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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 64 - The dramatist reprimanded by Robert. The good-hearted heroine encourages him in vain.

1. The dramatist leaves the heroine, moving over to Robert, to respectfully inform him what kind of smutty beings are fouling up his illustrious house in the spirit kingdom; could he direct such beings elsewhere?!

2. Says Robert: “My esteemed friend, this won’t do over here! You see, upon Earth we tried to achieve nothing less than equal rights for all people. What was not achievable upon Earth however now offers itself here in full measure. And this is a veritable gift from the Most High – Ruler of all heavens and worlds. If therefore you want to be truly happy under God’s most liberal constitution then never overestimate your human worth. Consider that all the people you see here have the same God as their Creator and Father. In that way you shall truly love these people and in return find their love, which here affects the happiness of all. That way you shall not have to resort to judgements of honour, and your own heart shall provide you the best justification in the hearts of your brothers and sisters! – You have to incidentally not concern yourself about whether my house is polluted by these poor beings or not; this has been taken care of! – I also have to frankly tell you that I like yonder heroine better than yourself! She is as she is – a Viennese, and has a good heart. You however are a retired court philosopher who will only be addressed as ‘Your Excellency’, without considering that over here we all are brothers and sisters! Ask yourself who should be more dear to me over here – you or that Viennese in her genuineness?”

3. The dramatist bows down before Robert, saying: “If this is the type of language used here with men of honour, then I beg to take the liberty of being allowed out in the open; because it stinks in here of vulgarity and rabble!”

4. Says Robert: “My friend, nowhere in this house is there a prison or shackle, - other than love! If you don’t wish to put up with that, then you are as free to leave as you were to come in! I will but add that it may become somewhat difficult for you to desire re-entering this house of love, for it could easily happen that you lose sight of it upon your first step outside. – Now you know where you stand, and it is up to you what you intend doing.”

5. The dramatist is taken aback, not knowing what to do. – But our heroine rushes up, saying: “Come on! Do you have to be so conceited! Look, I’m already easy, just was a bit cross that you were going to credit our dear God with no grace and mercy, telling you my mind innocently. Yet you would have furiously devoured me if you could, and then you wanted to even complain and see me punished. But Mr. Blum just is a little cleverer than the two of us, and you got nowhere, making you cross! But let that be now, and stay! Later it will all come good! Are we not all fallible people, hence let us show a little patience among ourselves! Think of how we should still be offended as spirits! Just come over and re-join us! The old Franz who was your boot-polisher for a long time will turn your head the right way round. Well, are you still cross with me?”

6. Says the dramatist: “No, I am not exactly cross with you, for this would bring me no honour, since you are, so-to-say, nothing compared to me! But I shall not go among you, where crudeness reigns supreme, but will join the circle of dignitaries. And so let her return!” – Says the heroine: “Just watch that you don’t become odious to their notabilities, you conceited flathead! What do you think you are? I might be a jolly Vienna lass, but I am no devil. If however I am so bad for you, then find yourself another! Over there you have two dozen straight away! Go and try your luck! They will tell you your worth!”

7. The heroine joins her own crowd, the dramatist screws up his nose, pretending not to have taken any notice of the loquacious heroine.

Main Page From Hell to Heaven RBLUM-64 Chapter