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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 148 - The Franciscan’s renewed plunge into doubt at the sight of Robert Blum.

1. The Franciscan now moves up to Me and the General and the Count. Just as h is about to put his question ‘who are you, stranger friend?’ comes Robert Blum (upon My inner call, of course) up to Me, saying: “Lord, bread and wine and clothing are ready!”

2. Say I: “Good, My beloved Robert (deliberately adding) Blum! In this house you are a lord next to the Lord, and your great love for the Lord is the law-giver over your house and everyone in it!”

3. When the Franciscan – who had left his institution not for the love of the Gospel but for his freedom, sees the notorious Robert Blum bodily, he clasps his hand over his head, saying: “But in God’s name! Jesus, Mary and Joseph and all you angels and saints of God, be with us! I find myself in the house of an arch-heretic here!! Oh Jesus, Mary and holy Joseph! This amounts to being in hell! And here Christ is supposed to be staying somewhere? Oh accursed devil! You crafty Beelzebub of a devil; so you thought you got me at last? But nothing doing, you loathsome and most stupid devil! The blessed Virgin has unmasked you to me with her celestial might in the nick of time, and I can still rip myself out of your claws! Just as well, for have I not always worshipped the most blessed one, that she may protect me from the devil’s temptations, temporally and eternally? Oh you bestial devil friends and you devil of a fellow Miklosch! Would you not like to point out a new Christ among your splendid company? Oh you chief devil’s rogue, how much effort you put into getting me to hell! But the blessed Virgin has put a cross through your plans. Do you think that the devil can get the better of a Franciscan that quickly?!”

4. Say I: “My friend, this is the house of neither a heretic and even less that of a devil’s troupe. This I, the sol eternal Lord of Heaven and Earth, say unto you! For nowhere are there in hell free shapes walking in the light of heavens. If however this true celestial brotherhood is too suspicious for you, then you see the still open door over there and an immense region outside. We don’t mind whether you go or stay; infinity is sufficiently far, wide, broad, high and low. And now be silent or depart! But you, brother Blum, go to the side chamber and tell them all to come out! Let an abundance of bread and wine be brought to this great round table, that this blind fool may se what the supposed devils of this house look like, and how they are being roasted and boiled!”

5. Robert hastens to attend to My command. At once, all the Patriarchs, prophets and apostles with distinctive identification come out, easily recognisable. It is likewise with all the Matriarchs, starting with Eve and also mother Mary, with Joseph and all the persons mentioned in the Gospels. These are then joined by the newly arrived: Robert, Messenhauser, Jellinek, Becher, Niklas, Bardo and all those belonging to them. Finally also the twenty-four dancers, led by Robert’s wife. They are bringing plenty of wine and bread, setting these life-stuffs down on the table neatly. All those coming from the side-chamber are enveloped in powerful halos, mainly to open the Franciscan’s eyes.

6. After the table is well set, I say to the twenty-nine new arrivals: “Come unto Me, friends and brothers! And you, Miklosch, labeled a devil by the Franciscan, step over to Me! Be the first to eat the bread of life, and the wine of recognition! Then tell the Franciscan, whose stomach has been long empty, how you like this infernal fare!”

7. Miklosch, having begun to secretly recognise Me outside already, at once comes over to Me most respectfully and meekly, saying: “Now, oh Lord, I can for the first time with my whole being exclaim: ‘Oh Lord, I am not worthy of Your entering under my sinful roof! – But say just one holy word, and all that is in and about me shall be made whole!’ Yes, this is a true, living bread of the heavens, Your real body without falsity or delusion, oh Lord! Whoever eats this bread shall live eternally, as it contains eternal life! And what supra-celestial flavour!! And this wine, flowed straight from Your heart, likewise is Your true blood which takes away all the sins that ever we committed upon Earth. And so I dare to enjoy it like the holy bread. – What aroma and spirit! Oh Lord, no mortal of any world can grasp that! Brethren, eat and drink and taste for yourselves how many heavens reside in every drop!”

8. They all reach out, eating and drinking to their heart’s content, none finding words to describe the sublime flavouring, sweetness and the spirit.

Main Page From Hell to Heaven RBLUM-148 Chapter