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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 273 - Commendable missionary zeal of the five. Appearing before the Lord laden with sin. The Lord’s sun of grace

1. The five are well aware of what has attracted the thirty and say as if from one mouth: “Friends, we all stand in mid-air and our feet have no foundation. Likewise we also have hands but there is no work for them. We have eyes with which we could see if we wanted to, yet cup them with our hands to blind ourselves so as not to see all the wonders so richly surrounding us. Thus we also have excellent ears to hear but stop them off so that God’s word would not enter our hearts, to clean and prepare them for God.

2. Let us first look for firm ground for our feet, the ground being Jesus, the Christ Himself – in the proper understanding of His Word! Once we have placed our feet on this ground, starting to move upon it in familiar fashion, then our hands, eyes and ears shall be busy and obtain us our greatest rewards.”

3. Say the thirty: “Well, where in that case is Jesus the Christ, Who is supposed to be both God and Man all at once? He first has to be somewhere! Just believing in Him is idle. If it is with great difficulty that inexperienced spirits maintain their blind faith, how much more so for us who have migrated into this world with much experience! Hence show us Christ, and we shall believe you everything!”

4. Say the five: “Look Jesus Jehovah Zebaoth is now located amidst a huge, exceedingly joyful host! These, probably nothing less than angelic spirits, are crowding around Him like children around their father, and He speaks with them as if they were His brothers and sisters. Go over and check it out and come back! Only then shall we be able to talk to you about the deeper wisdom of God.”

5. Says the thirty: “But how can we get there harmlessly?” Say the five: “There is no danger upon the path to the Lord, but there is upon the path leading the spirit away from the Lord. Hence you can start moving without awe or fear. You never showed fear in darkest night when far from the Lord; how can you be overcome by it in proximity of Him Who wants to give you eternal life, if only will accept it!”

6. Say the thirty: “This would all be fine, if only we were not such crude sinners: we are such, and it can be asked how we can hold our own before Him, if it really is Him?”-Say and five: “Where are they who can say before God: ‘Lord, we never committed a sin before You and are therefore pure! Give us therefore the promised eternal reward!”

7. Say the thirty: “Indeed, that is so, but with us there is a powerful snag. There will indeed be many now enjoying supreme bliss with God regardless of not having been free of sin on Earth, but they probably atoned for it and achieved a state of holy grace, whereby they returned to friendship with God, gaining bliss. We however died in our sins and have as spirits continued to sin. And now we are to just simply walk up to God? Ah, this will not do under any circumstances.

8. We would be only too pleased to receive your counsel on how to put our lives as spirits in order, to please God; but to walk before God in such sinful state would mean adding the worst sin of impudence to all the other sins in order to the more readily get to hell! No friends, this won’t do! Either that person over there really is the Lord, in which case we can understandably not walk up to Him. If he is not so however, nor a special friend of the Lord, then moving over would in any case be in vain. Hence we would rather remain in your company until feeling more worthy of standing before the Lord of all life.”

9. Say the five: Your excuses make friends of us all; do as you see it. The only right we have from God is to teach and advise but coerce nobody. If we – worse than any spirit before God, don’t condemn you on account of your sins, how much less shall the Lord condemn you if you confess your guilt before Him, praying Him for forgiveness! ’

10. Says the thirty: “You can forgive us easily because we never sinned against yourselves, but it is difficult with the Lord, Who knows our sins through and through. If on Earth someone owes a large sum to a creditor then only the latter has the right to release from the debt. In the eyes of society the debtor can be a most respectable person, but that does not absolve him from his debit to the creditor.

11. One can of course believe that the creditor could out of mercy remit to the debtor, but the debtor has little right to demand such noble act. He is and remains a debtor until the debt has been squared off, for which reason it is easy for us to talk to you who are not our creditors. The Lord however rightly stands before us with an immense demand. Hence it would be much harder to speak to Him.”

12. At that moment I stand before the thirty, and that upon the above mentioned hill, to which they were drawn unawares together with their counsellors. The thirty instantly recognise Me, all trembling from immense fear. But I say first to the three: “You accomplished your task well in the small and shall be set over greater things. You two also, who first joined the three, also are capable of going about My business on the same scale. You thirty however, although being large debtors to Me, have confessed your debt with faithful hearts and I remit it in its entirety. But go now with the five and labour in My vineyard, and I shall give you what is due; are you satisfied therewith?”

13. Say the thirty: “Oh Lord, God, Creator and Father of all beings, how endlessly great must be Your love and mercy when You even ask us immense sinners whether we are satisfied with that! Oh Thou best Father, we are already satisfied that you did not throw us in hell the way we would have deserved it a thousandfold; how should we not be satisfied with a much greater grace! We thank you holy Father for every dew drop for our thirsty hearts – with all our love and thanks!

14. Which heaven can compare with our stupid mortal eyes be holding You, eternally holy Father, and with hearing the most exalted sound of your Father voice! That already rewards us so highly that we shall never be able to make up for it with any future service. Give us, oh Father, only the necessary daily bread, and with that we have everything our heart could wish for. Your exclusively holy will be done!”

15. Say I to Robert: “Brother, when guests like that come to us, then there must be no lack of bread and wine! Go and bring an adequate amount to strengthen them for their office. Those many millions over there and now starting to spread over most of the Earth’s northerly lands shall be entrusted to them.”

16. Robert immediately brings bread and wine, and I personally distribute it among these thirty-five person in all, and they thankfully consume same, praising beyond measure My great goodness, love, grace and mercy.

17. Say I: “Verily, a sinner who does real penitence in his heart and humbles himself is far more pleasing to Me than ninety- nine righteous who are in no need of repentance, because the righteous is so from fear, and he fears to err. The sinner however becomes righteous through repentance to Me out of love!”

18. The thirty-five now depart amidst much praising, accompanied by My blessing, gathering courage for the task entrusted to them. But the first three also step over to Me in deep reverence, saying: “Lord, we too, if you regard us as worthy, would like to become active in Your almighty name for benefits of our brethren. Allow us to follow our brothers if it is your will!”

19. Say I: “My friends, I think that you will not miss out while in My company; just wait, and when I call you then you too shall be engaged in fullness. But for now we still have other things to arrange upon this hill; the earthly Friday is coming to an end and Sabbath is approaching and there shall be plenty to work out yet.

20. The thirty-five messengers are beginning to put their hands to the task, wherefore the region of the lower clouds is getting unruly. Watch yourselves, for these dim spirits will shortly commence their evil work, but measures against their revolt have already been put in place. But billions of exceedingly mighty peace spirit are waiting above them and shall know how to discipline the unruly. The mountains shall shortly tell how these friends will fare; fear not however, because there is no strength of authority in any spirits outside My order.

21. The three are fully satisfied, praising My love, goodness, wisdom and might, whilst Robert brings also for these three portions for bread and wine for strengthening eternal life. They do not dare to take same until I actually command them to do so. Having consumed the bread and wine, they feel immediately strengthened, praising Me above everything.

Main Page From Hell to Heaven RBLUM-273 Chapter