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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 227 - The Lord’s explanation of the unbridgeable abyss, and the forgiving of mortal sin.

1. Says Joseph: “Oh Lord, this I have once again understood completely, but there is another small item in Scripture I don’t fully understand, and that is the unbridgeable abyss in the parable of the rich glutton, whom You have placed in hell before the eyes of the world. If there is an unbridgeable gap between those who find themselves in Abraham’s lap in heaven and those of a terrible fate in hell, then how shall redemption from hell be possible? And other Scriptural passages also testify that salvation from hell shall hardly ever be possible for sinners against the Holy Spirit, with either very little or no forgiveness, and that out of Your very own mouth, oh Lord! What therefore is to be made of all this?”

2. Say I: “That which worldly lawyers say: ‘he who desires something can suffer no injustice! ‘ The unbridgeable abyss however consists in the unbridgeable difference between My freest order in the heavens and the infernal disorder opposing same in every aspect. Hence this text denotes only its irreconcilability and not the door-lock on someone found within same.

3. But it stands to reason that he who himself becomes fully hell through his voluntary abandonment of My freest order for the necessarily judged anti-order will not get out of hell too soon. It is known only too well how hard it is for a wickedly proud and all-domineering arrogance to attain to the gentleness and humility of heaven. It is not an impossibility, but a great difficulty. You shall in future have many an occasion of finding out how hard it is to be completely lift someone out of hell. The proud always relapses to arrogance, the unchaste to unchastity, the lazy to lethargy, the jealous to jealousy and envy, the miser to meanness, the liar to the lie, the robber to robbery, the murderer to murder, the callous to recklessness. Even where their natures are rebuked a thousand times they keep reverting back to the same vices as soon as given the full freedom necessary for eternally free life. And the more they suffer a relapse the feebler they become and the harder it is for them to rise above their wicked sins in order to go over to My divine freedom as purified spirits.

4. But keep in mind that much of what is impossible to human spirits is still quite possible to Me, because all things are possible to Me!”

5. Says Joseph: “Well, my holy Father, now those Scriptural passages which I believed upon Earth are clear to me. But they never left me with a pleasant impression, notwithstanding that as emperor I had to be scrupulously just, not exercising mercy with hardened sinners.

6. It was however notable that I did not tolerate harsh judges. Those of my judiciary who were too severe with sinners were out of my favour. But those who judged sinners by impressing the gravity of their transgression upon them but then showed grace to the contrite in my name, handing down only milder and lighter reformation sentences, found me a sure friend.

7. It was likewise when reading the Gospel, going through the verses about the Prodigal, about the good Shepherd, about the adulteress in the Temple before Thee; when hearing You call Zacchaeus down from the tree; when hearing the justified tax-collector in the Temple, or your exchange of holy words with the Samaritan woman at Jacob’s well, occasions on which I could not hold back tears. And then- those emotions Your words upon the cross called forth: ‘forgive them Father, for they know not what they do’. But my feelings were sadly impressed whenever You severely consigned a sinner to hell, even if justly. I certainly saw the justice of God’s rule therein, yet One confronted by impotent beings who had to bear up to the power of their Creator and Judge.

8. I indeed forced my heart to love this almighty God with all my strength, but to my embarrassment must confess that my heart was unreceptive to such love. With such self-flagellation I became a Freemason, in order to gain deeper comprehension of God. I gained much indeed, reading profusely about pure love for and in God. Yet the inexorable Judge would not sink, nor hell be extinguished.

9. I also contemplated deeply how, out of love for mankind, You suffered so much to make them happy and how this entitled you to be merciless with persisting sinners, punishing their sins implacably. Yet my foolish heart hesitated to fully embrace You with love.

Main Page From Hell to Heaven RBLUM-227 Chapter