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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 150 - The Franciscan feasts, with fervent thanks to the Lord. The true celestial kingdom, with new miracles. Company of the blessed in the main hall. ‘Oh Lord – Your magnificence!’

1. Robert quickly brings more bread and wine. The Franciscan, bowing down deeply to the meal, takes bread and eats. With the first bite already he is beside himself for the succulent flavour. But upon tasting the wine, it is all over with him. One hears a never-ending ‘aaah!’

2. Noticing it, Miklosch asks him: “Now brother, what do you say for your previous, infernal, illusory food? It seems to me that you quite like this sulfuric mire!”

3. Says the Franciscan, smiling: “My dear brother, four things are essential for every human’s existence: first to be created into the world, then comes stupidity, from which man grandstands upon the world. For number three comes death which, although relieving the soul of the heavy flesh burden, nonetheless leaves him the worldly stupidity in full measure. And so it comes about that, as number four, man must be stupid even in the world of spirits in order to make him receptive to wisdom. And so it was with me!

4. “You know how foolish our faith was, and how stupid the dogma drummed into us! With such doctrine, where should we have obtained true wisdom? After death overtook us, if found us as unchanged oxen, transposing us over here. We should have remained so into eternity, if the supremely good, holiest Lord, God and Father had not laid his almighty hands on us; hence all praise and thanks be to Him! – But watch, brother Robert Blum has brought another jug full of wine and a whole loaf of the marvelous bread unto the table!”

5. Says Miklosch: “Verily an overabundance of goodness! Eat and drink, brother! I already had a portion and am sufficiently satiated and slaked t keep me going for an eternity.” – Says the Franciscan: “I also feel like that, but what do you think the Lord would say to our bringing Him the bread?”

6. Says mother Mary: “Do so, do so! It shall please Him!” – Says the Franciscan: “If the most blessed one approves, then there is no further scruple. He is conversing with the count, but it won’t matter. Fetch the wine and I the bread, and let’s surprise Him!”

7. They bring Me bread and wine, the Franciscan saying with much humility: “Lord, You once said upon Earth: ‘But I say unto you I will not henceforth drink of this fruit of the vine, until that day when I drink it anew with you in My Father’s kingdom.’ Lord, your true kingdom is now here. Be pleased to enjoy this new growth out of Your kingdom, for our peace!”

8. Say I: ‘It truly pleases Me that you remembered Me and as children of your Father bring Me to eat and drink! I could have of course taken it Myself, but would not have enjoyed it as much as when brought to Me by My little ones. And so just hand Me the bread and wine, and you shall convince yourselves that I shall really eat and drink thereof!” After which I consume some bread and wine, passing the rest to those standing around, who all enjoy it, becoming conscious of even more strength.”

9. The Franciscan, highly delighted, says: “Lord, God and Father! Even if an angel had told me upon Earth that things are like this in Your kingdom, I would not have believed him! Where is there over here the supremely, mystically marvelous, holy air believed by us Roman Catholics? Where the fearfully, earnest judge’s face of the Son of God? Where that of the inexorable Father? Here everything is so natural, full of condescension and supreme friendliness on every side! And You Yourself, as the highest divine Being, moving among them as the most plain. Externally, no one is able to tell what and who You are! Your speech is the plainest in the world, and everything about You testifies of modesty!

10. “Verily, one would have one’s doubts, if the great majesty of this hall, the glorious light coming in and all the exceedingly fresh, angelically young-looking and most marvelously dressed blessed ones did not shall say with one voice: ‘this is the true kingdom of God!’ There eternally cannot be a more true one than where the Lord of heaven and Earth moves freely among His children in simplest domestic garb, caring for them. I must confess that at the beginning, some matters of the Gospel did not make much sense over here, for it is repeatedly said therein about how the Son of the almighty Father sits within the eternally inaccessible light. Then another passage says: ‘I shall return in the clouds of Heaven in great might and glory to judge the living and the dead!’ And how mysterious are the visions of John! Over here there is not the least trace of all this, but a sky-high contrary! Wherefore we can be excused to some extend if we looked in on this truest heaven like Chinese oxen into a Spanish village.

11. “But now I realise that only such Heaven alone can provide the truest, freest and therewith the highest eternal bliss for each spirit. May You, oh holiest and most loving God and Father, be praised and loved by us all for this.”

12. Say I: “Now, My dear Cyprian, things do indeed all look simple over here, and one cannot notice unnecessary pomp anywhere. But you must nevertheless not think that My heavens are limited to what you now see! Just wait a little and you shall see aplenty of the miraculous!

13. “We shall now go to the adjacent hall and from there into this house’s great museum, where things shall present themselves which are certain to make you sink down. But even there you must not regard that as the borderline to my Heavens, as this is merely the preliminary to the beginning!

14. “But I Myself nevertheless shall remain as I am! And when you will see everything changed and endlessly glorified, then I shall nevertheless appear everlastingly unchanged amidst My works, although no eternity shall ever fathom their greatness and depth. But now we shall rise and move into the big hall!”

15. All the many thousands of guests now move ahead, with the patriarchs and apostles following. Mary and Joseph and the apostle John move ahead of us, and at My side are the count, the Franciscan, Miklosch and the general, then Thomas and Dismas. Behind us are Robert and his Helena, Becher, Jellinek, Bruno, Bardo, Niklas and the twenty-four ballerinas, who are carrying the crockery and vessels for Robert.

16. Arriving in this order in the big hall, where the several thousand guests seem like less than thirty, the Franciscan nearly sinks down in astonishment, saying:

17. “Oh Lord, this is too much all at once for a feeble spirit! The size, the height and the splendour! Verily, Lord, this is not just the preliminaries, but this would be the consolidated heaven with everything in it, as they would say! With the ceiling like the stellar sky and the most glorious constellations! With the walls shining like the clouds at sunrise! And the wondrously intertwined galleries resemble the high alpine peaks, first to bristle with the morning gold. – Oh magnificent, magnificent! Too much for a feeble spirit all at once! – Oh Lord, great art Thou!!!”

Main Page From Hell to Heaven RBLUM-150 Chapter