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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 221 - Migazzi cites another reason for his death, asking proofs of Jesus. Joseph counsels the spirit of love as the only proof of God

1. Says Archbishop Migazzi: “My good friend, I will not be bothered by whatever you say and I did not take offence at any of your words, but I am offended at being accused of attempting your assassination! For as your most intimate friend, and being a Freemason like yourself ‘incognito’ I knew why I agreed with your reforms. But as a perpetually clear-thinking man of honour I tell you your suspicion lead you up the garden path!

2. Behold, the very nature of your problem was innate consisting in a kind of headache, which gave you no special trouble for as long as you abstained from the Venusian sex. But when you started to court same profusely and were recently infected by one special charmer, your head problem absorbed some of this poison. You paid it insufficient attention, whilst the doctors, as usual, did not properly diagnose the problem, giving you the wrong treatment. Hence your falling victim to your malady was unavoidable. You yourself therefore were to blame for either the advent of your insanity, or, if you insist on having already died, then for your death! Do not blame the church henceforth, for it is not responsible for the malady that so ruined you.

3. I would have been most happy if we two could have guided Austria’s peoples for many years yet, but fate would have us step down from the scene of our action. And so we two have died, as you assert, or have been pensioned off and brought to a secret asylum, from which we take a walk outside a couple of times a year to enjoy ourselves. Joseph, be smart and don’t take these Jews for more than they are! Should this be the world of spirits in all earnest and should there really be something to this Christ, then same would surely show himself to an emperor and a Cardinal other than in the garb of a common Jew; take hold of yourself!”

4. Says Joseph: “I too would implore you to bear yourself somewhat differently – in the mightiest Personal presence of Jesus, the Lord, or there could shortly be a rapid end to your Cardinally! The Lord’s patience must indeed be unfathomably great to so calmly listen to such rubbish, but I would doubt that same should be limitless because where people and spirits sin for lengthy periods and stubbornly, not intending to turn away from their foolish wickedness, there he will not tolerate such behaviour for too long. Had I for instance turned my back on Venusian charms a couple of years earlier then the good heavenly Father had often enough clearly warned me through all kinds of life-experiences, then I could have reigned over the peoples in God’s name ten or twenty years longer, in spite of all the harassments of my enemies. But having turned a deaf ear to the Lord’s salutary warnings, the Lord’s patience wore somewhat thin and I had to physically bite the dust, and that quite painfully. Hence friend do not unduly test the Lord’s patience!”

5. Says Archbishop Migazzi: “But, dear friend, before I can properly pull myself together before Christ the Lord I must first be convinced that it really is Him! Prove it to me first and I shall begin to think and speak differently. I did not ask you to find out about the Lord’s patience. Prove things to me, and we shall see whether my talk shall be idle afterwards.”

6. Says Joseph: “For as long as your own heart does not tell you through the spirit of love that it is ‘this One’, all proofs shall remain useless. Once your heart tells you that, you will need no further proof. He who would recognize Jesus has to love Him, but he who loves Him also has Him already in his heart vividly. And this is the only proof by which all can recognize Christ unmistakably. Love Christ in this, to you seemingly insignificant Jew with all your life-force, and it shall transpire whether there is more to this Jew than meets the eye.”

7. Says Archbishop Migazzi: “you sure are a crazy loon! How can I love Christ in this Jew before being certain it is Him! Would this not greatly demean the Deity in Christ if one were to worship Christ the Lord in every next best Jew without investigation? To love, honour and worship Christ in the form of bread and wine is self- explanatory, as he Himself introduced such in His stead. But to worship Christ in an ordinary person and that a Jew, my friend, would mean to gravely misuse love towards Christ; I at least shall not do so. If Christ is just myth, then the one thing would be as stupid as the other. But if Christ truly is what mythology would tell us, then to do justice to your challenge would surely be blasphemy worthy of punishment with deepest hell/”

8. Says Joseph: “Not bad! What does Christ Himself teach? Behold, you typical Roman Pharisee; He says: “ He who receives a poor brother in My name received Me, but whoever receives Me receives Him who sent Me”. If therefore He Himself makes Himself equal to our brethren, how should we think otherwise? I say unto you that it is only our haughtiness that imagines God as most glittering and exalted, spurning a Christ with lowly garment, man’s arrogant soul being incapable of tolerating something lowly and humble! Only the haughty desires a God with crown and sceptre, the humble one wishing that he too could dare to lift his eyes to a friendly God who looks more like he himself, and say: Oh Lord, You indeed come to me, poor sinner in the garb of most genuine meekness, although I am not worthy of lifting up my eyes to you.” Which one of these would be by far the more pleasing one to Christ the Lord?”

Main Page From Hell to Heaven RBLUM-221 Chapter