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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 185 - Minerva trying to justify herself. Cado’s refutation and uncovering of her wickedness. Sahariel ready to depart

1. Miklosch continues: “ Says Minerva: “Be quiet, silly donkey; what would you know of what I need to do! Do you think God’s order allows only for the positive polarity of beings and things? Does not negative polarity also have to develop to the same degree: is not life a constant struggle between these two? Silly donkey, remove a tree’s roots and then ask it how much longer to bearing fruit! Chop off an animal’s legs and see how far it will get! If blood is returned to the heart through the so-called good or positive power and afterwards driven out of the heart through an evil power, which I shall call negative, in order to keep physical life going, then tell me which power is preferable – the attracting or repelling one? Do you crude churl see your drivel? It is logical that the negative power has to remain subordinate to the positive one, as it proceed from it – the pure water has to clean the dull and not the other way round! But all that too is God’s order. If Rome was not pitch black, mankind would not hanker after light. Hence I too am out of God the way I am and will remain – just as you shall remain a donkey for eternity!”

2. Says Cado curtly: “Indeed so, with the latter category applying to yourself! Princess of all the fixed stars’ stupidity, tell me about positive and negative power and their relationship! Tell me, most beautiful she-ass, is God a whole or just a half power without you? Are you essential to His existence, or could he maybe endure without you- the way He endured without you for eternities? You fully useless creature, you are going to dish up evil’s necessity to me whilst denying me potential goodness? You blindest female creature, wherein does God’s love, goodness and might reside? Does the Deity, Who surely is a most perfect being in everything, have to be evil first in order to then become good? Heavens laugh at such wisdom! There is indeed talk of a fabulous Minerva and how she derives from Jupiter’s head, but that one will not be you, your dress of course shines like the sun, but to what end with a fatuous imbecile stuck inside! Did not the heavenly Sahariel over abundantly demonstrate what turn things have to take for your improvement? Why don’t you follow his advice? You head of malice, now I am waking up to you; you shall certainly not get away from me ever whilst jumping back into your old dragon skin isn’t an option either; this shiny dress takes care of that. What are you going to do?”

3. Says Minerva: “Shut up, stupid donkey, it is revolting talking to you, Be advised that I am going to show you now what I am still capable of: I still command my regiments – especially those of the Roman hierarchy, and I’ll have them come into play! Inquisitions, gallows, scaffolds, and stakes shall arise and carry on a hundred times more ruinously! Rulers are going to beat subjects with glowing whips and have them strangled by the thousands! That will show you what I can do even without my dragon skin!”

4. Says Cado: “But here I say: this far and no further by a hair’s breadth. Through your stupidity you have betrayed your ‘humane’ plans! Well done, need I say more? We shall know what to do on our part! ’

5. Says Robert: “Secret measures have already been put in place. This time Satan shall prepare his own demise! His shall be a terrible reward!”

6. Says Sahariel: “Dear friends, do not get too worked up over this incurable one! The bulk of her power has been taken from her, and her pseudo power shall help her little. This old serpent shall indeed still bite and poison a few, but then the Lord shall himself come to the mortals and put an end to her game! Let her now do as she pleases. The worse her game, the sooner shall her base work be finished. Therewith enough work, with and in hell! We shall be on our way back to the Lord and our dear brethrens. But let this one, totally abandoned, do whatever she will! Arise, brother Cado, for you have found grace before God, as you have converted the evil within you into the good and true. Now come along to the Lord with us and we shall furnish you with great power to guard over hell. This Minerva however shall remain under your control to you because you have vanquished her with the weapon of divine justice hence arise and come with us to the Lord!”

7. Says Minerva: “I see; me – the pearl of infinity you abandon and, as – it – were, chase away like a harlot from the dance! Lovely and praiseworthy of you! Earlier you got me to give way and come near through all kinds of dodges, but now you want to abandon me, thinking me incurable! Yet I am perhaps second to no other being in my capacity for improvement, letting only those triumph over me who show me the necessary patience and love! I have vexed poor, yet they only scorn me; should I not be filled with mistrust for all beings who come too close to me? All sorts of promises were always made to me, should I return to God, but each time I came close to doing so the staunch proselytes left me to my fate. But do as it suits you and I shall know what to do. Cado, stay if you will and I shall then follow you; I am not going with these two!”

Main Page From Hell to Heaven RBLUM-185 Chapter