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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 274 - Red martial, and blue-grey boaster spirits.

1. Following this praising, Sabbath closes in; a host of red-clothed spirits approaches the hill from the North, displaying a red-and-white flag.

2. Robert asks: “Lord, this is a new development: what will it turn into? In Your holy name, these carry on as in the work ‘A thousand and one nights’! What brings these red ones with their flags?”

3. Say I: “These are war-mongers! Just as there are upon Earth - people of both sexes whose greatest joy is war, so there are also spirits over here who know of no elation other than the substance of war. Proper conflicts upon Earth give these spirits their greatest satisfaction. Gaining nothing thereby, they know how to kindle war lust in people’s minds. Those with white flags are of martial defence orientation, while those with red flags dwell on aggression. They also found out that I find Myself personally upon Earth physically and have come here to find out from the spirits whether I intend to carry out a Judgment upon Earth. For everything to do with the spectacular is welcome to them.

4. But you will also note how these martially-minded ones are being approached by spirits with dark-blue and grey, and dirty uniforms; these are bragging spirits; their fun is to play tomfoolery upon the inquisitive spectacle-seekers, lying to them with such elocution that some often believe their own lies. These spirits are not fundamentally evil, but so-called jokers. They can do no real harm, but don’t do any real good either. These shall now provoke the warring faction, which will lead to some rabble-rousing. Some friends of truth from midday will join in and appraise the war-mongers of having been deceived by the blue-grey ones, whereupon the war-mongers shall demand satisfaction, and this will lead to the point of our intervention in a certain way.”

5. Says Robert: “Sounds comical; would like to watch how the blue-grey ones flummox them.” Says I: “That is your task, and the reason I alerted you; hence take yourself down there, together with Peter, and take both your wives with you. Try to win some from each side, after they get into a real debate, for it shall get hot and stormy.”

6. Robert and Peter hasten down and arrive with the first confrontation. One of the Red rushes towards the Blue-grey, saying: “Friends, we have heard that the almighty spirit of the renown Nazarene named Jesus (which alarms the Blue Grey) is tarrying personally in this area, together with a large crowd of other mighty spirits. Are you able to point out this region and tell us what this mighty Spirit’s intentions are with wicked mankind upon Earth? During our travels we heard that He shall cause intense warfare to arise over all Europe. Do you know anything reliable about it, for we have to then proclaim it over the entire world, so they can prepare.”

7. Says Blue Grey: “Indeed indeed, the great, mighty Spirit is located in this region, in the company of millions of spirits who also must all be of great power. We cannot tell the exact point, but He definitely can’t be far from here. Lift up your eyes and you shall see the air filled with spirits.

8. The Red ones do so and are astonished at the countless host. The Blue Grey continues: “We have not heard much about a European war yet, but about a general world war between all the nations of the Earth. This war shall, like a Noah’s Sin flood, excepting a few people and animals destroy everything that lives and breathes; for mankind has become too mad and wicked!”

9. At this, the Red ones’ faces brighten up markedly, as they say: “Indeed, it is bound to turn out so, and the trigger might be the political shadow-boxing between Austria and Prussia. Once the two powers shall stand there fully armed then, leaning on Russia, they shall throw themselves upon the European republics and make powerful monarchies out of them. If however their undertaking falters, then the world war is at hand - endless warfare between the slavery of fundamentalism and the absolute freedom of cosmopolitanism. Then might shall fight the light until the former goes fully under and light carries away complete and ultimate victory; what say ye all?”

10. Say the Blue Grey: “We guess you are right, yet we heard other things.” “What, what other things” the Red ones ask hastily; “not something still worse than world war?!”

11. Say the Blue Grey: “Oh, most certainly! We heard from credible spirits that the mighty Spirits intends to actually cause a general cosmic Judgment throughout infinity and that all preparations have been made!” Here the Red ones move back in terror, screaming: “No, this can’t be! For God Almighty’s sake! You don’t mean that Judgment where sun and moon shall be darkened and all the stars fall down from heaven to Earth like the snowflakes in winter?!”

12. Say the Blue Grey: “That Judgment indeed is supposed to be under way and with it the dissolving of all nature!” Say the Red: “Where and from who did you hear that? Has the mighty Spirit Himself perhaps confided it to someone, or have his spirits proclaimed it? Have trumpets been heard perhaps?”

13. Say the Blue Grey: “Not quite, so far as we know; but numerous other spirits gave us portentous hints, and there could be something to it.” The Red ones cut puzzled faces, forgetting all about the war. Ask the Blue Grey: “Why do you fear such news so much, since your faces were so cheerful at the news of a world war? Does the great Judgment of the world which the mighty Spirit Jesus Himself prophesied during His life-time upon Earth in the vicinity of the city Jerusalem, trouble you?”

14. Say the Red ones: “Yes friends, this bothers us enormously, for all worlds cease after such Judgment. There shall be no more men treading the Earth, and there shall be verily no more talk of a war’s delights; what shall we do then, since wars are our life. Without wars there is no life at all, no profit and no pleasure. Will this imminent world war therefore be the last to take place upon this Earth?”

15. Say the Blue Grey: “Most certainly: when there are no more people, who shall be waging war? Even if there are only thirty people left-over on the Earth after the world conflict, and the Earth were to be maintained for another fifty years, there would be no more conflict, as sufficient land would obviate more fighting. And if on top of that the remaining few were to walk within God’s light and easily live after His commandments, as the thousandfold temptations now goading mankind towards transgression would fall away, who should then still think of war?

16. And this seems good to us, for even the luckiest war has never benefited mankind. Hence the end of all wars is to be eagerly desired. It remains to be seen whether the general world judgment would be as beneficial as the cessation of wars. At least war-mongering heroes, whose greatest joy is mankind’s misfortune, shall not fare so well.”

17. Ask the incensed Red ones: “And why that? Have not the war heroes always been the most deserving upon Earth? Do they not make up the nation’s renown? Are war decorations and trophies nothing to you? Only famed heroes live in the history and remembrance of nations forever, everything else passing like the flies have no place in peoples memory.

18. Say the Blue Grey: “And how do you heroes benefit if, like feeble shadows, you continue to live in weak Earth people’s memories for a couple of centuries longer that some other poor devils? You too shall be forgotten! And if the war were to destroy everything, shall it spare history books? And even if so, who would read them, with all life destroyed? And here in the spirit world in any case, all differences have ceased and where prevailing, there is hell! But should you seek status differences over here, then you are infernal spirits and have just enough time to get out of our way, or we may have to remove you.”

19. Here the Red ones turn dumb with rage, but the ones with the white flags come forward, saying: “We are not warriors by choice but necessity. We are in defence and are not calling for war, but when ordered into it, we know how to stand up to the enemy. Do our decorations and heroes therefore also count for no more than ordinary, undeserving people?”

20. Say the Blue Grey: “That is all the same here; you are no better than the others, for your thirst for glory is the same as that of your enemies. You too frantically wait for the warmongers, to pit yourselves against them; where is the difference, and who is more commendable? We can’t see much of a difference, just one devil like another.”

21. Here the white ones also are rearing to go, and ready to massacre the Blue Grey. But Robert and Peter move up, pushing the red ones back a good hundred paces, threatening them. This incenses the Red ones even more into battle rage.

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