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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 223 - Migazzi’s colleagues and the foolish president. Migazzi’s confession before the Lord. His assessment of Rome. The Bishops’ response

1. About one hundred skeletal types with tattered vespers and squashed Bishops’ caps at once burst forth from every nook screaming blue murder. One with a rather donkeyish face, their president, with a swollen head (the most stupid -this not bothering them as they traditionally elect the most stupid; to give them even more unlimited scope,) bounds over to Migazzi with such grave expression, as to make the Lord’s entire company burst out laughing, making his face look still more insane.

2. Opening his mouth wide, he tries hard to let go of a characteristically Roman-apostolic imprecation. But I knock his intention over the head, and as the president he is only able to emit a hoarse I-ah I-ahI-ah, making Helena and Robert almost burst. Even Peter, Paul and John cannot fully hold back their laughter, and the Monarchs also give full – throated laughter, whilst Joseph remarks that he had never seen a more comical face than this furious president’s.

3. Robert says to Me: “Lord, I don’t know how I came to fear entering this tomb so much, having to nearly burst now with laughter at this endlessly stupid physiognomy and typical donkey- braying! But one cannot imagine a more striking reminder: how mightily did Rome scream with rage in Luther’s time, and at the New Catholics! But the yelling never departs from donkey-braying, and this president is a remarkably authentic picture of the Papacy!”

4. Say I: “This shall also be the end-result of the current Papacy’s strivings: people shall begin to properly satirize the “Servants”, and the greater their fury, the more shall they be laughed at until their rage consumes them. What you see here on a small scale shall be happening on a large one! Balaam’s servants shall try everything, including magic, yelling and braying like these here, but the people shall be uplifted like our company at this I-ah I-ah donkey, and this humiliation shall be the best cure for those fools.

5. You shall nevertheless soon see why you were so fearful. Soon this parson’s interior shall be on display and you shall be astonished at these beings’ state-of-the-art deceptions. But I shall motivate the spectators towards booing at the botched comedy, and this will bring good results.”

6. Here Migazzi steps up to Me, saying: “Lord Jesus, You truly are He! Only now do I fully recognize You! All honour to You, alone forever!” – But I grasp his hand, saying: “Brother, be perfect!” – Migazzi at once takes on a really good and healthy appearance.

7. Migazzi now feels sprightly and strong, his vision brightening, with only his tattered Bishop’s frock visibly embarrassing him. Looking at it for a while, he says to Me with affection and firm trust: “Lord Jesus, truest God, Son of Your eternal Father: since You have shown me such undeserving grace in Your holy name and have saved me from the slough of perdition, please liberate me also from the rest, which causes me offensive sight and smell! Deliver me from this robe of arrogance and deception wrapped around me and give me a beggar’s outfit, and I shall feel blessed therein!”

8. Say I: “Dear brother, this raiment was indeed one of haughtiness for him who wore it arrogantly and with ulterior motives, but you wore it only on account of prescribed Roman Catholic liturgy. For you it was therefore a raiment of honour and not, as you think, contempt.

9. But not everything about the Roman woman (Vatican Papacy/Catholic Church) is bad! Abomination is only what she avails herself of means that are of a purely hellish nature- for the sake of Mammon, such as: false miracles, false medicines, indulgences, relics and images, amulets, ‘holistic’ magic wands, blind ceremonies, places of pilgrimage, church treasure for vain church luxury, high office and positions, broadest dictatorial tendency and stubborn self-righteousness. I don’t intend saying much about their Mass sacrifices, their ear-confessions, Temples, bells and organs, worthy works of art, sacredness of houses of prayer and funeral services for the departed, if used in a pure, and worthy sense - all this is not unfit for uplifting and ennobling the human mind. The use of these, in themselves pure things by the Roman woman, to confound the human heart and make it believe that the scrupulous use of all this is conducive towards achieving life in Heaven, and obtaining of My grace only therewith however is wicked. Therewith I am presented to the children as a tyrant who is indeed feared by stupidity but never loved. The intellectual and worldly-minded then begin to be ashamed of Me, not wanting to hear anything further of a Saviour as presented by the Roman woman, throwing out the child with the bathwater. This the Roman Church achieves through its high-handed teachings, rules, concessions and privileges which it makes out to receive from Myself all kinds of tolerated and preached superstition. That is actually how it is destroying itself and has done so already.

10. All this therefore lies not in the garments worn, but their misuse. Hence hang onto your raiment! Once we shall have shortly left this Vienna and spiritually visit another spot along the way, your garment shall in any case have transformed itself into another!” Migazzi is satisfied therewith, thanking Me profusely for this comforting instruction.

11. Simultaneously a piercing screaming resounds from the dark corners: ‘Out with these heretics, these atheists, these everlasting accursed! Migazzi is close to swooning, saying shakingly: “But, oh Lord, can You listen to these and not annihilate them with fire and brimstone? For your holy name’s sake, what shall come of this?”

12. Say I: “Nothing! My ways are not human ways which would at once destroy all with fire and brimstone! Look at the kind of spirits the Earth carries, and yet I let the sun rise and fall each day, lighting and heating the Earth at every point according to natural need. Behold, the greatest power lies in patience and love! He who does not lose sight of these shall achieve great things! And so we too must have patience and love for everything weak, and our efforts shall yield best results. Let them yell, they will stop when they have enough. Hence neither fear nor anger!”

13. At that moment, powerful lightning and thunder occur in the background, huge glowing serpents start crawling from sundry places, writhing furiously. Fiery skeletons start rattling, and owls and flying foxes are not left out. And a dreadful, vast jaw can be seen with immense, almost white-hot teeth, smoke and flames shooting forth from the jaw. And upon the brow of this infernal dragon, glowing red writing reads: ‘I am the eternal hell dragon, to swallow all rampant heretics! I shall eternally devour all who don’t take notice of the Church with its exclusive blessing and who laugh at its holy commandments’.

14. Just the inscription itself draws roaring laughter. Even the previously overawed Helena says: “this scene would create a sensation even at the monkey theatre. Does not the Stephan Cathedral stand on lovely foundations? Had I harboured even the least suspicion of all that in the world, I would have been the first to pay such Temple a visit with a burner! Just look at these fellows- what lengths they will go to drive poor and feeble spirits into their avaricious and domineering nets! Ugh- here their horde comes in their Archbishopric regalia and with their crowd of domestic staff; wonder what they are up to?” Say I: “Fear not, My daughter, just listen and watch!”

Main Page From Hell to Heaven RBLUM-223 Chapter