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Chapter 14 - Matthew 24:26+28 - So, if they say to you... 'Look, He is in the desert' do not go out, or 'Look, He is in the inner rooms' do not believe. For wherever the dead body is, there the vultures shall be gathered together.

Written down through Jacob Lorber on January 12th, 1844

1. Just write down whatever you have!

2. So, if they say to you... 'Look, He is in the desert' do not go out, or 'Look, He is in the inner rooms' do not believe. For wherever the dead body is there the vultures shall be gathered together.

3. You have again chosen such texts, which carry, whatever we need for our cause, as an open shield right upon their nose! It would be very odd, if you couldn't perceive it at first glance, even with your mere intellect!

4. What is a desert? A desert is a ground, where there is no life. But what is a spiritual desert? Certainly nothing else but a ground, on which I do not walk, and therefore, I will never be found there!

5. Where is this field or this ground, which is being traveled upon so much in order to find the truth and the reason of life? This soil and this place is nothing else than the whole literature! And therefore, this text could also say...

6. If one will say to you... 'Behold, the true wisdom & the living truth is in the books; read them, and you will find it!', and I then say... 'Don't go out into this desert, because there you can neither find wisdom nor the inner living truth! But go and enter into your Love for Me and for your brother, seek My Kingdom, and everything else will be added to you in great abundance!'

7. I mean, this text is in no need for further explanation, for you can grasp its meaning with your hands. As easy as the first part is, as easy is also the second part, according to which no one should believe, that I am in the inner rooms, if someone says this about Me.

8. What are these 'inner rooms'? - Chambers are, naturally speaking, secret rooms, in which, nothing concrete will easily appear. Usually they are more or less workshops of political forgery. In the same way, each person has a few heart chambers, and he never knows, what is going on in them. Now we pretty much know the natural meaning of a chamber. Even a so-called junk room usually contains items, that are blocked for the public, and the owner of such a junk room often does not know himself, what useless items are being thrown in there to mold.

9. But what is a spiritual chamber, according to this natural example? - I do not need to give you an explanation, instead, I'll just quote some of these chambers, and you will immediately know, what they are! These spiritual chambers are called... All kinds of denominations, sects, monastic associations, conclaves, all sorts of mysticism, councils, consistories. - We have enough; because you yourself can still add of a lot of these kinds of clubs, congregations and brotherhoods. These all fit here!

10. Therefore, the text could then mean... 'If you are being told... The kingdom of God or the living truth or the pure doctrine of Christ is in this or that denomination or sect.' etc., or... 'That's the only saving chamber!' Do not believe it; because the Lord is only with those, who love Him with their hearts and with deeds!

11. Where two or three are ministering together in My Name and in My Love (this goes without saying), I will be in their midst, but certainly not where you, instead of discussing My Word and My love, only talk about worldly, military and financial matters. Where those, who call of themselves My Priests, also plan fortifications, mechanical engineering and railways!

12. Again, I mean, that this text is so clearly given, that probably everyone can grasp it with his hands, how it fits exactly our cause, in which it is also not enough that you just enter the secret place, like you enter a chamber, but to also act accordingly, afterwards.

13. That is all correct; but we still have a third text! How will we bring it here, so that it will also fit our cause? - This will be even easier than with the previous ones!

14. 'Wherever a carrion is, the vultures shall be gathered together!'

15. Now, who is the carrion in this world, of which she (the world) clogs her nostrils and she is disgusted, whenever one speaks of this dead body? - Unfortunately, I myself have the honor to be this carrion (dead body)!

16. Who are the 'vultures', which have certainly become rarer? - These are the few complete lovers of Him, who makes this message known to you! These few lovers have a sharp face and a sharp nose; or they have a deep and living sense and therefore an infallible conviction, which, taken together, is the living faith.

17. Why do the vultures gather together, where a dead body is? - Because they feel their instinct telling them... 'There's living food for us.' That's why they fly there and satisfy themselves to the overflowing.

18. In the same way, My true and faithful Admirers and Lovers know, that I am a true bread of eternal life, and this bread is My Love; they enjoy it to the fullest, and thereby feed themselves to a life, that will never be taken from them.

19. In the same way, also the hungry one knows, that he has to eat of the true bread, if he wants to be satisfied. Will he also become full, if you may give him a cookbook to read, instead of the bread?

20. What kind of face would a vulture make, if you catch him and imprison him in a junk room? Will he satisfy himself with the moldy and rotten objects? - Certainly not, he will become weak, and death will come upon him!

21. In the same way, you also don't go into the chambers, for therein molds a carrion of death, a carrion of Balaam, a carrion of paganism and idolatry, but rather fly up into the air with the vultures, and you will easily perceive where the carrion is, that will bring you life!

22. The height means the pure understanding of My Word, and the carrion is the Living Word, which has become discusting for the world, and the world flees from it like from a plague, wherever it perceives it. If you want to find out, just start to talk with a worldly person - Nr. 1 about the Bible and Nr. 2 about the possibility of an inner, living Word from Me. The only thing he'll do, if things go well, is sign you up for a madhouse, or if it goes worse, he'll make you publically known as a subversive fool, and it will be about time for you to leave his sphere.

23. From this you can clearly see, who the 'carrion' is and who the 'vultures' are, as well as the 'chambers' and the 'desert'!

24. Therefore, do neither go into the desert, nor into the chambers, instead, search for the carrion in the freedom of your spirit, and you'll find the true life!

25. I mean, this should also be clear; and for this reason, one more central sun next time!

Main Page Scripture-Explanations SCRE-14 Chapter