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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 267 - He who receives the poor receives Me!. Healing and comforting of needy souls. The loving virgin

1. Says Robert: “Lord and Father, the more guests at my house the greater my joy and bliss. But I would like to know in what sense these souls once again stand in some kind of relationship with me: could these also be Uranians?” Say I: “No, not these, nor do they need to be. These are destitute, and as such are your closest neighbours. Here too the principle applies: ‘He who receives a poor in My name receives Me’. I say, Brother Robert, there lies the main reason for My permitting that such poor souls should find hospitality in your big house.”

2. Says Robert: “Oh Lord and Father, in that case have all the poor of the Earth come into my house. If the sun, moon, stars and the entire Earth were to fit into a house, then many poor should find space there. Where You oh Lord have tarried for so long, there all of infinity has enough space.”

3. Following Robert’s remarks, several thousand souls arrive, settling down upon the hill in long rows and begging for help and convalescence from diverse problems that remained adhering to their soul-skins from the permissive world. Their request is granted and they at once assume a healthy appearance and are clothed in white garments, with green borders for males and red ones for females.

4. Having placed them in this state of fitness we despatch a messenger to them, instructing him to lead them all to the top of the Plabutschberg, where they shall find milk, bread and wine, for weak spirits have to first be fed with spiritual milk for sufficient strength for the ability to assimilate bread and wine. The messenger is from among those who first followed us from Vienna. He briskly brings them to the top of the said mountain, where the poor find everything they need in readiness.

5. Being sated for the first time in their spirit life they hardly find words to thank the messenger and how to pleasantly reciprocate. But the latter amicably refers them to Me, the sole giver of good gifts, telling them that I Myself shall shortly visit them and that then they shall for the first time see their God the Lord and Creator and then be blessed by Him Personally forever. Hearing that, there is no end to their joy.

6. One being of exceptional beauty – a virgin, becomes restless on hearing this, her heart having already been constantly turned towards Me in this world; she is fired up, her love growing mightier. Gently she says to the messenger: ‘noble friend of my most beloved Jesus, I beg you to take me to Him: I live only for him. He alone is my all, my God, my Father, my life!”

7. Says the messenger: “Most beautiful, dearest sister, behold, I am but a servant of the Lord, allowed to do only as commanded by Him; but I am about to return to Him and shall pass on your request; be assured I shall not forget you. You have taken in my heart too and I wonder whether you shall find your way out of it again! Fare thee well until we meet again – may be shortly.”

8. Therewith, he leaves the depressed beauty in order to return; but hardly halfway down the road he looks back, to see the depressed close at his heels. Stopping, he says: “But, my most beautiful one, what are you doing, knowing I can’t exceed my commission. Why do you follow?” Says the virgin: “Oh friend, do you have instructions to also stop me?” Says the messenger: “No, not that!” Says the virgin: “Well, then let me go the sweet path of my heart.”

9. Short of reply he continues his measured pace. But a couple of hundred paces further I meet the messenger, this time by Myself. Recognising Me he voices his problem with the sad maiden.

10. But I say: “Did she not tell you she is following the sweet path of her heart? She loves Me above everything else and wants to get to where I, as the only object of her love, am to be found. In future remember that when finding such love, never obstruct its path to Me! Where such love dwells in a heart, there dwells also the perfection of spirit, and where a spirit bears such perfection with him, there he carries Me also and can without fear and timidity approach My actually freest Being. He who has become a fire himself must not fear fire; where is the darling of my heart now?”

11. Says the messenger: ‘Oh Lord, a couple of hundred paces behind me and probably moaning and crying, probably not daring to follow me further, although I stopped arguing with her.” Say I: “Ay, My dear friend, this you must not do again; the poor one suffers much now hence take me to her immediately!”

12. Says the Messenger: “You know quite well where the poor one tarries and have never yet needed a guide; but I will do so because You have commanded me.”

13. The messenger goes ahead and I follow, and we are there presently. Here we find the beloved one upon her knees, her face turned upwards and sobbing, hands clasped in prayer: “Oh You my sole eternal love, my Jesus, my God and my Lord! How long has my heart pined for you and still I am not with the grace of beholding Your holy visage. I must admit that I lacked nothing during the seemingly many years in this world of spirits. I took much joy in the many souls that permitted me to teach them about You and Your word. All my beloved students have followed me and are tarrying by several thousand upon this height of the Lord. We did everything that according to Your word would lead us to behold Your face. In the latest phases we even began to fast and to self-flagellate out of purest love and longing for You, but so far all in vain. Oh Father, by Your immense grace show us which sins still cling to us, and especially to me!

14. In the world I was a well-respected woman, made noble on account of my old aristocratic husband, and I enjoyed many a distinction, yet I was never conceited about it. I did indeed commit a grave injustice against a teacher of my daughter, and this was blatant unthankfullness, for he was sent by You to my house as a light from heaven teaching me by word and selected lectures to recognise You as the holy Father in the fullness of truth. How I regretted this error, how often when still upon Earth and how often here!

15. Eternity is long, oh Lord; just give me the opportunity and I shall make good all my earthly errors in Your holiest name. Although I was no virgin upon Earth, I am so here, because no male spirit was yet allowed to touch me. My love for You, oh Father, always was my mighty guardian! Oh you hard messenger from heaven who did not let me follow you, when will you return to bring me news from Him Whom alone I love!” Thereupon she cries again, hiding her face with her hands.

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