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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 117 - The doubters gain faith but are shy about the way to the Lord. A churchman and a free man in discussion. Humour in the spirit kingdom.

1. Says the former speaker who spoke before the so-called ruffian: “I and our second speaker are enormously impressed by your lucid rendition. Its truth is penetrating! It shall also unfailingly come to pass as you have indicated with prophetic spirit. Thus the Jew Jesus is bound to be how tradition would have it, and what you have said about Him. But it is now that much harder for us to turn to Him. For we were great sinners one and all, not having heeded His divine doctrine! Will He not immediately call out to us: Depart from Me, you evil-doers, for I know you not!”

2. Says the second speaker: “Where are you coming from? Do you honestly still believe in a hell and purgatory? No, such would not occur to me in a dream. Christ is surely going to be somewhat wiser and also better than us two. Tell me, would even you be able, with your hard-heartedness, to condemn someone to hell, if there be one, and that forever? I say, one would have to be a downright devil. What is therefore your concept of Christ, if you can expect something like that from Him?”

3. Says the first: “You are right indeed, but consider also that it was His own words that had said that fornicators, adulterers, thieves and murderers, deceivers, perjurers, misers and the hard-hearted shall not enter the kingdom of God. It says: He who believes and is baptised shall be blessed! – We certainly were baptised, but we never believed anything that we could not touch by hand. We therefore could not appear before Christ with anything like a favourable impression. He certainly is endlessly good, but He is also endlessly holy and hence just! How we shall therefore bear up to His righteousness is another matter!”

4. Says the second: “But did you not hear what our friend and guide Bruno said about how things stand? He was sent to us by Christ to win us and lead us before the Lord! He has now won us, why should we complicate matters? We all know that before God, none of us is worth a shot of powder. But if He wants to be graceful and merciful to us, why should we splay ourselves like a virgin at a peasant’s wedding? Here it means grabbing hold with both hands, if the great Lord of the heavens wants to give us something, and not to have all sorts of Jesuits’ qualms!”

5. Says the first: “But if you could only be a trifle more refined! In the world, you always were a sort of brash Mike, are you also going to speak like that before the Lord’s countenance, and all His holy friends? There you are bound to shake like the leaves of the aspen in a hurricane!”

6. Says the second: “Oh oh! I can see an entire Jesuit brotherhood still stuck inside you! Did you not take notice of Bruno’s clear words? Did he not clearly expose the Roman deception, yet you are still in raptures like a crazy dying Padre. Don’t be laughable! Behold, friend Bruno is getting unwell just looking at you cutting your dumb face and carrying on like a Viennese coachman when the Liguorians are consecrating his horses on Good Friday. You should be ashamed for coming up with such inanities here in the kingdom of spirits! I tell you that Christ Himself would have a laugh at seeing such a face!”

7. Says the first: “Friend, I pray you would bridle your rough tongue, or you shall yet end up in hell! For there is a hell, just as there is a heaven. Can’t you curb your tongue a little, before you are damned without further ado!” – Says the second: “Friend Bruno, do us a favour and calm down this here fellow somewhat, or we may have to go through the malheur of soiled trousers even here in the spirit world! We have the preliminaries!”

8. The whole group bursts our laughing, and the first speaker says: “Bruno, my friend, can’t you stop off this mud-slinging onto my good name? What business of his is it if I have been a friend of God’s servants? Don’t let him deride me before the others!”

9. Says Bruno: “Smarten up, and none shall laugh at you! But if you come up with all sorts of Jesuit misgivings, holding me up with my works on you, then your friend Niklas is right to stir you a little! Who is good or just before God, and who has merit before Him, the Almighty? Did He not Himself say: ‘When you have done everything, consider yourselves lazy servants’? If however He spoke thus, then why do we judge our merit before Him? If however He wants to show us grace and mercy, why should we decline it! Behold, this is vain! We all are bad and only God is good. If however He wants to do us some good out of His eternal goodness, then we should do like the sinner Zacceus once did when the Lord caused him to climb down from the tree to turn in at his house and sharing a meal with him. So let us therefore do as Zacceus once did!”

Main Page From Hell to Heaven RBLUM-117 Chapter