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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 77 - Olaf’s intercession before the Lord. Testimony to Jesus’ Deity, and surrender to His will. Satiation of poor souls.

1. Some twenty of them at the side of Max Olaf come over to Me. Bowing down deeply, their leader says: “My Lord and most exalted friend. In response to your most gracious directive I have, as you see here, carried out from my heart a small recruitment for you!

2. One of them nonetheless did not want to come along, as certain persons closely acquainted with his earthly circumstances embarrassed him too much. But I don’t think him to be completely lost on account of that? For you yourself are the actual lord of this house, and whoever is allowed to enter it surely cannot be lost! In the world he was never a bad person, basically. His main problem was his flesh. And having unfortunately possessed a large amount of wealth, he also fell into a jumble of lusts that he proceeded to satisfy. I must confess that they do no honour to his spirit, but what can be done now? They have certainly been committed, and so I believe also that circumstances may still bring him reform and the required humility. But judging him and punishing him for it appears somewhat harsh!

3. These are by the way merely my own ideas, oh Lord, with which I do not in the least intend to anticipate you! For verily I say unto you: Oh Lord, oh friend, may it be in accordance with your will!”

4. Say I: “I say unto you however that your opinions are very good, and hence also most useful. But certain events will still have to take place with yonder spirit before he attains to true insight and betterment. Nor do I want to say much about his most unchaste earthly ways, although these are well-suited to deprive him of his eternal life. But this spirit is at the same time of a most stinking arrogance and full of destructive boisterousness! And behold, here the prospects are far worse than you would assume. There is certainly a proper counter-measure for the re-directing of sensuality. But little or nothing can be done against arrogance and boisterousness without inhibiting free will! But we shall see what can be done.

5. But what shall I do for those you brought with you? Tell me frankly!”

6. Says Max Olaf: “Lord, whatever you see fit to do from your unlimited goodness! Because your wisdom exceeds everything, your goodness knows no limits, and worlds turn into dust before your will!”

7. Say I: “But, dear friend, going by what you say, I am to you the highest Being! Tell Me where you got such an idea from? Do you not know that you cannot see God and live?”

8. “Says Max Olaf: “Lord, to this well-founded conclusion I came through Your holy divine Word! Because words like Yours, so full of truth, of the highest power, wisdom and love no created spirit’s tongue can utter! I am well aware that the Deity Itself in its innermost arch-primordial Being no one can see and live! But the Deity that spoke to Moses, after several hundred years taught in all its fullness through the Son of Man, Jesus. And this One said: ‘I and the Father are one. He who has seen Me has seen the Father.’ Since Jesus taught thus however and His disciples were allowed to see and hear Him without losing their lives, then truly, I cannot see why one should imagine God within an eternally inaccessible light! What’s more, it seems to me undeniable that You are the same Lord Jesus Who gave us this exalted doctrine Himself! And so I feel that I am at the right place with my unmistakable faith! And so I feel that the more I look at You with my heart and eyes, the less likely I am to lose my life, but rather win it increasingly!? Am I right or not?”

9. Say I: “I can see that you remain firm and unshakeable in your assertions. And so I have to initially let stand what is the highest in your opinion about Me. But you shall later become clear in what you could still be doubtful about. You are by the way assured of My love and friendship forever!

10. “Tell Me, are you not all hungry and thirsty?”

11. All say: “Oh, best heavenly friend, more so than it would take to perish from hunger and thirst on Earth! If we could fortify ourselves a little, how that would put new heart into us! Hence be so good and serve us with anything you are pleased to!”

12. I give a sign to Robert, Jellinek, Messenhauser and Becher to hand these poor ones bread and wine, which they do forthwith.

13. These recruits give thanks and praise a thousandfold as they eat and drink. When they were all sated and fortified whilst standing there, Max Olaf says: “Oh Lord, I now stand before You without any doubts – You are He, and eternally no one else! To You alone our worship, praise and love!”

14. These words are repeated by all those he brought along. Robert smiles happily at the bringing into line of these world-confounded souls. Doctor Becher and Messenhauser are thoroughly astounded that Max Olaf recognised the Deity in Jesus before they did. Our Helena, the Larkfield woman also falls down before Me.

Main Page From Hell to Heaven RBLUM-77 Chapter