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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 79 - The venerable council meeting. The Lord’s question: What shall become of the Earth? Adam, Noah, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob speak

1. After a while of general silence, Helena quietly asks Me: “Lord, who is going to start the discussion? Who is the man sitting so venerably next to me?”

2. I reply quietly: “My dearest, I shall Myself begin the discussion, as soon as all will be sufficiently at ease. The man sitting next to you is the Patriarch Adam, the way he lived on Earth about six thousand years ago, as the first created man. Next to him you see Noah and then Father Abraham, then Isaac and Jacob. Then you see two more – first Moses and then David. The twelve earnest looking men after them are the well known twelve disciples (including Matthew of Acts 1:26). Two more apostles stand behind them – the first one is Paul, and the one somewhat behind him is Judas, who betrayed Me. The others you know anyway. And so you know in what strange company you find yourself.

3. “What all those present at this council will be required to do shall become clear to you at the end of the discussions. But pay heed now! The company has settled down emotionally, and so I shall begin to speak at once. But you must not take fright when I shall sometimes speak somewhat sharply, and certain appearances pass us which of course shall not favourably impress. Then just hold fast unto Me and you shall be strengthened!”

4. Whereupon I turn to the assembly with the question: “My little ones! My friends! I, everyone’s true Father, God and Lord and Creator of infinity, ask you: how do you like the Earth now? What do you want Me to do with it?”

5. Says Adam: “Lord, You eternal love! The Earth never was worse than now, but neither was Your love ever greater than now! Do with it in accordance with Your love! For behold, the sea – the Earth’s far-seeing eye, has become blind. Put a mighty fire into it and let the mighty flame bring light to the abysses, to frighten all monsters and make them perish for ignominy, to be a reward for their black deeds! That is how I, the Earth’s first man, see it.”

6. Whereupon says Noah: “Lord, to Whom I have always prayed, keeping my faith and love for Him! When about four thousand years ago my brother Mahel developed a craving to look down from the holy heights to the depths to take a journey to Hanoch, where Drohut and Fungar-Hellan were striking terror into people’s hearts, and when a daughter of Mahal became queen of the lowlands – behold, You then called upon me and instructed me to build a mighty ark for save my family and many animals, which were driven into the ark from all parts of the Earth through Your power.

7. I did as You urged me, oh Lord. And the future taught me and my house how good it was that I had strictly obeyed Your instructions. At that time, mankind was bad and evil, fostering evil upon evil upon the Earth’s ground, dreadfully profaning the work of Your hands. Yet in those times things happened within a certain pre-determined, well defined order; and the lie, arrogance and satanically dictatorial drives did not inflate every mortal’s breast the way it is now upon Earth.

8. In those times people indeed were cruel too, and some deeds would hardly find their equal today. But people have now turned into hyenas and tigers, committing cruelties that make infinity shudder. In those times You sent terrible waters over mortals, drowning all doers of evil. What will You do now, oh Lord? – But I know the enormity of Your love. I also know that You regretted having drowned mankind in those days, for there were many children among them still suckling at their mothers’ breasts. Will You again repent having to purify, through a mighty fire, an Earth a thousand times filthier, to again make it worthy of receiving the treading of Your feet?”

9. Noah then falls silent, and the old father Abraham rises, asking for permission to speak. But I say unto him: “Speak, for it was you who received the promise, and it must be fulfilled!”

10. Says Abraham: “Lord, one or ten thousand years are before You like one day, because time and space went forth out of Yourself, but You placed Yourself above them. The most distant past and the most distant future are to You as the history of one day! Love is Your nature and loftiest goodness Your wisdom! Your feelings are as soft as wool, and gentle as spring’s evening breath is Your heart. All Your ways are called mercy, and Your leadings are the righteousness of Your heart.

11. “When I quarrelled with my brother about land portions in the land of Canaan, You probed my heart and found it capable of yielding. And behold, You prompted my soul and it spoke to Lot: Brother, choose freely; wide is the Earth’s land. Why should we therefore quarrel about its transitory possession? Let you depart or stay! If you go towards the evening then I head towards sunrise, so that peace and unity would reign between us and all who follow us. If however you want to stay, then incline your rod in the direction you want me to go, and I shall do according to your will. But here we can live together no longer, as you do not desire the ways of peace!

12. “And Lot seized my words and took them to heart, saying: Brother, I have chosen the evening; there I desire to go. It is however up to you whether you stay or go, either towards midnight or noon or morning! Whichever way you go however, do not forget Lot. – And we blessed one another and went our ways – he towards evening and I towards morning.

