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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 237 - The officer’s heart strings. The Father reveals himself to the adoring one

1. Robert takes the officer over to Me, saying to him: “This is the One of whom testify the great Creations, all the prophets and also His own holy Word – the great Word from the Father, the most eternal, purest 1 love!”

2. Says the officer: “So this is supposed to be He? This is the very one who earlier had so eagerly defended the soldiery. Ah , this man I like, whether he be God or not. When righteousness, sympathy, love for order and rights, and the right love for neighbour stream forth through word and deed then, even if not exactly a God, such is still filled with a powerful spirit out of God. Hence he deserves every upright man’s greatest honour and love. And these I laud in this man, in whom I discover such attributes.

3. Ay soldiers, take note; salute this man! Although he carries no golden insignia upon his rapier, He nevertheless carries a tenfold one in his heart. Such men have become rare. Come, upright man, a warrior’s breast is rough indeed - it is a veritable command-machine indeed, but behind the machine there often beats a heart fervent for God, emperor, fatherland, right and order. And I press you to such heart in my breast, noblest of the noblest!”

4. Here he embraces Me, kissing Me and saying: “Verily, there are many things that often fill the heart with rapture, but the most marvellous is the first kiss of friendship between two upright men! Hence my warmest possible greetings. Your erstwhile words with Robert showed you a man with head and heart in the right place. Hey soldiers, once more present arms! Grenadier march!”

5. This noisy commotion brings some people out of their houses to watch what goes on. Finding ourselves surrounded by gawkers, the officer moves to disperse them, but I say: “Let that be! These trudgers too shall see what the world’s salvation looks like! These are half dead beings who can neither benefit nor harm anyone; let them gawk at us!”

6. The officer takes My advice, saying: “My most glorious friend, it saddens me to leave you, but you know how the warrior’s time must be reckoned by the minute, and I must continue with my troop to the place of my logistics. Adieu therefore! My greatest joy shall be to hopefully meet you again soon!” Here the officer embraces Me again, kissing Me with tearful heart, about to depart heavy heartedly.

7. But I say to him with outstretched arms: “My son, stay! You did not feel such love for Me for nothing, drawing you to my breast; I am your actual Father from eternity. Let the blindfold that prevented your eyes from at once recognizing Me be removed forever! The Father enjoys being able to press such dear son to his breast! The son has to be free, or he cannot bear the Father’s omnipotence, but you are now free and so come to the long sought breast of your eternal, almighty and only true Father.

8. Here the officer recognizes Me, emitting a cry of immense joy, falling down before Me and saying: “Oh Thou my great God, how shall I as a sinner come to Your holy breast?”

9. But I say: “Arise My son; if I call you My son then you are without sin. He who carries love in his heart like you has no further sin! And if he had as many sins as the sand of the sea and the grass upon Earth, they are all forgiven him, as he has love in his heart!”

10. With these words, the officer gets up from the ground, eyeing Me as if drunk and saying with enthusiasm: “Why should I still fear, since I now know You! Are You not my dear, good, holiest Father!” He again falls on My breast, calling out: “Oh what fortune, what bliss to have found the true Father! Oh Father love, you holy, greatest word, what unfathomable, holy depths do you not hide!” He weeps for love, but I strengthen him, so he can bear My love.

11. Letting Me go after a while, he says with tearful eyes: “Oh dear Father, holy eternal goodness! Behold, I am now as happy as any being ever could be. But look upon my good troop here graciously; receive them also and do not regard their shortcomings and show them grace and mercy too!”

12. Say I: “My dearest son, you are too late with your request, as I have already received them all. But you shall be their leader and teacher in My kingdom also and shall be pleased with your comrades in arms forever. They bear many treasures within themselves which you shall discover as you raise them up in stages. I say unto you: just one already embraces more within himself than your earthly eye ever saw.

13. The officer notices how the rushed-up throng is moved by watching this scene between son and newly-found Father, this troop thinking that the officer has found his natural father whom he has not seen for a long time. Wherefore the officer says to Me: “Father, behold, the half-dead seem to want to be more live! What if we ask them to stay with us too; they have my deepest sympathy and I feel like taking them all up to me. Even if there is a rowdy lamb among them, the right cleansing material shall be found.”

14. Say I: “My most beloved son, that too, has been taken care of, and you shall get them all into your regiment and be their leader and teacher! That is why I stopped you from scattering them. Go and tell them what you have heard and they shall follow you.”

Main Page From Hell to Heaven RBLUM-237 Chapter