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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 146 - The count’s greatest moment. ‘It is You!?’ Wonderful tribute. The Lord about relationship between the Father and His children.

1. The count, beside himself, partly from fear but also from rapture, and also a suspicion of being mistaken, cannot get hold of himself in response to My declaration. Only after a sizeable interlude of an inner resurrection-struggle, during which his spirit has broken through all bounds, spreading into his entire enveloping soul, does he stammer the words:

2. “So – it it it is You!! You!? – the eternal Lord who lives exalted over everything, embraced by space and time – that which lives looking through the eternal depths of Your marvelous creations! – Oh God, God! – I, a miserable worm, a mere particle of dust now stands before You, the holiest, eternal Master over all wondrous works, which all have flowed from Your almighty hand. – Before my God, before my Creator, Father, before my Saviour Jesus! Oh hearken, all you heavens! Come here, all you supremely blissful eons, help me, help me feel. A creature standing for the first time before its almighty Creator! And – oh – it is barely thinkable – this God is plain and like a man, guided by highest love, and speaks with condescension, mildly and gently, the way only the best of brothers would speak with brothers!

3. “Oh humans, who wander about in all sorts of delusions upon treacherous Earth, not knowing where to turn – come here with your hearts and learn to know God in Jesus, the delightful Saviour, and you shall be able to easily cope with your vain plans for your test-life.

4. “The true recognition of God shall show you how little it takes to find yourselves set aright within God the Lord, to then be blissful beyond all concepts! Cease quarreling like miserable dogs and cats, over earthly things, and strive for the right recognition and love of God! Love each other like real brothers and sisters, as children of one Father who is perpetually and eternally loving, good and gentle beyond all concepts; then you have in your hearts more than the entire world can give you!

5. “Oh God, what joy it is to be with You. How happily forgotten are now the misfortunes that overtook me upon Earth! Verily, now I could exclaim: come unto me – the millions, friends and foes, and I shall give you a brotherly embrace!”

6. After which words he falls upon his knees before Me, folding his hands and saying: “Oh my only eternally good God and Saviour Jesus! Let me worship You forever, lauding and praising You! Now I understand how one can only achieve highest bliss through glorifying and praising You. So let everything that is part of me love You and thank You for everything that You ever allowed to come over me, in whatever burdensome guise. For only now do I begin to grasp that is was only through Your unspeakably great love for me!

7. “Oh Thou holy Father, I was indeed a most prodigal son, who had to be turned back to You through great adversity. But now I am with You again, Thou eternally good Father! Receive me into Your kingdom as one of the least, and show all the other many lost sons the same grace You showed me! And if it is Your will, then let my family, left behind on Earth, rather lose all their worldly goods than to fall too deeply before You, and in the end even forget You completely!”

8. Say I: “Rise, My dear brother, and don’t create too much commotion! For you see that I have not changed in the least after you recognised Me. We shall eternally act among ourselves the way brethren deal with each other!

9. “I am God indeed, as the arch-primordial Being, full of wisdom, authority and might – and you are a mere creature of My willpower. Yet your spirit is full of what I am Myself. Wherefore there shall remain forever between us a relationship as that between father and son, and as between brethren. For you are a son to Me according to your soul – the external being, and a brother according to your spirit! The soul came forth from the primordial light of My wisdom and is endlessly less than the created primordial light. Wherefore the soul is a son to Me, who am basically pure love. But your spirit, which is My love Itself within you and hence My very own Spirit, is therefore My brother, through and through! Hence do not think too broadly about this thing, but arise and come with M to the other brethren!”

10. Says the count, getting up gradually: “Oh Father, how endlessly good You are! – If only my foolish tongue could adequately praise Your most holy honour! But I now fail almost completely!”

11. Say I: “Be of good cheer, brother, and let go of overdone praise! For your heart is the best praise, in which My pleasure is greatest, everything else belonging to the tiresome fellowship sacraments! Arise now fully and come with Me over to the other brethren!”

Main Page From Hell to Heaven RBLUM-146 Chapter