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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 224 - The Romans’ impotent rage, mercilessness, greed and deceptions. The ‘heresy-emperor’s words of thunder

1. Now that ridiculed I-ah I-ah crier steps back; all the others bow down low before him, saying: “Highly worthy apostolic Nuncio of the holy Father of Rome, will you hesitate with these heretics? Curse and drive them all to hell without grace or pardon!”

2. Says yonder crier with screeching tone: “I have done so already, but the devils are dreadfully stubborn and will not do as I command them, even laughing me to scorn! Nor do they fear our lightning and thunder, nor our hell, even watching these dreadful things dispassionately as if there was nothing to them! Oh, these indeed are tough and incoercible devils!

3. Yet they have fished out one from among us! Poor fellow, now you are lost forever! Even if you were to resist for a while you would still have to go in with your mates forever, without grace! Yes, they shall all have to go in - no more grace or mercy!”

4. Here emperor Joseph steps up, saying: “Listen, my worthy ones would it not suffice if you throw us into purgatory for only a few Earth Days? Because it is heartless of you to at once condemn us to hell, from which there is supposed to be no escape eternally; hence show us grace and mercy! Consider the indescribable pain this hell fire would cause a poor devil, although a poor soul does not fare much better in purgatory; but there is at least hope of salvation from there. Hence show us mercy, and free us from hell!”

5. All shout: “Nothing doing, you accursed! In with you, to lowermost hell, where even diamonds melt. No mercy from us for devils; we shall teach you to deride the holy Roman Church, the only one capable of blessing! Hence in with you!” Says Joseph: “What if we pay ten thousand most powerful, so called hundred-ducat Masses - will that do nothing for release from hell?” They cry: “Far too little to be freed from hell! From that you would have to have ten times that many Papal Masses read to make any difference, for we know what it takes to free a devil from hell!”

6. Says Joseph: What in that case would we need to do to qualify for such reading of Mass? Stay here maybe?” All shout “stupid devil; if you were to remain here, how could we liberate you from hell? To be saved from hell you first have to be in it! Hence pay for the one hundred thousand most dynamic Papal Masses first and then hasten to hell or you cannot be saved!”

7. Says Joseph: “But how long is it going to take to read Mass one hundred thousand times?!” Shout the parsons: “Only three such most holy Masses can be read in one year, and that by the holy Father himself; only he has the right and authority. So work it out yourselves how long this can take: no way under thirty thousand years! Hell is and remains hell, and whoever is in it does not get out too easily again!”

8. Says Joseph: “Well, I am now in the clear about you, but I am still curious about why there is such immense power in Papal Moses? Should it not be assumed that the worthiness of Mass makes it equal to any other?” “ Says the previous braying parson: “It is as follows: with reading of Mass by ordinary clergy, only the Son of God offers Himself to His heavenly Father for the souls in purgatory and for repentant sinners upon Earth. But during Papal Mass the entire most holy Trinity enter into the host! Therein lays the immense power of a Papal Mass, during which only archangels are allowed to minister, after being chosen by the most blessed Virgin Mary, for such service! That is it; has Mr. Emperor understood me?!”

9. Says Joseph: “Now fully, and I would still ask why in that case is the Pope not allowed to read more than three Masses, since he in any case only assists, whereas it is a Cardinal or an Archbishop elevated to Cardinalship that actually reads the Mass?” Says the Nuncio: “What a despicably heretic question! Will Mr. Emperor note: the Pope can read only three Masses per year because only thus can the most holy Trinity be represented vividly for all times upon Earth, in the only Church capable of blessing. The reason however why the Pope does not himself read the most holy Mass but only pontificates for its duration is because he is Jesus Christ’s representative on Earth, serving everybody and not allowed to let himself be served. Surely you will now understand?!”

10. Says Joseph: “Indeed, now I know exactly what to think of the Papacy!”

11. Says the Nuncio: “Well and what does one think of the Pope?” Says Joseph: “Nothing other than that he is the most perfect Anti-Christ, and all of you his most faithful servants! For were you real Christians you would surely have recognized Christ the Lord, Who is standing next to me. But since you are all perfect anti-Christians in full measure, you condemn us to hell together with Christ Himself, when in fact you yourselves have for a long time found yourselves in it skin and all.

12. Oh you miserable villains; the Christ you honour and seek is called gold and silver! The real One however Who stretched out His divine arms for all mankind, forgiving all His enemies and asking the Father within Him to forgive them, has become an abomination for you to the extent that, calling yourselves most brazenly His servants and murdering all Who adhere to Him rather than yourselves, in the end even condemning them to lowermost hell without much ado! Oh you serpents and generation of vipers, what devil has begotten you! Of a truth, if He were not of an endless patience, gentleness and love, then which hell was too dreadful to receive you!

13. I will not and must not be your judge; may the Lord do unto you in accordance with your most shameful merit! Were I to judge you however, then I loudly proclaim in God’s presence; I would bring down a punishment upon your necks that would astonish all of infinity! By Your most holy name, oh Lord, You know how I have always shone all patience and forbearance to my brother subjects; but this hellish brood makes me shudder, cutting off all my patience and clemency!

14. Already upon Earth I got to know these rapacious wolves in sheep’s’ clothing and their clandestine carryings on as in lowermost hell. Upon Earth however and after being put in their place, such parsons still exhibited a trifle of patience; but over here this brood show themselves in the true colours and are dreadful to watch and hear. Lord, Your will be done; my patience is at an end!”

15. Say I: “Calm down, My brother, and take no offence; for behold, this all has to come, otherwise Daniel and Isaiah would be liars. These have prophesied of them, and their prophecy must be fulfilled! You shall in days to come understand why this came about and had to do so! But continue to watch, because another episode shall shortly emerge that will be instructive for you! But you must not take further offence!

16. In response to Joseph’s forceful words, the parsons retreated to their corner, to consult on how to serve us up revenge for the imagined heinousness committed upon them, and on how they would effectively get us into their imagined hell.

Main Page From Hell to Heaven RBLUM-224 Chapter