13. “But Lot’s people soon rose up mightily within their abundant pastures, building Sodom and Gomorrah, becoming progressively wilder. I sent messengers to Lot, but they accomplished nothing. Several were killed and those returning always brought the worst news. And behold, during that time You again probed my heart and found it righteous before You. And You sent messengers to me from the heights who briefed me on what Your intentions were with Sodom and Gomorrah. I however took fright, praying You to save the potentially righteous ones. Your eye however found none besides Lot. And behold, this one You saved, oh Lord! But Sodom and Gomorrah You had destroyed by fire from above!

14. “When however the two cities together with their people and cattle were buried in the quagmire, Your heart looked at the place and You felt sorry for the harsh judgement over Sodom and Gomorrah, and You made a covenant with me, promising fulfilment of Your great mercies.

15. “And You fulfilled everything as promised, up to the present. But Your promises extend endlessly beyond this point in time. Oh Lord! Remember now Your covenant with me, when all the nations of the Earth are in turmoil once again! You know Your children’s enemies and their avarice and unbending will! Do You not notice the many wolves, hyenas and tigers, and how they callously and shamelessly wallow in Your lambs innards, tearing them to pieces with fiery dragon’s teeth? Oh Lord! If You could punish Sodom and Gomorrah, then seize also the wolves, hyenas and tigers, slaughtering them as a sacrifice for all the wrongs they wrought upon Your children! But spare the blood of the righteous and the blood of our children!”

16. Whereupon Isaac rises, saying: “Oh Lord! I am the first leaf that began to show upon the great tree of life, in accord with the promise You mad to my father Abraham. Quite old and fully died out indeed it stood in those times, - the tree of life in the garden of love, even whilst the serpent and its brood fully filled all the pastures of the Earth! But You, oh Lord, looked at the complete withering of Your children’s tree of life, regenerating it root to crown, giving it a new driving force! And behold, I was the first living leaf upon this holy tree’s boughs.

17. “Abraham was overjoyed at the sight of this first hope-green leaf. But it pleased You, oh Lord, to dim his joy and test his faith. You commanded him to slaughter me and sacrifice me upon the burning pyre. This You did to show the serpent the strength of Your son Abraham’s faith! But after Abraham proved through his obedience the power of his faith, You led a he-goat through the mountain scrub, - a living image of Satan and his domineeringness. The scrub entangled at its rim the ram’s horns, which were a sign of his stubbornness, disobedience, arrogance and avid domineering drive. This ram my father then had to seize, slaughtering him and place in my stead on the burning sacrificial altar.

18. “Oh Lord, if You could at that time drive the ram of the world into the scrub, laying him on the burning altar, as a sign of proper repentance, then do so now again in all actuality! Because if the sacrificial ram was only a symbol in those times – the way I was a sign of Your advent into the world and the second Creation, through Your great act of Salvation – then this he-goat nevertheless has in all reality become so huge in the world that its horn now reach into Your heavens. Hence let You now erect a burning stake over the entire Earth! Seize this shameful animal that has utterly entangled itself n the thickest world scrub with its horn, and slaughter it, then casting it into the might fire of the great fire-altar!

19. “Oh Lord, hesitate no more, do not allow the green leaves of the tree of life to be devoured by this animal’s most sinful rapaciousness, but do as accords with your promise! For behold, the time is fully ripe and Your children now call out overloud: “Father, arise! Lift Your right hand! Take up the axe of Your righteousness and slaughter the animal that with its horns is already beginning to push up against the celestial bulwark. Amen!”

20. Says Jacob after that: “Oh Lord, You wrestled with me, not letting me continue upon my journey. And when I seized hold of You, You thrust me in the hip, causing me to limp for the rest of my life! But the thrust did not hurt me, as I wrestled with You out of love. Yet this thrust remained with all the children by descent, and these felt also the pain. And behold, this has now reached its peak. Oh free the children from the blow at last, and from its pain!

21. “Fourteen years did I serve for the heavenly Rachel, but You gave me the world-ugly Lea. I took her without grumbling. And yet another fourteen years had I to serve and suffer persecution for the celestial Rachel. Then You indeed gave her to me, but she had to be barren, so that I had to place another womb into hers to give life to my seed. Oh Lord, this was hard dealing on Your part.

22. “Let You therefore take back Your hardness at last! Take Lea’s fertility and give it to Rachel in full measure, that the Earth might be rid of the wicked serpentine brood, with only Rachel’s celestial children treading its ground. Oh let Joseph and Benjamin become real children from Rachel’s womb for once, and stop off Lea’s fountain!”

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