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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 226 - The Lord discussing Mass Sacrifices and eternal damnation.

1. Joseph continues: “Lord and best Father, will You tell me whether there is in fact anything to the so-called Mass-Sacrifices, there being no mention of them in holy Scripture; and in particular, where at some quiet spot some decent priest, faithful and well-intentioned, renders You, God the Lord, a truly devoted Mass Sacrifice?”

2. Say I: “Dearest friend, what can be worthless before Me if carried out conscientiously and in the proper sense? If I am ready to reward a hundred fold every cup of water you pass to one thirsty in My name- how much more shall I regard a truly noble hearted priest’s Mass Sacrifice with a well-pleased heart, blessing the priest and his sacrifice! I always look in the heart and never at the sacraments. Every exterior sacrament of whatever nature is, through a loving and righteous heart made gold before Me- not withstanding that there is nothing to the exterior form, which can have neither exterior nor interior worth.

3. I only once offered Myself to Him who is the holy Father from eternity within Me, and that was offered for all mankind. There subsequently is no further second similar sacrifice eternally. Nothing is accomplished through a Mass sacrifice, but much through a noble heart of him who performs it! For such is then truly blessed by Me, not as a sacrifice but as representation of My Earth life. Because there can be no new sacrifice, since same was validly accomplished for all time. Wherefore I reclaimed for the last time upon the Cross: ‘It is accomplished’. Whatever is accomplished for all time however cannot then be carried out again.

4. If however an upright preacher by training still opines that he performs a sacrifice during his Mass, similar to the one I fulfilled up on the Cross, then we shall ascribe no sin to it but say to him: ‘be forgiven, for thou knowest not what thou didst’ But those shall indeed be brought to account who summarily, decided the whole thing to themselves, saying: ‘the world wants to be deceived, so let it be deceived!’ for he who out of self-interest makes others believe what he himself laughs at is no preacher but truly a devil; his reward shall be that of feigned zeal! Have you properly understood this, My dear brother Joseph?”

5. Says Joseph: “Yes, my Lord and Father, how should I not have done so, since You made the thing so plain! Oh how I thank You for having instituted Your order just as I often imagined it in my lifetime upon Earth!

6. I lack only one more thing - enlightenment on the almost universal Christian Sects’ concept of a so-called everlasting punishment, is there such? If one receives an eternal reward for an honest and righteous life-style upon Earth, thus one can also assume, that there exists an eternal punishment. For if here in the kingdom of spirits there is an eternal reward for a brief noble deed, there must also be an everlasting condition of punishment for a brief evil deed. I find this assumption quite logical."

7. Say I: "You think so but not I, because I could have only kept one purpose in mind for everything created. Being life eternal Myself, how could I have created beings for eternal death! Hence a so-called punishment can only be a means for attaining the major purpose, but never for a hostile counter-purpose. Therefore, there can be no talk of an everlasting punishment ever."

8. Says Joseph: "Lord, eternal thanks, love and honour to You; now I fully grasp this! Yet there is, in Holy Scripture, clearly written about a fire that never goes out, and of a worm that never dies! It is also written: ‘Depart from Me, ye accursed, to the eternal fire, prepared for the devil and his servants!’ Indeed, Lord, I am aware of many passages where hell is most vividly mentioned. If however there is no eternal punishment and it is even up to the prisoner himself how long he stays there - then I altogether fail to see how there can be talk of eternal fire in Scripture!"

9. Say I: "Dearest friend, there is indeed mention of an eternal death, which is an everlastingly solid judgement that proceeds from My eternal order. This however is the so-called wrath or rather zeal-fire of My will which has of course to remain unalterable for eternity, or there would be a full end to all creation.

10. Whoever allows himself to be enraptured by the world and its matter (which, surely, has to remain under judgement, or it would not be ‘world’) is of course lost and is to be regarded as dead for as long as one cannot separate himself from it. There has to be an eternal judgement, an eternal fire and an eternal death because of the created ones, but this does not mean that a captive spirit has to remain captive for the entire course of the duration of the judgment - just as on earth, if you build a solid prison, should then the prisoners therefore also be condemned for as long as the prison exists.

11. Are not prison and imprisonment two separate things? The prison certainly stays forever, and the fire of My zeal must never go out; but the prisoners remain in prison only until they have reformed and bettered themselves.

12. There is, by the way, in Scripture nowhere the slightest mention of complete rejection of a spirit, but only eternal damnation of non-order – in view of My eternal order, which is essential, or nothing could endure. Vice, as counter-order, is indeed everlastingly condemned, but the sinner only for as long as he remains within sin! So there also exists in truth an eternal hell, but no spirit is condemned to hell for all eternity, but only until his betterment! – I did indeed say to the Pharisees: 'For that you shall receive a much longer damnation!', but never 'for that you shall be condemned forever!' Do you now understand your seemingly threatening Scriptural passages?."

Main Page From Hell to Heaven RBLUM-226 Chapter