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Chapter 15 - Matthew 21:7 - They brought the donkey and the colt to Jesus, and laid their garments on them, and He sat on them.

Written down through Jacob Lorber on January 13th, 1844

1. Just write down your text, as usual!

2. They brought the donkey and the colt to Jesus, and laid their garments on them, and He sat on them.

3. This text is short, but good, we can use it very good indeed, because it shows with a living and clear picture, conceivable with both hands, of what use it is for our cause!

4. They guided the jennet to Him, covered her with their clothes, and only then the Lord sat onto the jennet.

5. The jennet was tied down, when the disciples found her, and she was still the possession of a man in the world. What does that mean? - Such describes the bound simplemindedness, humility and love, which is still bound by the world, or the spirit within man, that has not been freed yet, although it is completely dedicated to the Lord by his humble and loving nature, and thus his entire destiny is in and for the Lord. But when the Lord sees such a spirit, He soon sends His servants to him, to make him free und guide him to the Lord, and the world has soon lost all right and power over him, when the Lord speaks... 'I need him!'

6. But why is it a jennet and not a donkey? - Because the female donkey describes this deepest humility and this most fruitful love even more clearly than the male donkey!

7. Now, the jennet is with the Lord, and the disciples cover her with their clothes. - This refers, how the true humility and fruitful love, as soon as she reached the Lord, was immediately clothed with the true Wisdom. For clothes denote the Wisdom in its effective benefit. The simpler they are, the higher the degree of wisdom from the Lord they denote, for the sole love and humility are naked.

8. When excellent and magnificent dresses are put on top of it, that describes, how the wisdom is greater and stronger than the love, therefore also, for example, the angelic spirits in the wisdom's heaven are clothed with great splendor; but the angelic spirits of the highest heavens, which are pure love for the Lord, appear to be clothed very poor, yes sometimes they are even completely naked, especially if their love for the Lord has reached the highest possible degree.

9. In the same way describe the poor garments of the disciples, with which the jennet was covered, the pure, divine Wisdom, and if such a fruitful love is being clothed, out of her humility, with such pure and divine Wisdom, only then she is perfectly suitable to receive and wear the Lord, and then she is also completely one with the Lord.

10. Such fruitful love, clothed with Wisdom, is wearing the Lord; but the Lord directs her Himself, so that she cannot ever make any false step, and the ride then is headed straight towards the city of God, which refers to the eternal Kingdom of God or the true eternal life! - Here is the image and its meaning.

11. One will say... Everything is illustrated correctly, but also, as it is there, we do not yet see quite correctly, how it is suitable for our cause!

12. But I say... When the light has come, you may put it wherever you want, and it fits everywhere, as if it were determined from eternity for this purpose!

13. Just try it with a candle, once it burns! Put it into various locations in your room, and it will never appear strange or eerie, but it will fit in anywhere quite friendly.

14. In the same way change the stars on the firmament apparently all the time their position according to your eyes. But can you say, whether the Orion looks better at dawn, at noon or in the evening of the firmament? Wherever he stands, he appears to be on his most proper spot. And in the same way it is with the sun, it is superb everywhere, and wherever its light falls, it performs the same service.

15. It's the same with the bright kindled light of our text. You can put it wherever you want, it will fit overly splendid, as if it were made solely for that. Whether it fits well for our cause, let's try immediately. We will put it somewhere, and it will be, as if it were solely given for it. So listen and let's try!

16. Question... Why did the Lord not just let them bring a horse or a well ridden donkey instead of a jennet? - For sure, each animal would have to render the same service to the Lord in this case. A lion, a tiger, a panther, a camel, an elephant, a horse, a mule, everything would have been much stronger for the time being and had to obey the Lord of infinity, the almighty Creator of all things, immediately; and for that matter, such a ride would have been much more appropriate, than that of a weak jennet.

17. Speaking from a humans perspective, that would be true; but speaking from the Lords perspective, it is an entirely different case. The one who is the basic order and fundamental meaning of all things, did not act like man, to which it is the same either way, but rather with Him, everything was set in an unshakeable order, modeling and edifying for eternity.

18. These stronger animals mostly arrogate understanding and wisdom for themselves, but they lack the fertility of love and its humility in their deepest simplemindedness.

19. If the Lord had chosen such an animal, He would thereby actually have stated, that humans only need to throw themselves into the enrichment of sciences, on all possible insights and on all wisdom springing forth from that. Yes, He would have shown man, that he should be studying all the libraries in the world, or at least as much as possible. But the Lord Himself knew, what He was doing, and that one principle remained, which the Lord had established from the beginning, as He spoke... 'As soon as you eat from the tree of knowledge, you will die'.

20. But the very fact, that the Lord rode on a jennet, covered with poor clothes, the Lord showed to all people, visually and in reality, that they should do the same spiritually, and that they should hold onto the fruitful and true love, coming forth out of their humility, then the Lord will free them from all the world, and He will clothe them with the garments of true Wisdom and He Himself will guide them, like she wears Him, namely - such love within her heart and on the back of her humility.

21. But man shall not ride horses, elephants, camels, lions, panthers and tigers or in plain english... Man shall not pursue knowledge, learnedness or wisdom - because all of this is fruit from the tree of knowledge, instead, man should abide in true love and humility for the Lord! And when it will be the right time, the Lord will come and free him and then He will bless the tree of knowledge; or the jennet will be covered with the clothes, and man will be able to enjoy all the fruits of true wisdom from this blessed tree for all eternity!

22. Now I ask you, if the light of this text actually fits our cause or not! - I mean, you should be able to grasp it with your hands; and for this reason... Soon another central sun!

Main Page Scripture-Explanations SCRE-15 Chapter