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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 189 - Cyprian with the Lord. Proper gratitude. The Lord’s ways of guiding. Rome’s justice

1. Robert now announces my will as to what is to happen next.

2. Meanwhile Pater Cyprian steps up to Me, saying: “Lord, Thou best Father of men and angels, that infernal interlude took quite some time; the best thing about it is that my own depressing notion of yonder real arch-Satan has left me. For the two brethren Dismas and Thomas worked almost the same type of exorcism on myself as the famous Cado did with the make-believe Minerva. As far as I can judge I am at least rid of all that was Roman in me; meanness, envy, avarice, domineering and self-opinionated are now far removed. I now stand before You with a sense of freedom, and would beg You for a small blessing. Having so over abundantly blessed good brother Robert that he can hardly help himself for bliss, You will not regard my request as presumptuous!”

3. Say I: “Eternally not indeed, but you are too late with your request as I have blessed you already!” Says later Cyprian: “In that case I owe You my proper thanks, Lord and Father! ’

4. Say I: “That too has already happened, for I read it in your heart, and that is the most appropriate thanks. Having rendered Me this already, why add an inferior one?” Says Cyprian: “About that I know nothing. How should such unconscious action on my part have any worth before You.” Say I: “Because it is in accordance with My Gospel, which says that one is not to let the left hand know the good the right hand is doing in My name! Do you think that for thanks to please Me it has to in the Roman way be rendered with resounding bell-ringing, powerful organ, kettledrums, trumpet and trombone tones, accompanied by mindless bawling of Latin hymns? Oh friend, this all is pure abomination before Me! He who wants to thank Me effectively, let him do so in his heart, and that without participation of his immensely wise intellect and without more strain rendered Me such thanks; if I am fully satisfied therewith, what more do you want?”

5. Says Cyprian: “My God and Lord, Your grace and mercy is superabundant if able to regard the pure thoughts of the heart as well-pleasing to you! You order all things rightly and guide Your children in the right way, preventing their erring. My heart was making its life-beats in deep, sadness, but You would not let it go numb in its night, which would have made it no longer capable of pulsating with love for You. Hence all worship and all our love be to You alone!

6. Things are once again in a sorry state upon Earth, but whatever You permit is right. Weeds too must ripen and their roots dry out, that they may then be destroyed from their foundation. Like the good out of you, so the bad also must proliferate, that it may be properly recognized and rejected as such.

7. The greatest evil upon Earth now is the Roman clergy. It elevates itself disguised as piousness, climbing up and up; but shortly it shall bump against the ceiling of your heavens with its proud wings. The latter shall be destroyed with fire from the heavens. Its ultimate fall shall be terrifying, after which no self-exaltation will be possible; a sad prospect indeed, but good and just, not missing its target!

8. I had been fully evil and wicked before You oh Lord, climbing ever higher to fall that much deeper. But when fully fallen, You came, helping me up, making a human in Your image out of a devil. And thus you always precede oh Lord, for Your mercies are without end and Your love and grace fill all spaces of infinity. The lowly one You lower still further, that he would become perfect and come closer to Your heart. The exalted You raise still further to prepare their complete fall, that they may see how vain were all their strivings and how they are nothing before Thee, oh Lord! Well for those who take note of their actual fall, humbling themselves before Thee! But those trying to maintain themselves in spite of their fall, let these beware threefold, for their path shall be a hot one and their turnaround all but impossible.

9. Oh Rome, Rome! You vainly knock at the portals of your former power! Beware, for the bolts with which you barred entry to the Kingdom to all who would go in are rusted! I stand before God the Almighty and His eye tells me: your belated efforts shall bring you a base reward! Beware, for the Lord has prepared for you a night that will swallow you like a starved snake does with a sparrow!”

10. Say I; “You have spoken well, truly and wisely before My face. Let it be as you have spoken before Me!”

Main Page From Hell to Heaven RBLUM-189 Chapter