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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 188 - The Lord with Robert and Helena. The spouses together again. A true celestial couple

1. Say I: “Look, Robert, the object of your love has been leaning upon My breast for a substantial time. You yourself have also seen and experienced much. But ask her what she too has seen and heard during your portentous absence! You yourself penetrated deeply into My heavens, and your Helena deeply into the great mysteries of My love. Which of you do you think has made the furthest progress through deep and important life experiences??”

2. Says Robert-Uraniel: “Oh Lord, the most beloved Helens, surely! For he who draws from the primeval fountain surely receives life’s purest light. He who is obliged through Your holy order to observe the wonders of Your mercy from the wide-ranging outflows of your love, wisdom and power drinks only droplets of Your grace, even whilst Helena takes up entire rivers of your primordial light into her heart, thereby being led into the immense field of your endless mercies and miraculous works. One fleeting second of unhindered look into your heart would have to reveal more to her than a thousand years to me at distance. How am I going to stand before her, me a spirit imbued with a few light-droplets, and her enclosing seas of light from ultimate wisdom!”

3. Say I: “Don’t let that trouble you! Anyone taking a wife to himself on Earth shall be pleased with her in proportion to the number of good attributes she is endowed with. And so you too shall not be sorry if your rightful wife has received a treasure that shall suffice you both for eternity. Her treasure consists in immeasurable fullness of love, whilst your treasure of wisdom is not inconsiderable either. You were indeed fed but droplets, whilst she absorbed entire streams.

4. But if you immerse such droplets into the fullness of her love, it brings forth countless wonders and new creatures and works which you shall not tire of beholding. Only therein will you begin to steadily note and worship My might, greatness, love and wisdom ever more in their fullness. Because everything that took place with you so far was only essential preparation for what you shall start from here on.

5. At first you saw your house only from the outside and it pleased you immensely. But when you entered the first chamber of your house it pleased you even more still, as you soon came upon a company which, although of crude appearance, corresponded with your inward parts. Yet they soon became gentle, as your own inwards became brighter and gentler. Whereupon a second hall was opened – the great dining-hall, where you had to organize the tables, causing you much trouble. After which we entered a third, very large hall called the museum. There you came to know all your deficiencies and the seed of death within you, and have now cast them all out of yourself, having had to probe the basis of hell (from your original creation) and purify yourself of same. And now you still stand before Me in the same museum hall.

6. But there is no tarrying here as yet; wherefore we shall now take ourselves to the great treasure chamber, in which those treasures shall become visible to you which you and Helena receive from Me as a free gift. Hence summon the entire great company then we shall at once proceed to the fourth hall – the great treasure chamber of your dwelling. But greet your Helena – your celestial wife, first!”

7. Robert greets Helena with real angelic gentleness, and she reciprocates intimately. Robert nearly melts with delight, shouting: To, my heavenly Helena, how great are you now, and how small I before you!”

8. Says Helena: “Most beloved Robert-Uraniel, before God the Lord there are neither big nor small things! He imbues one work with one purpose and another with a different one. Where however the purpose is divine, the means also are good. I am a means, and so are you, in the hand of divine love. Like myself, you are neither great nor small, but the same in love before God. Let us not therefore indulge in mutual compliments henceforth but fervently seize one another in God, our holy Father. Let your wisdom be wedded to my mature love in God! United thus before God, we shall be a true couple in heaven, acting within God’s order!”

9. Says Robert-Uraniel: “Fairest sister in the Lord and Father, and wife of my heart, you are fully right; how blissful your words have made me! For I saw therein the streaming of the spirit of purest divine love onto my heart. What pleasant harmony it generates in my blissful heart! Oh God, what joys am I headed for! What kind of things are my eyes about to encounter in the Lord’s secret hall of treasures: joys unlimited, each of new, unsuspected wonders of divine love, wisdom and power!

10. I bless them both, giving a sign that he would summon all to resume our journey.

Main Page From Hell to Heaven RBLUM-188 Chapter