are turned to Me through wise instruction. The former receive new clothing as if from within, the latter having to visibly remove their old, worldly clothing to put on new celestial once as if from outside. This clarification is given so that none would be offended at some later occasion, when some spirits, as if of themselves, have gotten into new clothing somewhat like a tree in spring, whilst the spirits, mostly from the previous scene, have to be clothed anew as if still on Earth.

3. We are now seeing the entire company newly dressed before us. All are secretly praising Me, with some unable to fathom My imponderable condescension. Still others are looking at the forefathers and the apostles with a kind of holy timidity. Others, quite soberly, enter into conversation with the apostles. But Peter indicates to them all to go over to Me first, to receive the promised blessing, whereupon they shall be led into all wisdom as if of themselves. They respond immediately, all hastening to Me, thanking Me for the beautiful clothing and praying Me for the promised blessing.

4. Whereupon I raise My hands over them, saying: “Let all of you receive the promised blessing and strengthening of your still feeble love and wisdom. Without which it would be impossible to enter My actual heavenly kingdom! Having now received My Fatherly blessing, you also are capable of taking a big step forward in My kingdom. Upon Earth, you often asked yourselves when looking at the stars: what could these be, and what is the Moon and the Sun and other things. Some of you thought one thing or another, or nothing at all. This does not matter however; for you all have overcome the earthly, now standing gladly and fortified before Me, your God, Father and Saviour. As perfected children, you now have the right to be introduced into the great and endlessly many mansions of your heavenly Father. Prepare yourselves well therefore, because only from here on begins a truly great insertion into all the works which, in the course of your entire lives, were daily floating before your eyes as hidden riddles!

5. “This house however, within which you had fallen and then arisen once more, shall serve you as a general dwelling in which you shall always find Me again when, tired from some great journey, you seek recuperation.

6. “Once you have however through experience attained to an outsize measure of love for Me, each one of you shall find a dwelling of their own within themselves in which he shall then dwell most blissfully into all eternities.

7. “In order for you to set out upon your experience-journeys throughout My kingdoms fully fortified, we all shall first partake of a true life-meal together. You, Robert, and your chief brethren, go and open the middle door towards noon, where a new chamber shall reveal itself to you. There you shall find a great many tables and chairs. Put these in order and set them up well with bread and wine! I shall then Myself lead these guests into the great chamber of peace and rest, where they shall all be satisfied. Do now as I have commanded you!”

8. Robert and his other friends move to the said hall, which is enormously large and furnished with an immense number of large and small tables. These however stand about in disorder, corresponding to that state of a spirit in which, although already in possession of all kinds of charitable resolutions, nevertheless are not yet employable for sundry good purposes, the spirit not being able to realise what comes first, second, third and so on. Wherefore those spirits (Robert and his friends) have to go ahead and order the tables, which are like the foundations of charitable impulses. Once ordered, I come Myself and lead the guests into the chamber of good works, where they shall also receive the higher graces and gifts in a higher and more pure order.

9. Says Robert, standing there with his friends Messenhauser, Becher, Jellinek, Max Olaf, Dismas, Niklas, Bardo and a few other volunteers, on seeing the many tables standing in considerable disarray: “Friends, it will take us quite some time to put all this in the required order. Their diverse sizes are a problem, some being high, some low, others narrow, others short. This is going to be a sizable piece of work! What sort of householder am I, not even knowing what is in this house, or in what order it should be! Quite a household, that! But what can be done?”

10. Says Messenhauser: “Quite peculiar! In the previous chamber we were already like wise men, yet here we stand as if we had not even learned the simple times tables! It needs only a systematic organisation of these tables, benches and chairs, yet we don’t know what to grab first. Which is number one, and hence at the top, and which is number two and so on? How will we put the low with the high and the narrow with the wide?”

11. Says Becher: “Friends, I’ll be in it, but don’t ask me for a plan! For verily, in this immensely huge hall I feel as stupid as if I had just crawled out of my mother’s womb!” – Says Jellinek: “This thing seems more portentous to me than we think! I think the Lord let us run up against a wall somewhat? Hence we shall have to go back to Him to ask for a plan, otherwise we could cogitate half an eternity still achieve nothing! To set a thousand tables and several thousand chairs and benches under one roof is so-to-say beyond us. Hence let someone be dispatched to the Lord for the right system!”

12. Says Robert: “I shall go myself. You stay and take in the other marvels of this hall!”

13. Robert returns to the previous hall but is confounded on finding it empty of people. The set-up and the doors, wall and windows are still the same, but there is no sound. He sees nothing outside the windows and, opening other doors, there is no trace of what he seeks. He even goes out to the courtyard, but nothing moves there either. His search and calling out being futile, he returns depressed and finds his friends so as well.

14. Says Robert: “Praise God that I still find you here, because the hall out there is void of all beings, like the Earth’s ice poles! No Lord, and no other being to be found, nor in the side chambers that I searched. This truly would kill a tough beast! Oh you desperate straits, what will we do?”

15. Says Jellinek, astonished: “That is not bad! In God’s name, let it be as it will. Let’s try to order these tables as best we can! Once they are sorted out and set with bread and wine, it shall transpire whether we have been fooled.

16. Robert calls Max Olaf over, saying: “Brother, you were a bit of a seaman, engineer and geometrist on Earth, wherefore you could be the first to work out a system for these tables and benches. Look the thing over, for now there is nothing left to us but to do as commanded by the Lord, and as brother Jellinek suggested!”

17. Says Max Olaf: “No God can ask more than what one is capable of! And so we shall work out a system for these tables. We shall push the big ones of the same height together at the top of the tall, and the smaller and lower ones next to them, and the still lower and narrower ones and so on. We shall form an overall rectangle with them, or even a cross which might correspond even more, as the work is a bit of a cross for us. We shall do likewise with the benches and chairs. Once we have done that, it shall transpire whether the Lord will come as He promised. If He does not come however, then we shall move out into the open looking for our company all over this world. And so in God’s name, let us start this ordering business!”

18. All agree with Max Olaf’s idea and put their hands to work. After a good while the tables, benches and chairs stand there in the form of a cross. Robert opens several chests that are filled with bread and wine – the bread in the usual round loaves and the wine in beakers covered with golden lids. With the help of the others friends, Robert proceeds with laying the tables with bread and wine.

19. When that also is done, Robert says: “Lord, Thou Who art omniscient, You are sure to see that we have now solved the work faithfully as commanded us. You have promised to at once come here with the guests to fortify and bless us for more exalted celestial tasks! Oh come to us who with heavy hearts miss Your all-enlivening and captivating presence!”

20. After which the others speak so also, yet none hear any sound or voices. But our table-sorters are not put off and wait patiently for a lengthy period.

21. But with no one making an appearance, notwithstanding the lengthy wait, Robert says: “This is truly peculiar! Is the Lord trying to tempt us, or have we incurred some guilt? Or is this long story since our arrival in this world just a dream? Truly peculiar! What are we to do? Gather yourselves together, dear friends, or the thing shall take on a sinister aspect!”

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