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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 119 - The healing of Bardo’s soul. Niklas’ speech on God’s guidance. Celestial avowal of friendship.

1. The two move over to Robert who received them most amicably. But I say to Bardo, who cannot see Me yet: “Open up, you sinister character, speak up and show Me the reason for your arrogance!”

2. Bardo is mightily scared to see, and at once recognises Me in front of him. He tries to speak, but his tongue fails him, stammering like someone overcome by sleep after much worry. In his tremulous heart he believes no less than that I shall at once condemn him to hell.

3. But I say unto him: “Blind one! How vain is your fear! When did I ever come to those who are condemned – through themselves, in order to condemn them still more? I came to help, but not to judge and condemn! But I see a severe malady within you, and this one is called arrogance! And you are to give Me an exact account of this one. Not however for My appraisal of you, all things being well known to Me from eternity, but so that you would rid yourself of your burden before Me.

4. “Behold, when your friend Niklas wanted to lead in prayer for you all, you did not want to participate, wanting to pray just for yourself. And you also prayed, but how and for what. You did not want too much for yourself, but that much more humiliation for all who offended you, and most of all for Niklas, who disputed your capacity to represent the people, and in the end even dared to say a few significant truths to your face.

5. “Consider however whether it is right that you wish humiliation for one who is your best friend, because he dared as a friend to quite deservedly tell you the truth?! Should you not rather wish him all the best who, as a true friend, tried to pull you back from a destructive degree of arrogance and selfishness?

6. “Do you think that here in the kingdom of eternally undisguised truth things it is as on Earth, where the blind keep only the flatterers as friends, persecuting as their worst enemies those who tell them the truth, - like the Jews did with Me who was bold enough to parade the naked truth before their eyes.

7. “Oh, My dear Bardo, here it is quite different. Here only the truth counts, and pure love that goes with it! Everything else is an abomination before Me, and must eternally keep out of My kingdom. Hence confess out of yourself that you acted exceedingly unrighteously towards Niklas – go and reconcile with him! Then come back here and I shall cause what is right and deserving to come your way!”

8. Hearing such hefty words from My mouth, Bardo starts to ponder, saying in his heart: “Yes, the Lord, the Almighty, has spoken it. Who can disobey His wisdom and almight? It is so, and forever right! Man is an enemy of truth, especially when it comes too close. But he does it great injustice if he realises that his life reaches endlessly far beyond the grave and is conditioned solely on truth and love! – The Lord Himself has shown me this, and so I shall do as the Lord wills it, no matter how hard. I shall go over to friend Niklas courageously and resolutely, confessing all and humbly asking him for his friendship!” – He at once goes to carry out his resolve.

9. Niklas however, already clothed anew, anticipates him, embracing him and saying: “Friend, upon Earth too the blind want proof, not seeing the power of the will. Here however, where with open eyes one sees the earnestness of will, one does not ask for proof, but only for the will. If it is in order, then everything else is so. Over here only the will is ours, all action being the Lord’s!

10. “And so we are now the best of friends forever, and all our earthly differences have come to an end forever! But we shall also love friend Bruno with all our hearts as a warmest friend, for we owe our full salvation from our complete downfall, to his great patience, but in the first instance, naturally, to the endless goodness, gentleness and inexplicable condescension of the Lord! For He was and remains eternally the main and primeval basis of all salvation! We also have to, over here, still acknowledge several friends with praise, for they were a strong magnet that already drew us upon Earth, and they were also over here the practical trigger for finding our salvation in their house.

11. “To the Father Jesus however be all thanks, adoration and love, for leading our steps in such a manner that, contrary to our belief, and after lengthy blindness, we finally got to where we were destined in accord with His order!

12. “Verily, His counsels are impenetrable and His ways unfathomable! Man fares like a ship upon the ocean, driven about without sail or rudder by the wind. Who would still think that this vehicle, minus all its operational parts, is being guided by the best of plans! One does not keep in mind however that the winds too are of the Lord and that he alone give them direction and power. The ship nonetheless still makes it to shore as if driven by the most experienced boatman. And this is the work of the Lord, to whom therefore all honour and praise is due!

13. “In this way the Lord has led us too, so that in spite of our truly crass sins, we found our way to Him. On how good and wise he must be, and how immeasurably love-filled! We are now saved forever; wherefore let us be of the best courage and full of the most fervent love for Him – the Saviour of all saviours!”

14. After which they embrace each other and then Bruno, Dismas and Max Olaf, who had brought Dismas to his senses; but mainly Robert, who had powerfully contributed to Dismas’ return.

15. Following such scene, Niklas come to Me with Bardo, saying: “Lord, the two of us stand before You as one heart. Forgive us also as we forgave each other, so that we can then love You above all, as if from one heart!”

16. Say I: “If you are straightened out with each other, then everything is also made straight before Me, and your debtor’s ledger is annihilated! But go over to the big golden robe with Robert and the other friends! There you shall find the right clothes for these thousand poor ones. Take them and distribute them among the poor, for they still look naked. Then come back, that I may bless you and lead you on in the kingdom of light. Let it be so!”

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