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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 225 - The Church dean’s schemes. The Lord about awakening of faith. Defeat as medicine for arrogance

1. Shortly we hear organ tones - and the melody of the so-called TedeumLaudamus. Asks Joseph: “Lord, best holy Father, what is this about? Which God do Your obvious adversaries praise, for this could surely not apply to Yourself!”

2. Say I: “Dear brother, do you think that these were ever concerned about a God? This hymn of praise is part of their void sacraments and has no worth for them other than to bring them money. But in this particular case it is scaremongering, to affect the retreat of us imaginary devils, with the notion that foolish devils let themselves be chased away by affected piety. Most parsons actually think nothing of them but bring them on, to broaden stupidity further. Hence such pious tones are to cause our immediate escape!”

3. Says Joseph: “Not bad, but can we not return the compliment and make them throw up with fear? Maybe it would bring on a new attitude.”

4. Say I: “This cannot be for two main reasons: firstly not to disturb their free will because a bound spirit cannot contribute to his reformation, being more or less dead. Secondly these spirits, who believe in no miracles whatever, could not be brought faith with an ever-so telling miracle. These would regard the greatest wonders the way the Scribes and Pharisees regarded them in My time upon Earth.

5. At my death, the Temple curtain was rent in two from top to bottom whilst the Ark of the Covenant disappeared, never to be found again. Sun

6. and Moon lost their light, graves opened and the dead came forth to honour My name. Many pagans beat their breasts, proclaiming: ‘this truly was a god’, thereafter firmly believing in My name. But the priests and Scribes became still harder, and most determinedly persecuted My students and doctrine. One can surely not do more than awaken a Lazarus, already festering in his grave four days, from declared death, returning him to his own, fresh and well. What kind of effect did this deed have on the Priests, Scribes and Pharisees? Only to consult on how to bump Me off the world! From this you see how little effect an ever-so obvious wonder would have on these beings, who sometimes are worse than the Jewish priests at Jerusalem. A good, truthful talk still remains the best means for setting them upon a better course, although not much can be expected from these presently!”

7. Says Joseph: “True; not much shall be possible with these, but I am curious to what these fellows will do now!” Say I: “Watch where the infernal jaw is still glowing with artificial heat; a sudden new twist shall be given this hellish spectacle. But let it not offend you, because annoyance on our part would give them a sense of triumph. We shall serve them up such trouble by returning them their anger, exposing their impotence.

8. Nothing will more humble an arrogant spirit than foreclosing upon all his plans and preventing a single success. That’s how we shall proceed with these parsons, as with all the proud of the Earth; you will see how effective this cure shall turn out to be! Hence no anger at them, dear friend and brother.

9. Says Joseph: “I see You are only too right in every aspect, although it takes something not to get angry. Short of Your filling someone’s heart with meekness, a person can try ever-so hard to avoid anger at watching these beings coming up with such ignominious things. Did not these parsons upon Earth come up to Me hundreds of times with their litigations and submissions and petitions, with their selfish reasons being sufficiently obnoxious for me to wishing them shot. And getting behind these things brought enough anger for turning blue in the face! But over here this has a far more annoying effect, when seeing their basest motivations in all their actions.

10. They feign piousness to gain their sheep’s trust, walking barefoot to pretend humility. In public they pray with reverent faces to get their believers’ goldmines working, and during Mass they bow their obeisant heads down to the ground to display unlimited awe at God’s altar, believing not a thing themselves but attracting men’s sacrifices. Because the blind sheep think that such Mass read with so much reverence, must take care of all evil upon the Earth.

11. Oh Lord, the sheer number of such things with this ogre caste causes one endless rage! What can be done: just watch for a while and then heave into it like a thunderstorm when it goes over the top. We should indeed not take offence and thereby withhold them victory, but my stomach turns at the sight of just one of them. Lord, I can’t guarantee anything if you don’t hold me back.

12. O, ho, hell has vanished, and we suddenly stand in midst of Stephen’s Cathedral, whose appearance has not changed since my lifetime. Now the red-coated church-servants are coming, lighting all the candles and clearing the altar. They might try to clear us out with sacraments – it’s getting quite comical; what do you friend Migazzi make of it?”

13. Says Migazzi: “What other than utmost stupidity! But they can’t annoy me but make me laugh aplenty! For no man can be upset if these most bigoted Roman knuckleheads avoid being healed even as spirits. Let us leave all to our dear good Lord and Father and be of good cheer, leaving these beings to do as they like; it is bound to be their best cure, since we two won’t reform them.”

14. Says Joseph: “You are right indeed, for all is wasted with these, and they are not likely to ever change. But discharging my anger by rattling off their main tricks before the Lord puts me at ease. And upon these rogues shall be fulfilled what the Lord once spoke about them in the world ‘what you perpetrated secretly shall be proclaimed from the roof-tops! ’ They are consulting phantom like, and I can dig up some more until they finish.”

Main Page From Hell to Heaven RBLUM-225 Chapter