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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 33 - About genuine and false faith. The perils of the good life

1. Say I: “Hearken, My most beloved friend! Your faith is the barest mental laziness, whilst true faith places supreme demands on all physical, psychological and spiritual power. Your faith is that of a frog; for just as a frog is happy with any puddle, so is one of a dull faith happy with excrement. He ultimately cannot distinguish between the heavenly and infernal, in what he blindly complies with doctrinally.

2. “How can you describe a prelate happy if he gluttonises in his dull faith, taking it easy at the expense of Rome’s protectorate and the stupidity of this subjects? Verily, is a happy life on Earth a happy life in this world of spirits? Not at all, I say unto you!

3. “The more, in the world, someone served his flesh as his spirit’s prison, nurturing and feeding it more and more; and the more concession he made to whatever this prison hankered after, the more firmly he has tied himself to it!

4. “When however the time for his separation from this prison comes, how hard this will be! Will it not be necessary at some complex location, where the fruit of life has actually grown into its ‘mother’, to rip soul and spirit out of this overfed flesh-prison by force, in bits and pieces, where these two beings were intertwined? Will such procedure feel pleasant to the soul and spirit? Behold, this is a torment not to be compared to any other upon Earth and with which I am only too familiar! In vie of such bitter consequence of hedonism upon Earth nearly always being a certainty, can such life be called truly happy?

5. “Believe Me, such carefree, egotistical potbellies, like all fornicators and whorers, judged through their own flesh, shall get their surprise at the amazing pain which physical death will occasion them!

6. “With these pains, the actual ‘joy’ of a make-believe faith takes its inception! On arrival of such ‘blessed’, ripped up and punctured in this world of spirits, where the sensitisation for every impression measurelessly escalated, because the soul – formerly protected by the crude body is exposed, only then beginning to feel the ‘pain-joy’ that her make-believe faith prepared for her.

7. “If however you earnestly desire such ‘joy’ then do what you expect will make you happy. I assure you that you shall soon think and judge quite differently!

8. “But I Myself taught: ‘be ye therefore perfect even as your Father in heaven is perfect’! And Paul demands that everything should be examined and the good retained. Say unto Me, was a make-believe faith taught therewith, which is no faith? Or a true, living faith, which exceeds all knowing sky-high?! Judge for yourself whether that which you call faith actually is so! Only after which I shall clarify for you what is called true believing. It is you turn to speak!”

Main Page From Hell to Heaven RBLUM-33 Chapter