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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 124 - Robert’s exuberance. The Lord’s concern for the monk. The householder Robert obtains Helena as a helper. Celestial marriage.

1. All eight men now hasten out to where they behold the Lord. There they find Me engaged with the evicted monk, who does not of course know Me yet.

2. With tears in his eyes, Robert addresses Me thus: “Oh Lord, beloved, dear holy Father! Where have You been all this lengthy time, so that we found You nowhere despite an extensive search! Oh how sad, dreary and void it has been after we could no longer find You anywhere in this house! What a rough time we had organising the tables! In short, things were unbearable without You. But now that You have returned to us on Your own property, all is unspeakably well again! I could now abandon myself to joy, but my heart rather than my legs would jump for joy! Is not what You once said, namely: ‘without Me ye can do nothing’ actually true! I would further add loudly: ‘without You, oh beloved, holy Father, there isn’t anything, anywhere! Everything is then desolate, void and despairingly sad!’ But You are not going to leave us again in future?!”

3. Say I: “I did not leave you on this occasion, surely. I only escorted your guests, My children, a little to the extensive gardens of this house, showing them the diverse, new plantations, in which all took much joy. Meanwhile you had a good time putting the large dining room in the best order, making Me well-pleased. It makes no difference that you could not see Me for a few moments with your eyes, as I was constantly with you in the same love. I Myself placed My words on brother Dismas’ tongue, which he spoke for your profound instruction. But now I am again visibly with you, and intend to move into this house again and heal the many sick to life!

4. “Here in this monk, who is still completely deaf, blind and dumb and lame, all in one, we already have such a patient in front of us! This one needs to be helped first, and he shall then help us work on the others. The general has attacked him too harshly, accusing him of crimes that this poor one is sure not to have carried out in his entire life. This was not right on the part of the general, who normally thirsts after truth and light. This person is only like all of his caliber, and has to be helped. Because to a Roman Catholic incarnate means being spiritually deaf, blind, dumb and lame, a condition in which no one can be regarded as accountable. But this initial cure nevertheless was good for his priestly arrogance. For now he realises that he was wrong, in that he tried to make everybody believe something that he never believed himself, using hell as scare-mongering, and heaven only as sweet food for temptation, believing neither the one nor the other. With him, religion was a mere mythological means of keeping the Earth’s people obedient to worldly laws. He held divine service only as a necessity for dazzling the spiritually blind masses, having no regard for it himself and saying to himself, as also in the presence of his most trusted colleagues, as did also a certain Pope: ‘Christ’s ancient legend is not a bad one; you can make out of it what you want. And it brings its servants much money and prestige. But that’s about all it has going for it, the old Greek one being otherwise much better and more illustrious!’

5. “But I say unto you: none of this matters, because in his great blindness, the monk was a threefold slave of Rome! But can one punish a slave for allowing his master to poke out his eyes and burn out his ears? Wherefore you brother Robert, proceed at once into the house, bringing bread and wine! Because this one must first of all receive powerful sustenance, to in future enable him to receive counseling and setting right by us. Do as I commanded you!”

6. Moments later Robert brings a large bottle of wine and an entire loaf of bread, saying: “Lord, here it is! But how shall we give it to him, seeing he lies on the ground as dead. Will we not have to help him up first?”

7. Say I: “Dearest Robert, have patience! Our proximity shall soon get him up. But these are usually dangerous patients, and one has to put in more time with them. I see that the wine and the loaf of bread are a little heavy for you. What if dear Helena who is watching you sympathetically, lends you a hand? Would your household not benefit somewhat if you had a hostess like her?”

8. Robert, after a shy smile, says: “Would all be unspeakably good, if only she were not so beautiful! But a helper for sure! Oh Lord, given to me by Yourself – would make ten thousand heavens out of any house! But she is too exceptionally beautiful, dear and glorious for me.”

9. Say I: “Were you not usually a friend of everything beautiful and useful! Your maxim even was: ‘the beautiful has to be useful and the useful beautiful!’ and behold, this has also been my basis of action from eternity. Wherefore all My works also are as beautiful as they are useful. For usefulness corresponds with My eternal love and goodness, and beauty with My wisdom and truth. Thus you cannot here in the kingdom of heaven ever have the one without the other! The more beautiful something seems to you here, the more useful it is!

10. “Helena truly is exceedingly beautiful, for which reason she also is an exceedingly useful being. Hence do not let her beauty overawe you. Only through her will you become a perfect human and angel; and she through you yet more beautiful, perfect and useful! I give her to you as a truly celestial wife, with whom you shall become steadily more wise, happy and blessed. Hence give her your hand and press her to your breast. Fulfilling My will thus shall be an everlasting blessing for you both!”

11. Robert, dizzy with joy, says: “Oh Lord, forgive me my great weakness. But I confess that to say ‘Your will be done’ was never before so easy and joyful!! Hence come unto my breast, you most celestially beautiful and splendid Helena! What the Lord, Father Jesus, Jehovah Zebaoth has most graciously given me for ever, He also gave to you, through myself, forever! And so let us be blissfully one in everything – in love, truth and works of love, and hence united in our holiest, most beloved Father!”

12. Says Helena, radiant with celestial beauty: “The Lord’s name be praised eternally, and His holy will be done! But your will likewise shall be eternally holy to me, as I see now that you no longer bear any will in your heart other than that of the heavenly Father of all men and angels! – Should your heart ever, after some great love-deeds, momentarily become faint, then it shall find abundant strength from mine; and should I in the alternative find a wakening in my holy willing, then your heart shall strengthen me in everything that is most pleasing to the most holy Father. – and so in the name of our heavenly Father, I want to be forever your celestial wife, who will live and act in you as one being eternally! The most holy Father’s grace, love, wisdom, order and will be our blessing everlastingly!”

13. Robert, moved beyond all measure, presses Helena to his breast, kissing her on the brow three times, and Helena then kisses him on his mouth three times, then taking the wine and bread off him, saying: “As forever your wife now, let me share your burdens! It is enough that in the name of the most holy Father, you are doing the organising! I shall then act as your right arm!”

14. Say I: “Good, good, My beloved children! You are now blesses and united, and shall remain increasingly so forever!

15. “But this does not conclude our task, but rather moves us into action! But every action shall from now on be completed more easily and quickly, since you, My beloved Robert, now stand there as an accomplished citizen of the heavenly kingdom, possessing now not merely the power to instruct through the truth of the work, but also one of judgement through the love-will out of Me, which however you shall be employing only where the former should not suffice! And so bend down to this sick one and breathe over him, that he may arise to healing!”

Main Page From Hell to Heaven RBLUM-124 Chapter