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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 118 - The argumentative Bardo. Niklas’ rebuke. The group of a thousand, united in spirit, receives the Lord’s grace.

1. Says the first speaker Bardo: “Well then, I shall give in, if things are like that. But Niklas will have to admit that he is not too fine a spirit and hasn’t got much to be proud of for being a New Catholic, no longer believing in the Lord Jesus at all. For these wanted to turn the world into heaven and call us Catholics numbskulls. But now, as spirits, the good Niklas and many of his faith together with ourselves, the Old Catholics, are sitting in the same boat. Wherefore Niklas need not be so rough with one of our ilk.”

2. Says Niklas, with a smile: “My most esteemed friend Bardo! Don’t hold it too much against me if I got a little hot under the collar! But basically I meant well, which no one shall dispute. Tell me whether any actual Roman Catholic ever prays to God unless he wants something? Each one prays for something different. But to ever give God the honour for being the most perfect Being as God – friend Bardo – I give away all bliss if even one papist ever prayed to God for other than self-interest. Hence do not think too much of your Roman Catholic gentleness! It should, by the way, be time now to take note of friend Bruno’s advice, for the two of us shall by now have threshed enough empty straw!”

3. Says Bardo: “This is no empty straw, do you hear! For to call someone a donkey, even if only by inference, is no empty straw!”

4. Says Niklas: “So what of it? If my bluntness grinds on your nerves then do likewise to make us even. Don’t you see that Christ the Lord should be more to us than our mutually offended honour? What is any honour without God?! Whence, friend Bardo, no more of such earthly foolishness. Let us rather, in accord with Bruno’s advice, unite and pray the Lord Jesus for light, grace and mercy! – I shall lead the prayer and you repeat it aloud after me from the bottom of your hearts – if you feel like it!” – Says Bardo: “Eh, why should I prattle after you? Should I not be capable of formulating a request?!” – Says Niklas: “No objection, go right ahead! Everyone should know his own blistering shoe! I shall go ahead and say my prayer aloud, and everyone can choose to follow or not!”

5. Here the entire company of a thousand says: “Do so, Niklas, and we will follow you!”

6. Says Bardo: “I shall nevertheless pray for myself, knowing why.” – Says Niklas: “Do as you wish, but please do not disturb us further. Therefore please pray in silence!”

7. After these words it seemed to everyone except Bardo that scales had fallen from their eyes. I am Myself standing almost in front of Niklas and not far from the large conference-table, around which the formerly mentioned company is still assembled. They all hardly dare to look up, and cannot be sufficiently amazed at the size and splendour of the hall, and the perfect health and beauty of the guests.

8. At that point, Bruno also stands most reverently before Me, saying: “Oh Lord! To You alone all love, honour and adoration! As a lazy servant I now hand over to You this flock, who, I am persuaded, now belong to You in their hearts!”

9. Say I: “You have done very well! Your great patience and meekness have brought this not inconsiderable work abut in an exemplary manner. Verily, having behaved in such exemplary fashion in your first task in My kingdom, you shall soon be set over bigger things. And your friend Niklas shall be at your side. For he also, towards the end of these negotiations with this company of a thousand – excepting one recalcitrant, contributed decisively towards their complete redemption by Me, their God, Lord and Father!

10. “Verily, no winning of spirits is more beneficent than through words and wise doctrine. You all have won this flock through word and doctrine, this being fully in accordance with My will and order. Hence this herd is now fully free, and no miraculous work holds it in judgement. Hence it is also capable to at once receive higher graces, and this truly give Me great pleasure. Hence your reward shall be a large one!

11. “When all the previous lot came to Me they were hungry and thirsty, for they could be brought to Me only through miraculous deeds and appearances. You however have no thirst, and none of you except Bardo has thirst, the reason being that you followed solely the word. And this is right, as this is My will!

12. “Go over to Robert, you two – Bruno and Niklas, and he shall give you new clothing. But I shall Myself seize Bardo and give him whatever he desires – sweet or bitter!”

13. Niklas, quite remorseful for love and gratitude, wants to say more, but I say unto him: “Friend, you have already spoken, as I am conversant with the tongue of the heart. Hence go over with Bruno in good cheer. In your new clothing we shall still have much to say and settle. So be it!”

Main Page From Hell to Heaven RBLUM-118 Chapter