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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 186 - Minerva Continues argumentation. Sahariel’s long suffering. Bethanyi’s annoyance

1. Miklosch continues: says Cado: “Whatever I accomplished with you so far was the work of these mighty friends of God; where would I have gotten on my own, since you would be too powerful for me in every way. You have received as many admonitions as there are worlds in endless space but all vainly, as you rather have your arrogant insanity than the radiant wisdom of God’s messenger’s despatches to you. Your desire is to rule over all heavens, matter and hells! You would have three rulers’ crowns, three sceptres and three swords! Those always were your plans. And I poorest and weakest devil should stay behind and renew all those conversion attempts with you? A Cado shall not be misused like that! Hence I go with these two dear friends of God! Didn’t you aspire to freedom?

2. This liberty is now granted you and you can do as you will. Not wanting to follow us on this occasion we think you have dug yourself a grave for everlasting death. Do as you will with your power from now on but expect God’s permission for violence!”

3. Says Minerva: I implore you three to stay for a while and, make an effort towards my potential improvement; surely I don’t lack the will for it.”

4. Says Sahariel: “Indeed so, for you have willpower to excess, but what kind. Yet we do indulge your request with a few more moments of supreme patience with you. Should this bring about no change in you then you shall be everlastingly abandoned!

5. Says Minerva: “Well then, I beg you to tell me what I must do to be free before God and all the creation.” Says Sahariel: “Most beautiful one, for that you only need to remain as you are! For you have right from the start been free before God and all His beings. It depends only on whether you want to yourself be actually free in God your creator and Lord? But you know as well as we do what this entails! Act so voluntarily! Seek and do what we seek and do, and you shall achieve what we promised you in the name of the Lord!

6. Says Minerva: “Then I would have to first become a slave, in order to then go over to an enslaved – like freedom. This would be hard for me, as every humbling brings forth a most violent reaction in me! Is there really no other way than that one, which I am in no way capable of going?

7. Says Sahariel: “Just as there is only one right way leading to God and true eternal freedom. Whoever does not want to tread it shall eternally remain far from God and His order, truth and freedom. But he who is not liberated within the sole truth in God remains like you a miserable slave forever! But tell us now in no uncertain terms what you intend doing? Do you want to come with us to the Lord Jesus or not?”

8. Says Minerva: “I would if I could, but it is not possible for me at present. But I shall henceforth make every effort to follow you. Once I shall shortly let you know my yes or no you can do whatever your order demands!” Says Sahariel: “Good, we shall do you this further favour; hence start fighting your wicked haughtiness right now!”

9. Miklosch continues his observations: “Ugh, look how this mischievous Minerva feigns the effort, even swallowing and screwing her eyes around, as if fully serious about reform! Would that have to be a schemer!”

10. Says Baron Bathianyi: “Friends, the old whore shows no sign of betterment! A threefold crown in her heart and head, feigning reform through humility! Did I not hear everything that Cado and the other three said to that hell’s prima donna; how far did it get them?! She indeed put on that radiant gown to charge her pride, domineering and vanity; but they shall never move her towards something smacking of humility! I think the minx should be exiled out of the way and no further attention paid her, for this is not one to change ever.”

11. Says Miklosch: “Dear friend, let’s leave this to the Lord: He shall know what to do with this peculiar creature. What amazes me no end is our supremely good, most Holy Father’s singular patience, and then how this pseudo Minerva wriggles her way through to bogus reform with surface modesty? What I can’t understand is the mismatch of primordial banality with her unspeakable outer beauty! But it is redolent of the world – the most beautiful animals usually being the most rapacious, the most beautiful flowers being the poisonous and the most beautiful women being the loosest. Among ecclesiastical hierarchies the Roman surely stands out in exterior splendour, but is undoubtedly the worst from within. And so it seems that actual infernal character is to be found exclusively in exterior beauty of form.”

12. Says Baron Bethianyi: “Quite right! The most beautiful lands upon Earth usually are inhabited by the worst people and rapacious animals, and weeds thrive there. The palaces usually are occupied by the outwardly most attractive people, but what spiritual children are they? Whatever glitters externally usually is of the devil!”

13. Agrees the general standing next to him: “True indeed! The more decoration upon the uniform, the more humans one has annihilated or made into thousands of slaves! The decorations stand in high regard, but consciences are bad – provided some are left over! And this too is Satan in most obvious form; isn’t this so, dear brethren in Christ?”

14. Says Bathianyi: “Well, there is something to it, but not always of course. There are men who have earned their orders of merit in a most upright manner; order of merit whose owners are upright people and who come by their honours in a most righteous manner. Hence it cannot be automatically assumed that a decorated chest harbours either a bad or no conscience at all.”

15. Says the general: “In your own way you are quite right, and so am I in mine. I don’t condemn every decorated chest either. But every chest’s true decoration remains pure and true love for God and one’s neighbour. Where a chest lacks these, all your medals mean nothing to me. If however the Lord Himself said: When you have done everything, consider yourselves lazy servants – then how should a true follower of Christ allow an order of merit to be hung on his uniform? Surely no objection could be raised to that, it being God’s own word!”

16. Says Bathianyi, somewhat peeved: “Just so, Just so! You are right, but I am not wrong either; it speaks for itself that there can be no right without love and no true love without right.”

17. Says Miklosch: “Brethren, it seems to me that you are drifting into combatants for righteousness right in front of the Lord – the eternally true judge! A few paces to the right of your stands the Lord, full of love, goodness and gentleness! Ask him about which one of you is nearer the truth. But who should be minded to start an earthly merit argument right in front of the Lord, in sight of perhaps the most portentous phenomenon for all of eternity right over there, northward!”

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