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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 116 - Distortion of the pure Gospel on account of man’s free will. End of the Lord’s longsuffering.

1. Says the speaker: “Friend, we now realise that Christ’s divine doctrine could indeed be godly, and is bound to be so, although most abominably misused by Rome. But we still can’t see how the Lord could have permitted this originally purely apostolic church to sink in recent centuries down to where, according to the pure Gospel, it is no church at all. Its Latin bawling, its ear-confession, its Mass sacrifices and other holy frippery, and especially its counter-natural celibacy, are phenomena which today even poodles begin to mock – not to mention other most idiotic church rites. And such grandiloquent madhouse is tolerated by the Lord, Whose doctrine is supposed to be a central sunlight1 to the people of this Earth! Behold, this is the poodle’s ominous kernel. Friend, give us some light on this as well!”

2. Says Bruno: “Dear friends, this you have to understand in the holy context of man’s essential free will, without which he would not be but a mere animal or an automaton. Since he has to have a completely free will in order to be man, and consequently can do whatever he desires, it becomes clear that he must also, in respect of even a purely divine doctrine, have the choice of accepting or rejecting, or to regard same as orthodox or otherwise. Since this is up to man, it also became possible with time to develop the darkest papacy out of Christ’s pure doctrine.

3. “Were there not in the time of the apostles already traders making deals with Christ’s miraculous doctrine, indeed, Christ Himself had one around Him, who betrayed Him! Why should not traders be found in later times to whom Christ’s doctrine was a patient cow giving immense returns for puny fodder. Since greedy people were only too well aware of this, they turned divine doctrine into merchandise, trading it in every land and making the most profitable deals. This was already the first evil deed! But when the merchants (Roman parsons of every shade) saw that the stocks were not avidly selling in their pure, spiritual form – especially with the pomp and splendour-prone Asians, they soon adjusted their wares as they considered them most appealing to the people of the East. And behold, trade began to flourish again.

4. “To this period mainly date the first brazen circumcision of Christ’s pure doctrine, followed by the discovery of the purgatory, indulgences, brotherhoods and more such-like. To this second epoch belong the crusades, so profitable to the wily merchants of Rome. In later times, when people began to discern the true beneficiaries of the much-praised and energetically conducted indulgences, some curbs were considered desirable to these glaring deceptions. It also came to light how Rome’s merchants had close business ties with the Caraceans, faithfully appraising the latter of impending crusades, for which reason it had to be an easy matter for the well-informed Caraceans to give the Cross-jockeys the most practicable receptions.

5. “Once people got behind all these deceptions, one threw oneself into mysticism, or actually black magic, set up welfare institutions with miraculous images, wrapped oneself up fully in Latin, produced miracle-working relics and built great temples with many miracle-altars (see The Natural Sun), traded with until this hour. But since people are again growing over the parson’s heads, and no longer show respect for the man of the holy ghost, these little merchants have lost the plot. They don’t know what to do to sell their embarrassing wares profitably.

6. “But, friends, this time it shall no longer work! The Bible, besides other lucid writings, have found strong circulation among the people. And these merchants have been too candid about their availability for money. And even Mary, who had long been the underpinnings, together with her wooden Christ, have begun to take their leave, which for these merchants is an exceptionally evil omen. I would almost wager my combined bliss that they shall shortly stand before the people like a daughter that perpetually puts on the moral and pious robe, until caught out as a buxom whore. Or they shall have to strike good deals, which of course shall be more arguments against them.

7. “And so the Lord shall at the right time purify His doctrine in a way that shall with the speed of lightning bounce into all the world’s eyes! On the whole however, it harms no one if he permits himself to belong to the Roman woman, for I can assure you that the Lord is well-pleased with the Roman lambs. But what has not so far taken place now stands at the door!

8. “Hence all glory to Him who constantly leads His own like the hen her chicks! I assume you are now in the clear about the woman of Rome. And so turn now exclusively to Jesus Christ, so that full light would come to you forever.”

Main Page From Hell to Heaven RBLUM-116 Chapter