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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 270 - Hosts of dim monk spirits. Disputations about the Trinity

1. Mary at my side asks what all these black beings might be; I say unto her: “Do you not know that it is written: ‘where there is a carcass the eagles gather! ’ These do not seek in Me what you sought. They do actually know that I am here, but for them I am not what I am for you, but the opposite! To them I am an anti-Christ, a chief of all heretics, wherefore they seek to surround and if it were possible totally destroy Me. For them, I would be a tasty ass to fill their evil stomach of wrath and tyranny.

2. But their accommodation has been arranged; look upwards and you will see mighty hosts who are angels of peace. These shall catch the black brood, gag and bind them and cool their rage substantially. Oh that is a wicked and obstinate gang who have to be silenced properly. It will be several centuries before it starts dawning under their roof. Do not fear however as they cannot come near us.

3. Says Mary: “Oh Lord, their numbers are multiplying by the minute; the firmament is darkening and no trace left of the sun, yet they rise from all sides like threatening thunder clouds. One can hardly make out one single figure; how many of them are there?

4. Say I: “There is no question of large numbers but not over seventy thousand. Above them stand over a million peace spirits who will have dealt with this rabble in a few Earth days. They can of course accomplish this in a moment, but must not for order’s sake restrict any spirit due to free will.

5. Many of them are of superior nature, but were so-to-speak drawn along with the torrent. It is on account of these not too wicked ones, still suitable for some counselling, that the malicious majority must not be captured at once but gradually. Hence it shall take a few days, visible to Earth people as clouds, snow and rain. The most evil ones shall of course be seized almost instantly, whilst the less evil ones shall be processed more gradually.

6. Look towards mid-day there; three representatives are heading our way three old Carmelite monks; we shall see what they want. But note well; no one besides I Myself and Paul, John and Peter standing here by my side, are to trade words with them, for none of you are strong enough to stand your ground before these. It would be easier for you to bear up to Satan, because he has already been humbled bitterly many a time but not these. They shall grandstand cleverly, but we hold the handle for their pick axe. They are nearly here, and it means focusing yourselves.”

7. That moment the three stand cheekily before Me, jeeringly asking who I am. I respond: “I am exactly what you are not, but My turn is to ask you who you are, and what you so cheekily look for and want here?” Say the three: “We are here to investigate what religion you and your scum are; and so we ask whether you believe in a triune God, and his only, holy apostolic catholic church and its head, the roman pope?”

8. Say I: “What is that – the triune God?” Say the three “If you don’t know that then that’s the end of you already! Don’t you know that God consists of three Persons, namely Father, son and the holy spirit proceeding from both of them?” Say I: “That I know indeed, exactly the opposite, as the truth. We maintain what is actual: that God is one person, which person however consists of three within Himself – so to say!” Scream the three: “Heretic – Heretic – heretic!”

9. Say I: “Why should this be heresy? Man himself, created in God’s image, himself is such trinity in one and the same person: does he not have a body as outer form, a soul which enlivens this organism and finally, a divine spirit within the soul which gives the soul its intellect, its will and all power. Would you not think it crassest nonsense if three people came your way insisting upon life and death that they are only one person? And that in spite of the fact that each is performing a function in accordance with their talents, of which the other two have no knowledge, nor capacity of acting same out. But if you would have to find such assertion on the part of feeble minded people extremely stupid, how would you then ascribe such crass idiocy to the endlessly wise Deity? Would not even the animal kingdom laugh at you if you were to encumber the deity itself with insanity by word and doctrine?

10. How is it that you teach ‘God is the highest wisdom’ but to yourselves thickest foolishness, making an absurdity out of the deity to put off all thinking persons.

11. What then are you; I ask, if you present the deity to your co-religionists in this way? Behold, in this way you are the very worst atheists, because whoever preaches with fire and sword a God that does not and cannot exist, preventing millions from gaining the right concept of God, such is no servant in God’s vineyard. He is lazy servant of Satan, who helps him to ruin the young crops and helps prepare stubble fields and deserts upon which grow only thorns and thistles.

12. Which one of you has ever seen or conversed with God? Which one of you can say with clear conscience that he has been taught of God? You have indeed read the word of God but distorted it, making out of same whatever pleased you and was suitable for your insatiable money bags and that is now your night! Judas betrayed the Lord only once, because he allowed himself to be subjugated by Satan, and the latter took over his body and killed him. But I ask you: what great holy man is not Judas compared to yourselves, who betray God before the world a hundred times every day? Judas, who betrayed Me only once you put in hell, even though he soon thereafter burned with remorse. Where then shall I put you million fold betrayers of God! You called me a heretic: who then are you million fold betrayers and destroyers of God? What do you want here?”

13. The three are alarmed and none can help the other. Looking Me over from head to toe, not knowing what to make of Me, My words seeming like fiery arrows, they recognise the profound wisdom.

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