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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 123 - A monk wants to hold divine service – for money. The General rails against Rome. Robert desires to help. The Lord arrives.

1. Continues the general: “Is there actually no one from the Roman Catholic denomination among this miserable company who can pray the old ‘Lord’s Prayer’ clearly and fluently in German?”

2. A robed monk steps forward, saying: “Lord General, I know this prayer well, but it shall be of no use to us because we all died without the holy death rites, and we have not said confession, whence we now find ourselves in a state of total gracelessness! We could now wear out our tongues praying and it would be vanity, as we are already condemned by God everlastingly. In this state we are likely to remain till the last Judgment, after which the terrible trumpet shall summon us back into our bodies, in which we shall have to appear before the inexorable judgement-seat of God, to receive everlasting damnation, to then be thrown into the eternal and most terrible torment of fire!

3. “I am aware of only one means of redemption, called holy Mass, which alone is pleasing to God. I don’t actually have the means, and no makeshift instruments to read one, but if I could obtain a small fee from these fellow humans, then I would nonetheless read one off by heart, and we may well be saved thereby, all of us. For only Mass can save us, all other prayers are of no use!”

4. Says the general: “See that you make off, chief scoundrel! If you regard Mass as the only means but don’t have enough neighbourly love to save us – who have nothing – for free, then you are worse than all the thieves, murderers, robbers, fornicators and adulterers of the Earth put together! You are over here what you were on Earth, a servant of God for money! Get out of my sight, and read you Latin rubbish wherever you will, only spare us therewith! For we are mostly Germans and Slavs and shall pray either in German or Slavic; – half right, march!”

5. The monk beats a retreat at this military order, the general calling on Slavs to pray the Lord’s prayer.

6. At once, a Polish man steps forth, saying: “General, I know it in five languages!” – Says the general: “Good, so will he pray first in German and then Slavic, but audibly and upliftingly.”

7. The Pole now leads prayer as asked, and they all follow word for word. Only the monk and several of his kind are not taking part, peeved at the general not wanting to avail himself of their Latin Mass. Those around them however notice their contemptuous expression, and that the aforementioned monk – at the words ‘Thy kingdom come’ had said: ‘to you all come hell’. They grab these ‘holy’ servants of God, dragging them before the general to report it.

8. The general, furious at these servants of God, says to those who hauled them over: “Calm down! You are aware of how upon Earth this clerical vermin with rare exception were anything but what they should have been! And so it should surprise you even less if the very last swineherd is by far a better Christian than such a cleric! – Who crucified Christ? – The priests! But in order not to miss out on practice, they invented Mass, this being nothing other than the sacramental repetition of the real crucifixion of Christ. What one can expect therefrom is not hard to work out. For whoever judges another, has to be either mightier than he whom he judges, or he arrogated the office of a judge unto himself, acting the lord over the one whom at least in his imagination he judges. The cleric however judges Christ daily, and also revives Him so he can kill Him again – because he can’t find any use for a perpetually live Christ! Is he then as judge over God not more than God Himself? Who can deny that it is not so in the sole beatifying Roman Catholic Church? If however this rabble of black clerics arrogates to itself the sentencing to death of God Himself, how should we wonder that it damns us to hell as well!

9. “During my earthly life I studied history and found that, concerning ultimate despicabilities, the priesthood always came out on top. Just look at the backdrop to current revolutions and wars! Who instigated them? The clerics!

10. “They started in Switzerland and had to take to their heels, notoriously, in every direction. Wherefore pressure was put on the Pope from all sides to avenge this ‘abomination’ globally, because Switzerland alone would not appease vengeance. For the hungry Swiss folk had the nerve to lay hands on the servants of God’s bulging larders, and cellars brimming with the best wines – the servants of God not desiring to share out of Christian neighbourly love! This abomination so incensed them that they began to so agitate against the people as to bring to fruition their curse over the entire Earth. And behold, they have carried out their task most effectively, but also, thank God, inflicting a wound upon themselves which probably no terrestrial herb shall heal! I think you have understood me well, wherefore be of good cheer even if these black ones wish you thousand times to hell!

11. “If you want to get to know someone, watch his actions, as everyone is most easily recognised thereby. If however it is not advisable to enter into friendship with cattle and man slaughterers, how much less is it so with God killers?

12. “History, especially that of Spain, shows how barbarically the servants of God dealt with their stray lambs. Let these black ones of body, soul and spirit go wherever they will and curse as much as they like! But we shall act like true brethren henceforth, counseling and helping one another as best we can!

13. “I think that if there is any God, which I would now deny even less on account of seeing true life after death – then judging by the wisest Creation, He is bound to be better than His servants, as He himself well demonstrated in the person of Christ in Jerusalem, deservedly exposing the nature of their spirit! Hence we can be of the firm hope that His judgement of us will be better than this sinister rabble of clerics!”

14. The entire crowd responds with jubilation on hearing the general speaking so rousingly about several of the priestly caste. The latter cut furious faces, whilst the former monk, unable to bridle his frothing rage, begins to call upon hell to open up and swallow these abominable profaners. But the company is not putting up with it for long, grabbing God’s servant by the scruff of the neck and dumping him before the house, where he lies for a while, worn out.

15. Simultaneously, at the entrance to the second chamber, Robert is saying to Dismas: “I like the general’s speech and attitude very much, except for his rough railing against the clerics! If suitable, I feel like improving these poor fools’ condition a little!”

16. Says Dismas: “A little more patience, and the thing shall look after itself! But we have to have the Lord, and I feel Him coming! Look out the window – He is already here, with all the familiar guests! Let’s hasten to meet Him! Oh, it is He – it is He!”

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