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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 268 - The two messengers with the new Mary. Parable of the small plant and the oak. The Earth’s spiritual state. Perfection through grace

1. But I now step over to her, saying: “Mary, behold, the messenger is back, cry not! The messenger is strict indeed, but not hard.” Here the addressed one takes the hands from her face, rising from the ground, looking at us rather confused. After a short while she says timidly: “Now there are two messengers; which one is going to bring me news of the one and only I love? Where is He who is love itself? When shall my eye behold His holiest visage?”

2. Say I: “Just a little patience, My dear daughter! Behold, the Lord is like a clever gardener who first brings in the lesser fruit from his trees, depositing them in his barn, where they attain to full ripeness. The nicer fruits he leaves hanging upon the tree, so that the sweet substance increases and spirit and life fully ripen in the germ, which the grain bears within itself. Likewise the small grass of the Earth ripens in a short time but only lasts for a short time. Come the frosts and storms of winter and it soon dies, retaining but a feeble life in the root.

3. The oak on the other hand requires many years before becoming a tree capable of bearing fruit. But once it stands there in well-ripened strength, storms and frosts rage and it defies them with iron breast. And behold, you too have through prolonged waiting become a fully ripened fruit and it shall be easy for you to bear God’s proximity. None can bear this unless first making their spirit God-like through paths indicated by God Himself. You however have vexed mighty in love, and therewith have fully ripened in spirit, wherefore we both hastened over to you in order to pick you as a precious fruit for the Lord’s granary. But now we intended to move up to the heights to your disciples to bring them good cheer!”

4. Says Mary: “Oh, dear friend, your voice sounds charming and your wisdom shines through all my straying. Verily, you alone would make further waiting for the sight of my Lord Jesus Christ tolerable. Truly, the Lord Himself could hardly speak more fortifying. So celestially good, gentle and pleasant are your looks; will you not allow me to touch you? I am driven to it irresistibly!”

5. Say I: “Well, so come and let Me escort you to the heights; that ought to afford an opportunity to touch Me. Do you think that I am perhaps less fond of you than you of Me? Think again, because long before you loved Me I loved you already with all the life glow of My heart! But this is not the place where to reveal My many–faceted love for you. We shall get to know one another more intimately upon the height, confessing our mutual love.”

6. Mary now moves over without realising I am the Right one. Touching My arm she nearly faints for delight, saying “Friend, let go of me, I am too weak to withstand my love. You may yet take away all my love for Jesus the Lord and draw me to yourself!”

7. Says Mary: “You shall undoubtedly be able to do so; but my heart cannot be indifferent to whether it loves the Lord Himself or just one of His many great friends, notwithstanding the fact that I would seemingly love no other Being more than You. My heart is steady upon God and yet I discern no foundation. I have no intention of loving You; I desire and must love only God. Yet the harder I strive not to love You the more my heart glows for you, may God do with me as He will. Oh you heavenly friend, say unto me why I must love you so intensely? Oh, what is to become of such love!”

8. Say I: “Be of good cheer and don’t be troubled about how and who you love! It is enough that your love is pure and good. All love that is in itself pure cannot be other than good, and it is pure if without self-love. If just a small amount of self-love is mixed with pure love then it soon leavens pure love, giving it a miserable life foundation.

9. And see, My beloved Mary, the Earth is now full of such sour dough, and from same arise nothing but ulcers and bumps from whose pus shameful creeping things develop, often polyps with a thousand suction trunks. Wherefore you will be able to find trillions of fire spirits that are hard to hold back from transforming this Earth together with everything in, upon and above it to ash and dust with their unrighteous rage.

10. There is no constancy among men, their hearts being cold and dim, because putrid air has developed from the fermenting sour dough in their hearts stifling all true life in God. But I say unto you that even God’s patience shall shortly be running out.

11. The Earth carries only very few on whose account God holds back the full destruction of this Earth. But as soon as these either leave the Earth, either well-pleasing to God or having themselves turned into sour dough – something God does not wish to foresee – then the Earth shall be handed over to the fire spirits. These can then do what they like with this carrier of sin.

12. But from the dust of this sin-mother, no simultaneously destroyed spirit shall ever rise to life again usury and taxation have now upon Earth reached such degree that it is all but impossible for the poor, until now God’s true representatives on Earth and actual people of God, to persist. God gave the Earth good years, but the rich through usury made bad ones, trading with foodstuffs shamefully.

13. I shall however cause a lean time to come over the Earth, causing the poor to start dying off the Earth. God shall then take good counsel of what the rich will do about it. Should they take care of the poor and abandon profiteering, then the judgments also shall be stopped and the Earth given good times again. In the alternative however all shall be precipitated into ruin, because the Earth itself has turned into sour dough.

14. Verily, for several weeks now I found Myself upon this Earth, acting upon extraordinary paths, yet am on a daily basis progressively more disgusted with its sensual people and the Earth itself. Today is the Earth’s Thursday; only until Saturday night shall I detain Myself upon these grounds of sin and until then heal and receive what is capable of healing and receiving. Following My departure I shall hand this dark ground over to My peace spirits and they shall act as they see fit.

15. Now you will have seen the difference between pure and good, and impure and bad love. But I once again say unto you that your love for Me is pure and good, because you love Me for my own sake. Wherefore your love is well-pleasing to God, for all love should be so constituted and not like the sour dough of the Pharisees.

16. We have now reached this mountain’s peak and behold, right ahead – your male and female disciples are camping under the trees. Go and tell them that I and the previous messenger have arrived – to fully lift them up to eternal life out of the pure grace of the Lord!”

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