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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 145 - Entering the celestial house. Meeting old acquaintances. The count’s blind search for Jesus – eventually found.

1. The door immediately opens wide, and indescribable splendour irradiates the arrivals, and a vast crowd in pleated frocks headed by the general and accompanied by the monk Thomas and Dismas greets those entering.

2. On seeing and recognising the general, the count bursts upon his old friend’s breast with indescribable joy, kissing and saying fervently: “A hundred thousand greetings to you for a probably endlessly better life, my dear old friend and brother! Oh for the joy of having you again! You are sure to be abundantly blessed, and God the Lord is not going to leave me unhappy. You are the last one I would have expected to see here again! How did you fare on your arrival here, and what are you doing here actually?”

3. The general reciprocates the greeting, saying: “My dearest friend, there can be no talk of ‘doing’ something over here, but to just enjoy what the unlimited goodness and love of the Lord Jesus Christ bestows upon us in effusive fullness. Were this consummate blessedness not also coupled with a most marvelous diversity, one would verily have to call out with Job: ‘Oh Father, best Father, just let go of blessings for a little while!’ Yes, dear friend, only over here does one really get to know Christ! But I need say no more, as you shall presently be persuaded thereof. But if you want an inkling of the Lord’s wisdom, almight and love, then just behold the splendour of this hall, and you shall be able to formulate a small idea of Christ, the only Lord of Heaven and Earth.”

4. Says the Count: “What do you know about Him? Have you perchance had the luck to see Him, the most holy one? Has He been here already, or where shall He come from? How shall I recognise Him? For I love Him so exceedingly that all these gloried would be a dead house without Him. Hence oblige me by at once pointing Him out! – Oh God, what a sight it shall be, to see my Creator!”

5. The general flashed his smile at the frenzied questioning and says: “But friend, you seem like one who can’t see the forest for the trees! Tell me, how do you imagine Jesus the Lord, after which I’ll tell you something that will surprise you.”

6. Says the count: “Well, I imagine Christ the Lord in inconceivable glory, surrounded by His disciples and innumerable hosts of angels. For in Scripture it says that He shall return upon floating, shiny clouds of Heaven, from which trillions of lightning bolts are bound to be flashing into infinity. That’s my concept of Christ the Lord! And now speak as promised.”

7. Says the general: “Brother, there you have a fundamentally false concept of Christ the Lord! As said, you can’t see the forest for the trees. All of us were able to hear clearly how our greatest friend gave you the distinguishing characteristics, also telling you that the Lord shall arrive here simultaneously with yourselves. Hence look around a little for someone who resembles Him to a hair’s breadth. If you find someone, then take Him to be the Lord! For I say unto you that the Lord God Jesus is over here just a plain and unostentatious as He was upon Earth. There is no trace of shine found upon Him!”

8. Says the Count: “Quite so! That’s exactly what this most loveworthy friend told us outside. But it shall take me some time to scrutinise all these thousands in here. This is a vast hall with intense lighting, and all those present are lining up commando-fashion. This will make it easier than I thought. – I find no resemblance in the first rows. Nor is there any resemblance further down, although I see the distant ones as clearly as those standing nearby. Yet there is no twin brother to our dear good friend. I also see another group at the back which I would beg permission to scrutinise at closer range.”

9. Says the general: “Go right ahead, for complete freedom reigns here.” Whereupon the count moves down to the group with his still unrecognised friend. On approaching with his friend however, these all fall to the floor on their faces, exclaiming: ‘Hail Thou, all hail, Thou most exalted!”

10. The count, taking sheer fright at such a turn, says to his escort: “There we have it! I was just going to start comparing with yourself, and now they all lie on their faces calling ‘Hail Thou’ to God knows who! Should this concern one of us two, or has Jesus already made a visible appearance?” – Says the stranger: “Just wait a little; this group shall soon rise and you shall be able to continue your investigations.”

11. Following upon a secret sign from the Lord, the entire group gets up again. Noticing them consisting of only females, the count says: “Dearest friend, so far as I know Jesus was a perfect male upon Earth, and would not have become a female in His eternal kingdom of God! Wherefore I don’t foresee much success for my venture. Yet I am curious to know why they shouted ‘hail Thee’ to you earlier on.” – Says the escort: “Go and ask them!”

12. The count moves forward modestly, but the group shouts at him: “Step back, we will have nothing to do with you sinner, in the house of God!”

13. The count steps back, but says to the group, which had itself not been inside the house for too long: “Well, just watch we don’t lower your holy papal plumbline a little! Oh you fussy hussies! I think that my friend and I might yet be as holy as yourselves! – Friend, let’s move on, for not much can be done with these creatures! Their typical Jesuit holy arrogance is an anathema to me!”

14. Says the escort: “Ah friend, no need to take it that way. Here everything must be borne patiently! These are not yet fully organised, but are not far from it!”

15. Says the count: “Sure, sure, but to reject us like criminals is somewhat strange! But so be it, in God’s name. If only I could accomplish my task. It is hard to explain how I have no interest other than Jesus over here. All these celestial beauties here are like soulless images, whilst the only One is not here. Here, as a spirit and at the point of beholding the most perfect Spirit of God, existence becomes intolerable when not seeing Him, Who alone is all in all. If you dear friend know His whereabouts then point Him out to me, so that I may at least see Him from afar!”

16. Says the escort: “My dear friend and brother, it will be a little hard to show you Jesus at a distance; for whoever does not get to see Jesus at close range shall not see Him at a distance either. You must strive to see Jesus close by, then it shall be according to your desire.”

17. Says the count: “My highly esteemed friend, it would be most desirable, if only I could bear His holy proximity. Even the highest angels are said not to bear up to His nearness; how should I?” – Says the guide: “Friend, if Christ the Lord stood before you not a shade more impressive than I, would you then still suffer such holy timidity?” Says the count: “Well, that would make it easier indeed! It would still be a burden, considering Who He is and what I am. He – the most infinite All, and I, the most perfect nothingness! Yet it would make it easier than if He came along in His celestial almight.”

18. Says the guide: “Good! What would you say if I Myself were to be Christ, and for certain reasons only revealed Myself to you now? What kind of face would you cut to that?”

19. Says the count: “Hearken friend, this would be putting a poor devil through a tough test! Verily, my exalted friend, if you ultimately were Him yourself, then I would have to be speechless for an eternity! But tell me for certain right now, so that I may at once perish for esteem!”

20. Says the guide: “Yes friend, I am He! Should this be hard to believe, then ask these here. They will tell you! Your love has drawn Me to you in this way!”

Main Page From Hell to Heaven RBLUM-145 Chapter