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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 271 - The three servants awaken. Three more doctors of theology given tough lecture and test

1. At that point three further spirits come up asking the spokesmen what is taking them so long.

2. Say the first three: “We listened to this Man in front of us; His words hit our hearts like fiery arrows and we recognise the truth in Him. You can do as you will but we shall stay with this truth.” Asked the other three: “What does that truth sound like?” Say the first three: “Here stands the one who spoke truthfully; it’s not up to us to tell you – ask Him.”

3. The three newly arrived turn to Me, asking: “What is the truth that so impressed our three brethren?” Say I: “It says in Scripture: “‘Now is the judgment of this world; now shall the prince of this world be cast out!” (Jn 12:31) Do you understand these words?”

4. Say the three: “What more do we have to do with the princes of the world? We are spirits and have nothing further to do with the foolish world. We don’t care whether a thousand princes are judged every day; we need to deal with them only if they come to our kingdom. We wanted to hear only the truth that You spoke to our brethren. We know plenty of Bible texts and understand them, being doctors of theology.”

5. Say I: “Were you to understand scripture according to truth, you would recognise Me for I Myself am truth and the life out of truth. But since there is no truth in you, you don’t recognise Me either and hence would not grasp what I revealed to you. You yourselves are of the prince of the world – the father of the lie, deception and arrogance. It is over this prince and all those of his house that judgment has come and shall continue to do so. Wherefore everyone who in his heart serves the world is in its judgment, and shall be cast into uttermost darkness.

6. Hence depart from Me, you children of the world, and seek the god whom you have served with body, soul and spirit! For to Me you are strangers and I never knew you. You served mammon; you never prayed even three words out of inner love towards God. Every paternoster, every funeral as a last service for a brother had to be paid you dearly. And every Mass that you regarded as service well-pleasing to God impeding such upon one and all with fire and sword, had to be paid by category as well, and dearly. Wherefore you have long since taken your reward and hence have nothing further to await here! Hence take your leave! My time for this world is running out, for it does not heed My voice and My servants have become a burden and a thorn in its eye.

7. Oh you my poor brethren upon the Earth, wail not; the time of your and My jubilation has come. Henceforth you too shall become rich in everything upon Earth, but poor the hard-hearted rich, and when they wail loudly I shall not hear them, and when they come to My servants, these shall close their doors, through which none shall then gain admission; for the door to My servant’s house is also the portal to my kingdom!

8. Verily I say unto you: they shall keep the doors open to strangers but close them to the natives! You are the natives and the door shall not be opened to you, for you have always concerned yourselves with what is the world’s; the kingdom of God was nothing to you. Great financial capital have you amassed, and when your stocks and interest did not work out to your plans then you screamed blue murder and discontinued your slender charities for the poor, preaching penitence and exhorting the believers to rich sacrifices, overwhelming your poor debtors believers with restraints.

9. Wherefore your care was only for the world; same shall therefore give you your reward, for which you strove over there. The world’s judgment shall indeed also be yours! The reward that the entire world shall shortly reap, and those still living on Earth shall reap with you, be they clergymen or secular. He who strove after moths and worms shall also look to his reward in moths and worms. He who cared only for his own earthly children gnaw at the starvelings’ table. Verily, he who did not zealously care for My poor brothers and sisters has already received his reward and need not expect one from Me. You there are of such ilk, and hence have nothing further to receive from Me: depart from me, for I know you not!”

10. Say the three: “Who do you think you are, speaking to us in such imperiously manner, as if you were the Lord himself! Look up there: you are surrounded by millions throughout space. It only requires our sign and you are an instant prisoner.”

11. Say the first three nervously: “You three blind fools, do you not see that this is the Lord of heaven and Earth Himself who has unfortunately dismissed you? How will you threaten the almighty! You miserable Fools, what will you do? Are you not one and all in His almighty hands?! His thought is your existence! If in His thoughts He drops you, who will assist you? The moment He lets you fall, you exist no more! Oh you fools; He who with His gentlest breath commands countless myriads of worlds and angels is all in all! He is the primeval power of all powers, the arch strength of all strength of all strengths and you dare to denounce a threat in His presence instead of at once falling on your knees before Him, saying with most remorseful and contrite hearts:

12. Oh Lord, soften Your rightful wrath against us and show us poor sinners grace and mercy! Upon Earth we did much evil; forgive us, for we were fully blind. But now that we gained insight and realize it, we can but turn to Your gentleness, grace and mercy. Now withstanding that we were most merciless towards all our brethren, be Thou nevertheless more merciful towards us, for You oh Lord know how foolish and blind we were! Behold, so should you speak, instead of threatening the almighty to His face! Who shall hold Him to account if He condemns you to hell a thousand fold?”

13. Here the second three fall down trembling before Me, starting to wail miserably and begging for grace and mercy. But I say unto them: “Arise, for it is not fitting that devils should wail and pray from loveless hearts. Had you been doing this from love instead of fear, help would not be long in coming. But because you are driven to it only from fear of punishment, your wailing has no value before Me. He who does not find his way to Me through love does not come unto Me, had he the wisdom of angels!

14. But go to your flock and tell them what you heard and saw, and I shall give you your reward as earned according to such new work. But this I say unto you: since there are many in your flock who had much to do with women, living with them, if such should say ‘wait, I shall first consult my wife’ him do not let come unto you! For he who cannot leave his wife for My name’s sake is eternally not worthy of Me! And he who says: ‘give me time to discuss it with my friends’, him receive not either, for he to whom friends are more than I and him who I send, he too is not worthy of Me. Hence go now! Your wages shall be in accordance with your harvest for Me!”

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