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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 78 - Caution with the partially blind. Announcement of a celestial High Council. The Lord’s greatness, simplicity and goodness.

1. I now caution them not to divulge what had been disclosed to them through grace! And they understand and keep silent, even as their hearts are progressively set alight.

2. The one that finds it most difficult to be silent is Helena, but Jellinek says to her: “Dear sister, burn inwardly by all means, the way you will and are able, but moderate yourself externally – for the sake of those still blind of heart, so that no judgement overtakes them. But, as secretly revealed to me by the Lord, we shall now be holding a big council. And we shall go about it as quietly as possible, so that those who do not yet recognise the closeness of the Lord of all life do not notice it. Hence keep your silence.”

3. Says Helena: “You are speaking of a great council? What kind of considerations? Oh God, oh God! There must be something supremely important to this!”

4. Says Jellinek: “Indeed, indeed, something immensely important! I say unto you: beware all the arrogant, the dictators, the murderers and slaughterers of men, and beware those sitting upon the thrones! I have just seen a great number of incensed angels crashing towards Earth with flaming swords; a thundering voice resounded after them: ‘My patience is over! Hence no more protection! For the great seek protection not from God but from their many weapons, whilst the little ones wail and gnash their teeth, not turning to God from whom all help comes. Hence no more mercy!’ – And behold, that is what the council will consider, because all the powers of heaven are moving. Hence you must be doubly quiet!”

5. Says Helena: “Yes, yes, I’m holding my peace, but what will be the end? Oh, how terrible, how terrible!”

6. Says Jellinek: “Indeed, my most worthy sister Helena, here things proceed quite differently to Vienna, which we two blessed ones commemorated the time we found ourselves in the flesh among the freedom fighters! Because here it is according to the truest sense of the word – ‘either life or death’ – ‘heaven or hell’. The Lord of infinity, the almighty Creator, is here among us, and his myriads of the mightiest celestial servants, although not visible to us yet, shall not be far, tarrying for His holy signs. And so you can imagine how inexpressibly important this great chamber is, where the Lord of Heaven and all the worlds shall, among his friends, take counsel with Himself, upon which all future times and eternities shall depend! Well, what do you say when considering it in its proper light?”

7. Says Helena: “Behold, dear friend, I am not able to grasp the terrifying and endless importance of this place! It is incomprehensible to me how, in the absence of any display of almighty divine decoration, such power and authority can reside in Him! How can he with one glance oversee the entire eternal infinity, from the greatest to the smallest? He stands there among us as if we were the only ones He concerns Himself with! He is so unassuming, good and obliging; and indescribably good is His demeanour! Oh friend, what endless condescension this is!

8. “And hearken, what difference between Him, the almighty, eternal Lord of infinity and the rulers of our stinking Earth! He, all in all, is all humility, never exalting Himself above His creatures! But the Earth’s mighty, as you know, will hear nothing of condescension and humility. They alone want to be and to have everything. The devil can get the rest! In truth, with such rule, the otherwise beautiful Earth must necessarily turn into sheerest hell soon, from which no further mortal man shall be winnable to eternal life!”

9. Says Jellinek: “Indeed, you judge well and accurately! Consider however that with God things are possible that not even the wisest spirit can imagine. Then you shall be able to observe unfolding events with much more ease. For behold, all endless might lies within the inestimable greatness of His love. If however the Most High’s exaltation, might and greatness reside in His love, then we must not let His ever-so immense counsels cause us to fear. For whatever is accomplished by mightiest love surely can be no other than good, even if outwardly it should manifest in a frightening manner.”

10. Says Helena: “Dear friend, I thank you for your instruction! Verily, you have rolled a heavy stone from my heart! But tell me, when is the said highest council to begin?”

11. Says Jellinek: “Immediately, my dear sister! The great crowd of Viennese proletariat who don’t appear to have any light yet is already being directed to a side-chamber by Blum. Only the twenty-four dancers, Blum, Messenhauser, Becher, myself, you and Max Olaf with his group of twenty, as well as yonder half Englishman with likewise a couple of dozen arch-aristocrats at the back of the room, shall be present at the council.

