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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 3 - Robert thinks he has been anaesthetised.

1. This intrigues him. He checks whether the feelings in his limbs perhaps are deadened, but at once convinces himself through pinching and rubbing that all his soul’s body parts are anything but dead, and quite a sensitive contrary.

2. After convincing himself of being fully alive from every aspect, and not enclosed on any side other than by night and darkness, he asks himself in despair:

3. “Where, by the three devils, am I? What have these bloodhounds done to me? They could not have shot me, or I would not be alive! Nor have they locked me up, for I find neither wall nor floor, nor shackles on my limbs! My complete feelings are with me, and my eyes have not been poked out either; yet I see nothing! Verily, this is dreadfully strange! - This misanthrope, who had me only shot by appearance, must have put me to sleep with some secret narcotic drug, that being my condition! Just you wait, fiend, - you human-rights murderer; when I get out of this anaesthetic, then laugh: I’ll make you pay for it!

4. “This state won’t last forever; they will be on the look-out for me in Frankfurt and all Saxony, - I must get there! Then you will find out about proceeding so ruthlessly against a member of parliament! This you will atone for in historic uniqueness.

5. “If only I came out of this strange anaesthetic soon! I’m burning with vengeance, yet this loathsome state continues! This surely is a devilish invention! But patience will soon take care of it!”

Main Page From Hell to Heaven RBLUM-3 Chapter