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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 68 - The waiting heroine and the haughty dramatist. The latter rebuked by the Lord. Love miracle upon the heroine Helena.

1. The heroine, now extremely impatient, somewhat shyly moves closer to Me, asking Me whether I had already, perhaps through secret signs, spoken to Jesus the Lord about her.

2. The dramatist, having found some of his ilk among the company, has been extremely angered that this, to him, miserable woman should be so cheeky and bother Me, a dignitary of the house! Hence he, with some others, approaches her, saying: “Well, you miserable baggage, how long shall it please her to burden the lord of this house with her dog-barks. Has she no manners at all?”

3. Says the heroine: “You broad-shouldered flathead! What business is it of yours? Take off, you abnormal meat-bag of a noble Viennese swine, or I’ll tell you your name in true German! Just look at this braided gall-bladder manufacturer! Now he objects to one of us taking to such a lord! Who do you think you are? Do you think that just because in the world you once, as a retired furrier, carried an imperial sword, you are better in this world than one of us? Oh, you daft flathead, they will shortly roast you a very special sausage. Good that Christ the Lord is not here just now; because that One would be pleased to see a crude churl like you! Just see that you get away with your crocodile eyes and goat feet, or something else will happen to you.”

4. Thereupon the dramatist turns to Me, saying: “But dear best friend, for God’s sake I beg you to not allow this creature to use such loose language with men of honour and repute, because she makes one look like the commonest shoemaker! It is true indeed that we are in the spirit world, where differences of status have ceased forever. But the difference in intelligence and higher education cannot cease until these retrograde terrestrial potencies shall have reached a degree of learning and humanity through which they can please and interest higher society! I beg you, dear friend, to indicate this to this low female creature.”

5. Say I: “Dear friend, I regret that I can in no way accede to your request here, and that for the time-tested reason that whatever the so-called better world calls great, glittering, exalted and beautiful is an abomination before God! Because God is always the same, and is never pleased with men of honour who assess human worth solely on the size of the peerage or officialdom or wealth, labelling everything else as rabble! But everything that is small, inferior and often despised stands in great honour before God! And so I have to frankly say unto you that, as one of the most intimate friends of God, this ‘creature’, so despised by you, is a million times more preferable to Me than you, my most noble friends, ie. if I can take the liberty of addressing you as My friends! – But you merely aided this poor one handsomely; because from now on I shall draw her unto Myself that much more firmly and give her an education which even the angels shall respect. She will soon enjoy a high position and be an adornment to this house! But where you men of honour may soon find yourselves only the sad future will show! But I appeal to you that for your own sakes, beware of bothering this poor one again, for she is now fully Mine! – (and turning to the heroine): And you, My dear ‘Magdalene’ – are you happy with that?”

6. Says the heroine: “Oh Jesus, yes, and how! For you are ten million times more preferable than these haughty things who regard needy people as beasts. I am not cross with them, but it riles me when they treat one as if of no account. May our Lord God forgive them, for they surely don’t know what they do!”

7. Says the dramatist: “Well, all’s well! – Hearken, my comrades, if things are as dull everywhere in the spirit world as here, then this world is a good reward for the sour preparation upon Earth for the much praised life of the soul after death. On Earth, a well read man of honour, through his profession, public office and affluence could at least protect himself against the attacks of such commonest vermin. But here this rabble brazenly grows over one’s head, and one shall ultimately have to regard it as grace if such chubby-cheeked hooker looks at you! To top off all this social dullness, this otherwise seeming man of honour has to get interested in this rotten bitter orange and uplift her to heaven, to spite us. This is what we needed, to top off our desperation! This one said that he is a most intimate friend of God! Judging by his attachment to the chubby-cheeked, full-breasted and fat-bottomed creature, this so well befriended Deity must be a true superlative of crudeness! This freelance hooker stinks of unchastity, and he wants to educate and raise her to an adornment of this house! Listen, this shall be some adornment! Amusing, isn’t it?”

8. Says the heroine to Me: “Just listen to him railing! This one you should tell a thing – but in a way that he understands!”

9. Say I: “Let it not trouble you! Let them rail as they please. It shall transpire what rate of interest their haughty railings shall bear them! But so that their arrogance should find a still greater bone of contention about us two, you shall have to, from now on, address Me as ‘you’ (ie. use the familiar pronoun. Editor), as well as try to speak a pure German. When they hear that you will see their haughtiness reach new heights! Try now whether you are perhaps able to speak a most refined German!”

10. The heroine senses a transformation within herself. She is flushed with a pleasant sensation of well-being, which also favourably affects her form. Happily astonished at this sudden transformation of her being, no longer sensing even the faintest pain, she joyfully looks at Me, saying: “Oh you exalted friend from the heavens, how well I now feel at your side! Everything rough fell off me like scales! My thinking and crude language have changed like a caterpillar into a glorious butterfly! And all my pains have melted away like the snow before the sun’s heat! Oh, how well I now feel! And to whom do I owe thanks? To You, to You! You great, holy friend of the Most High!

11. “But since you have shown me, a poorest sinner, such endless grace, of which I shall eternally not be worthy in the least degree, so tell me also what I am to do now and how to behave in order to show You my proper thanks in an acceptable way!”

12. Say I: “My beloved Helena (her celestial name), we two are already square. You now please Me immensely and have a heart that loves Me much, as Mine loves you! – What more can there be? Give Me your hand now, as a token of your love for Me, and give Me a burning hot kiss upon My brow! – I shall take care of everything else.”

13. Helena is nearly aglow with love, giving Me her hand and the requested kiss upon My brow, with an almost indescribable fervour of love.

14. This scene entices tears from the eyes of Robert, Messenhauser and Becher and especially Jellinek, whereupon Helena looks, after the kiss upon My brow, like someone transformed, gaining the nobility and beauty of a celestial being, – excepting her clothing, which nevertheless now looks nice and clean. – Robert comes over to Me, asking whether he is to also bring clothes for this beautiful flower! I say: “In a short while, when I ask for it!”

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