12. “Over there, from another chamber, some very wise-looking twelve men are making an appearance, with another seven behind them. These also shall most probably participate in the great council. And there is already a large table in the middle of this seemingly expanding room. Hence everything is in readiness. Take cheer, the conference is about to start.”

13. To this, Jellinek’s instruction, Helena, full of remorse, turns to Me almost bowed down to the floor, hardly able to utter a word for fear. But I take her by the arm, saying: “But My most beloved daughter Helena, what sort of face are you making? Who is it you fear so much? Lo, I am with you! How can you fear at My side?”

14. Says Helena: “Oh my Lord and my God! Who can indeed fear You when You remain friends with me! But when one then remembers Your sole, holiest Deity, which no sinner is to approach, then it appears that You might quickly damn the likes of us, especially if You were to grow angry! Previously I had not feared so much, not knowing Who You actually are! I took You for some older holy man and hence for an intimate friend of God, who may effectively intercede with God on my behalf. But what a shock, now that You are the almighty God! – Oh, woe betide us, who should not be afraid? And besides, now You shall hold a council, probably about Judgement Day, and I as a great sinner should not fear You?”

15. Say I in the most easy-going manner: “So, this bothers you! Well, if you now fear Me so much, then you shall not be able to love Me anymore? What shall I do if you now break off your friendship because I am the terrible almighty? Helenie, say unto Me whether you still like Me as much as before, when you took Me for just some holy Joseph or Peter?”

16. Says Helena, somewhat more at ease: “Oh my God and my Lord! Well, what a question! If it depends on my love for You, then You can in any case peer into my heart, and it shall be seen whether there is room in my heart for anyone else but You. I love only You, and hence You never need fear about my love for You. But I must well fear, since I am such a sinner!”

17. Say I: “Now, My dear Helena, now we shall soon be sorted out again! What if you tried to embrace and kiss Me again?”

18. Says Helena, rubbing her eyes and eventually saying with love-tremulous voice: “Hmm, that would be endlessly sweet of course! I like You endlessly of course, if only You were not so immensely holy and almighty!”

19. Say I: “Oh, that does not matter! Just do what your heart desires, and you shall convince yourself that My holiness and almight will not bite off the tip of your nose!”

20. Seeing Me so condescending before her, all fear leaves her. Falling upon My breast and kissing it, she says after a while: “God, oh God! This would be fine for course, if only I could remain so for dear eternity! But can it be that You, my God and Lord, can be so incomprehensibly self-effacing? No, this I would not have dared to even think upon Earth! You are so good, meek and nice! Whoever does not properly melt away with love for You is not human!”

21. Say I: “Well now, you see how we are now sorted out, and that pleases Me! But you too come along to the council table! There you shall sit next to Me, and among other things advise us what might have to be done about the bad world of the Earth?”

22. Says Helena: “No, no, that’s not possible! Me – and giving counsel!? No, that should be some wonderful advice!”

23. Say I: “Now, My dear Helenie, we shall not strictly demand it from you. If some clever thought crosses your mind, then tell Me. If you then don’t dare it, then I shall pass it on to the council members.”

24. Says Helena: “Oh my God and Lord! When one looks at You and hears You speak so plainly, then it doesn’t seem to us as if You were our most beloved Lord and God. Yet it is You, and this I see clearly now! But I am now also falling in love with You so fervently that I could burst for love! But You are not going to hold it against me, since I can’t help it? Why are You so kind, warm-hearted and so modest and easy-going?”

25. Say I: “Just be enamoured as much as you like, that suits Me fine! But were you ever-so much in love with Me, yet My love towards you is much stronger! But that does not matter either. For as God I have to be capable of stronger love than you – for the same reason I am also stronger than you in other ways, My dearest Helena!”

26. Says Helena: “I beg You, don’t be so good to me, or I shall perish for love of You!”

27. Say I: “Oh, don’t be troubled by that! For even if you should swoon a little, then I always have diverse strengtheners which shall raise you up again. Oh, don’t let that worry you! – But now it is time to move to the council table. Hence come along and seat yourself next to Me.”

28. Helena now follows Me modestly, turning red with embarrassment at the table, where the others also are now seating themselves. But after a while she gets used to this company, anxiously awaiting the first presentation.

Main Page From Hell to Heaven RBLUM-78 Chapter