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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 220 - Joseph refers the Archbishop Migazzi to the Lord. Migazzi declares the beyond a deception and Joseph a mental case. Joseph tells of his death

1. Continues Joseph: “Look friend, the very stupidity and shallowness with which you would whitewash your church already proves over abundantly that we already died physically sixty Earth years ago, yet now continue to live over here with good cheer and health. If the people were instructed in real faith they would also be easier to lead and would be more eager doing what is good, true and beautiful. But since they only sleep, snoring themselves from one dream to another instead of seeing things in their reality, there is no thought of spiritual progress with such people.

2. What did we have to show for ourselves in Austria under my mother’s reign? A thousand times nothing! On one occasion I heard a Capuchin (monk), preach infernal ‘fire and brimstone’ from the pulpit against the use of (knitting) needles, regarding them as magic, because the “God help us . . .” (devil) had come to him saying: “Sign over your soul to me and I shall teach you the art of making needles in a thousand different ways”. This caused him such consternation that he fainted from fear; and had not blessed Mary appear upon the stairs, whom he most worshipped, come to his aid, he would have been irretrievably lost.

3. Since the folk is abandoned to such an ox of a clergyman, I would ask what fruit can be expected from such nation. And behold, ten thousand similar instances came to my ears and made me determined to put an end to such crass nonsense everlastingly. Praise God for blessing my efforts and not counting them as sin on my part! The Pope is now receiving slap over slap in his face from the dear world, and has lost all credibility with millions. To this I laid the foundation-stone, which had once been hewn by Luther, Calvin, Huss and Melanchton. For that I was Condemned to lowermost hell of course, but it brought me no harm, praise God. For behold: He who now stands at my side is Christ, the Lord of Heaven and Earth himself, and I believe that he who is near Him as I am will surely be blissful!”

4. Says the Archbishop, quite incensed: “You were a heretic already in your mother’s womb and shall remain so in hell forever: You fool think we have already died: For the World we have of course died, politically speaking, because we have retired, but not so in reality, as we are all living in the visible Vienna, walking and riding about as suits us. This surely isn’t going to be in the world of spirits! Don’t be laughable! I as Archbishop will surely know more about what there is to the spirit world, if there were one! But since there can be no life after death, that takes care of the spirit world. And it shall be likewise with Christ’s Deity! How far you must have sunk in your insanity to regard a Polish Jew as the Nazarene who died on the cross long ago and who shall not come alive in all eternity. I am surprised that you yourself have not taken yourself as Christ already, for which you have been stupid enough long since.

5. Has your lengthy suffering so deprived you that you don’t recall being admitted to the mental hospital as one insane? This experience will have given you the feeling that you already died! But that is not so: you only became insane, and that produces the feeling of having already died. But if you were willing I could soon heal you, so that you may once again enjoy life’s golden freedom; You know I never was a fanatic, least of all with you; come on, worthy friend, let yourself be healed!”

6. Says Joseph: “My friend, I have heard plenty of rumours about myself but never came across anything like that before. It does not and never did bother me that you had no faith in immortality and in Christ. Nor would I take the trouble of introducing you to such faith. But your assertion that I became insane on Earth offends me, for I know only too well how I came to exchange the temporal for the eternal life.

7. Behold, thanks to efforts on the part of your church I began to feel something like a catarrh in my head – after smelling a bouquet of flowers. I did not bother much about it, thinking this flu would soon be over, but it wasn’t. After getting worse by the day rather than better, I called for my court physician, who did not find anything other than a stubborn head cold either. But a feeling of pressure upon the upper brain got more pronounced, although I still paid it too little attention, until a malignant lump began to form also on the outside of the spot, as my court physicians noted, which steadily deteriorated in spite of medical treatment.

8. Finally a meeting of doctors was called, but the assembly discovered no more than an ulcer, excepting one plain doctor called Quarin. I asked him whether the problem was curable and Quarin said a decisive no, for which I made him a peer, and well renumerated him. Thereupon I got physically worse by the hour, soon dying in full consciousness without the least fear of death. After dying it seemed to me as if I had pleasantly fallen asleep. Soon thereafter I awoke, but praise God no longer in the material, but spiritual world.

9. Surely this should indicate to you that my memory did not completely abandon me, as you would have it; what are you going to say?!”

Main Page From Hell to Heaven RBLUM-220 Chapter