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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 99 - Robert emboldens the dramatist – the fearful sinner hesitant. The dramatist Dismas takes courage and follows God’s messenger.

1. Says Robert cheerfully: “Now brother Dismas, it truly pleases me that you are becoming more aware and thereby taking the first step towards attaining the truly perfect life of the spirit in the Lord! But you must nonetheless not remain standing here, hearkening to the condemnation of your heart, but arise and hasten over to the Lord!

2. “For believe me, I did not find it easy either to recognise and accept Him as the only God and Lord of infinity. It cost Him and myself much pain until I could be lifted out of my dark Hegelianism and Straussism, as also from my domineering and unchastity. But after being transposed into a true light through His helping grace, I perceived my wrongs with solar eyes, recognising the only true God of heaven and all the worlds within the Saviour Jesus! Do likewise!

3. “For you it is easy to walk, having a well developed guide in me. For me it was much harder, for I had no one to give me the right testimony about Jesus. I had to simply trust His own words and discern from their wisdom that He really is the only true divine Being. Besides that, I was no less than yourself still plagued over here by the lust of the flesh. But having been convicted by the profound truth of the divine word of Christ, I prevailed over my senses with greater force, soon, with the Lord’s help easily becoming conqueror of my carnal weaknesses that were brought over in my soul as memory from the world of senses.

4. “My own heart was also my judge, and in its filthiness was without peace, nor proper hope, besides the seeming certainty of everlasting death. But the Lord helped m out of my greatest affliction, which threatened to everlastingly kill me. Therefore, through my mighty love of Him, my heart was purified, creating space for receiving His grace. That led to my rising bliss! All this shall also be undertaken with you. And if you pass these tests without doubts like I did, then you too shall soon find yourself in a state of bliss! Arise therefore and hasten with me over to Him Who alone can help all!”

5. Says the dramatist Dismas: “This would be alright if I had the courage! Where shall I obtain it? Behold, I indeed begin to believe yonder Jesus to be the highest, almighty, divine Being. But my fear of Him – the One and only most holy – grows proportionately! Who shall free m of my great fear?”

6. Says Robert: “Friend, be grateful to the Lord for this fear, for therewith the Lord has placed His hand upon your heart, mightily gathering up your most scattered spiritual life. This holy thing from the Lord within your heart urges your spirit towards an awakening, effecting the tiresome sense of fear. But pluck up courage and follow me, and you shall soon be rid of your fear! The Lord Himself, Who gives you this holy fear, shall take it away. Hence, once more – arise and follow me to the Lord!”

7. Says Dismas: “Very well, I will risk it, having your word for it, friend Robert! Let it happen, according to how I well earned it, and I shall bear up to it! Why should I seek honour before the all-seeing eyes of God, of whom I am not worthy! Let my password be shame and humiliation! If on Earth I did not respect the divine spirit within me, which gave and maintained my life, how should I now demand honour for the one I so often ruined?

8. “God out of Himself gave me the life of His holy Spirit, and I chose not to acknowledge the holiness of this life and glorify it through the right order and discipline. I always fled the right cognition, converting the holy into the animalistic, through breaking of the true divine order by canine fornication! Now I stand upon the well-earned pillory before God and His holy ones – as one most unholy! Hence once again: shame upon me, well-earned shame!”

9. Dismas’ amplified words bring over his friends in drama, who say: “Friend Dismas, what’s up with you? Why do you keep calling shame on yourself? Are we not all like you? If you do this, you also call shame over us, and this is not a matter of indifference to us. If you don’t exempt us you shall not get off lightly!”

10. Says Dismas: “Do you perhaps also seek honour for your wonderland life? Oh don’t clamour for it too soon – it won’t be long in coming! What was it you and I did in the world that is worthy of honour before God? Do you imagine that here, as in the material world, the outer golden mask saves you from public humiliation? Oh there you err mightily! The gold and silver mist with which people cover their shame in the world is useless here. For here only naked truth comes to the fore in the light of God’s eternal day, there being no further contemptible means of covering it over here. Let everyone of you therefore do as I am doing now, and you shall at least save that much honour for your life-spirit as you can with divine right demand from your soul, as a spirit of divine truth! Should we not do so, then we shall shortly expect the complete taking away of the divine life-spirit from our base existence, and the well-deserved eternal death with it! – Hence shame over shame to our souls, in order to save the honour of eternal truth and order for our living divine spirit!”

11. With these words the friends pull back, murmuring and scratching themselves behind the ears. But Robert says to the dramatist Dismas: “Now, dear brother, you are moving forward with giant strides! Verily, I admit that I did not move forward that fast. Well, I am overjoyed! The way I see it, you will not strew much sand in the Lord’s eyes. Come now. Verily I am looking forward to your words before the Lord!”

Main Page From Hell to Heaven RBLUM-99 Chapter