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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 31 - Robert’s glad agreement. An ultimate question: ‘What is God’s true nature?’.

1. Says Robert: “Highly esteemed friend! What more can I think about this thing after what you have spoken? Everything is clear, well understandable, as well as incontrovertibly true. The Deity verily cannot be different and act otherwise than Your presentation, otherwise the Deity would have ceased being Deity, which would be the end of at least all Its creations.

2. “I also realise now that every spirit, if wanting to be truly happy, has to have for stimulation of receptors and for the gentlest feelings, the finest sensitivity and perception, so that even the most subtle impressions don’t escape him. And so, as a living spirit, he has to have the same sharp sensitivity also for the bad impression, or he would have to be half dead, or under spiritual anaesthetic, which would not possibly tally with his free willpower.

3. “The Deity therefore is not thinkable as persisting everlastingly in any way other than You have now demonstrated it in relation to Its creatures; wherefore I cannot have any further thoughts about it, as I have found myself in fullest agreement with the necessity of Your thoughts.

4. “But now a major question arises: ‘where is this Deity? In what region of infinity has It established Its domicile?’. For surely it has to be at home somewhere in all Its fullness? Has It a form, and what is this? Or is it formless, and Its Being limitless, - formless for the purpose of being the epitome of all forms? Behold, Friend, having now clearly seen the desirability of a highest God-existence, the where and how becomes of utmost importance to me!

5. “But I must first of all confess that I would prefer a Deity with a shape – and that preferably human. For a Deity limitless by nature, or by shape alien to the human, neither I nor anyone else could love with all their strength.

6. “A being that can never be grasped or beheld, can never be loved! Speaking mathematically, the shape of a perfect sphere is probably the most perfect; but morally? The great heavenly light-spheres indeed are beautiful to behold, but that is due to their light. But could such light-sphere also be loved?! Verily, to this question my feelings would obviously react with silence!

7. “Wherefore, dearest worthy Friend, since You are much closer to the Deity than I, please come up seriously also with the where and why of the beloved Deity!

8. “Because from now on You don’t need to be so demonstrative with me. I am convinced of Your deepest wisdom, and shall believe every word of what You tell me. Hence do not leave me in doubt about this!”

Main Page From Hell to Heaven RBLUM-31 Chapter