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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 67 - The Lord’s comments on the reason for this seemingly offensive revelation

1. Note well that this seemingly offensive revelation is rendered verbatim, as it takes place in the spirit kingdom – and cannot possible proceed differently from the customs, language, vices and diverse levels of education that a society brings with it, – for the purpose of showing the faithful reader and follower of this Revelation tangible proof that man, after casting off his body, is exactly the same man with the same speech, views, habit, customs, inclinations, passions and subsequent actions – as he was in the world with his physical life, ie. so long as he has not attained the full re-birth of the spirit.

2. Wherefore such initial condition immediately after passing over is called the ‘natural spirituality’, whilst a fully reborn spirit is in a state of ‘pure spirituality’.

3. The difference between life in this world and in yonder spirit world, with natural spirits – if of a naïve character – is only the efficacious location. It is usually more or less an index of the spirits’ inner nature. This appearance, much facilitating spiritual rebirth, falls due to those poor spirits who spent their lives in the world under natural and spiritual deprivation. – But spirits of wealthy owners of all kinds of worldly goods, their hearts clinging to them like polyps to the seabed, again find everything the way they left it here. They can tarry in such crudely natural state for several centuries, calculated terrestrially, not being lifted out therefrom until they themselves begin to sense a desire for something more lofty and perfect.

4. Now you know why this important scene is revealed verbatim and in detail. – And so we shall return to the scene itself! – Because our heroine is already anxiously and longingly awaiting the advice from Jesus Christ which I promised her. – But you have to take into account the important circumstance that this notable scene is taking place in the spirit world in this very time, hence exercising a substantial effect upon the events of this earthly time! From these seemingly ever so trivial conversations your are able to easily assess the entire position and unfolding of events as they now take place on Earth, and likewise also the consequences of these developments, which shall become obvious, especially in the course of later sequences of this scene. But you must not be offended in any way, because it all has to come the way it does. And so back to the scene!

Main Page From Hell to Heaven RBLUM-67 Chapter